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The ‘People Side of Change’ course provides practical and effective insights to help change agents support their organisations to realise the benefits of their change programmes. As every person adapts to their ‘new normal’, the need to have strong change management capabilities in organisations has never been clearer. The course is highly interactive and whilst delegates will gain a good understanding of different change methods and philosophies (eg Kotter, Kubler Ross, ADKAR), the focus will be on how to make change stick using case studies and worked examples. The course title ‘People Side of Change’ is deliberate. Companies often invest huge amounts of time, money and effort developing IT and organisational capabilities and then find that the people impacted by the change are not onboard. The course provides a comprehensive set of tools and techniques that will help delegates understand the importance of key roles, how to acknowledge, understand and overcome resistance and greatly increase the chances of a successful change deployment. Attendees are invited to bring real project examples to the sessions, so learning is in context. They will learn how to create change plans for their own projects which they can use and develop when they return to the workplace. There will be an opportunity to share experience and collaborate in a safe environment.

Course Outline


  •  It’s personal – the people side of change  
  •  What is Change Management  
  •  Change Management methodologies – overview  
  •  Why is Change Management important  
  •  Your Change Environment – how do you assess maturity  
  •  From theory to practice – ‘how to’ not ‘what to’

 Getting People on Side  

  •  What’s in it for me?  
  •  Know your outcomes  
  •  Acknowledge, plan for, and overcome resistance  
  •  Fear, empathy, and resilience in the face of change  
  •  Impact assessments and plans  
  •  Change Impact Assessments – exercise  
  •  Creating a practical Change Plan  
  •  How to Prioritise  
  •  Planning and integration with Project Management  
  •  Practical action planning  
  •  How to track progress  
  •  Course correcting – how to get back on track  
  •  Escalation as a constructive force

Sustain the gains  

  •  Buy-in and decision making – how to achieve results  
  •  Making change stick when the project team is gone  
  •  Coaching sponsors to help them deliver results  
  •  Creating a Change Community – collaborate and learn  
  •  Measuring success – baselining  
  •  8 Golden Rules for Successful Change


  •  Change Implementation – delivery and adoption  
  •  Transition and check ins  
  •  Success stories and learnings

Reflections and commitment  

  •  Key learnings – most useful insights  
  •  Immediate next actions  
  •  “From now on I will…”


  •  Programme Managers  
  •  Project Managers  
  •  PMO/Portfolio Managers  
  •  Change Practitioners  
  •  Change Champions


  • How to get people on side when more change comes along  
  • To understand how to be the bridge between the world of projects, change and ‘business as usual’  
  • To become confident and competent to identify and overcome resistance to change  
  • To build simple and effective change impact assessments  
  • To design implementation plans that will drive adoption and make change stick  
  • To know how to engage with sponsors and help them realise the benefits  
  • To develop skills to be a change coach and mentor to leaders and managers 
  • To be aware of common pitfalls with communication and how to address them

Who Is It For?
  • Programme Managers
  • Project Managers
  • PMO/Portfolio Managers
  • Change Practitioners
  • Change Champions
Katie McConochie
Katie McConochie
Founding Director
Learn Change
Katie McConochie is the founder of Learn Change, a training consultancy which focuses on the People Side of Change. She has over 25 years experience in the field of Business Improvement & Change Management with a strong focus on putting the customer first. Her passionate belief that is that organisations that create a strong change management capability give themselves a huge competitive advantage. As a trainer and facilitator she has delivered engaging culture change and continuous improvement workshops across the globe.