Don’t Miss Our Exclusive Speaker Interview: “AI Alchemy: Turning Change into Gold”

Are you excited about the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence? We certainly are, and we can’t wait to delve deeper into its revolutionary impact on Business Analysis with our upcoming speaker session. Join us for an exclusive interview with Mick Brian and Will Izzard from CMC Partnership Consultancy Ltd, as they share their expertise and insights on this fascinating topic.

Session Details

Session Title: AI Alchemy: Turning Change into Gold
Tracks: Track 1
Date: Wednesday, September 18, 2024
Time: 10:25 AM – 11:10 AM


In this session, Mick Brian, Head of Business Change & Transformation, and Will Izzard, Managing Consultant at CMC Partnership Consultancy Ltd, will explore the revolutionary impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Large Language Models (LLMs) on Business Analysis. This session will provide essential insights into how these technologies enhance strategic planning, stakeholder engagement, risk management, and requirements elicitation in the early stages of business analysis work.

Key Takeaways for Business Analysis Professionals

Strategic Planning and Stakeholder Engagement:
Learn how AI accelerates strategic change strategies and uses LLMs to engage stakeholders effectively, ensuring early support for business decisions.

Requirements Elicitation:
Discover how LLMs streamline the elicitation and management of business requirements, leading to more precise and actionable insights.

Driving AI Adoption across Business Analysts:
Understand the necessary behavioural shifts and skills for successful AI integration in business settings, ensuring smoother transitions and maximised benefits from AI technologies.

This session aims to equip Business Analysts with the knowledge to effectively integrate LLMs into their workflows, enhancing their strategic advantage in the world of BA. Humans are essential in this new technology, helping to not only enhance BA work but also to free up time for those more complex human interactions that are crucial in business analysis.

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Stay tuned for our exclusive interview with Mick Brian and Will Izzard, where they will provide a sneak peek into their session and discuss the future of AI in Business Analysis.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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