Sasha will be presenting “Optimising the Enterprise: A Unified Approach to Enterprise, Business, and Process Architectures,” where she will share her expertise on creating a seamless framework that integrates these essential domains. Her session promises to provide attendees with valuable strategies to boost organisational efficiency and adaptability. Join us as we get a sneak peek into Sasha’s insights on enterprise optimisation and what to expect from her presentation.

I’m an innovative business architect with over 20 years of experience leading business process modernisation across diverse global companies. My pragmatic approach focuses on fostering collaboration and alignment among architectural domains to drive strategic organisational success.

At the EABPM conference, Joanna and I  will demystify the unique purposes of business, data, application, and technology architectures. You’ll learn how to view your organisation holistically as an integrated system, pinpointing misalignments and optimisation opportunities across domains. We will share techniques for transforming disconnected groups into a unified force through elevated strategic thinking and governance.

A key challenge I’ve faced is overcoming fractured architectural visions and siloed domains working at cross-purposes. It’s critical that architects prioritise the unified architectural vision over individual roles and titles. We must form alliances, interpreting strategy while facilitating cross-domain alignment as big-picture thinkers and gap-minders.

Attendees can expect to walk away with a new enterprise architecture mindset – seeing architectures not just as models, but as practices for assessment, design, improvement, alignment, integration and governance across the organisation. You’ll gain insights to elevate your perspective from tactical to strategic leadership.

Don’t miss the chance to register for the Enterprise Architecture & Business Process Management Conference Europe 2024. You can view the full Agenda, explore all available Workshops, and check out Sasha’s other sessions, including the Plenary Keynote Panel: The Role of Business, Process and Technology Architecture in Digital Transformation and Practical Process Modelling: Hands-on Learning. Visit our Tickets to secure your spot and learn more about this invaluable event.

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