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November 2nd | 10.30am – 11.30am GMT

To effectively navigate changes, Enterprise and Solution Architecture teams need to interlink to enhance an organisation’s architectural agility and ensure a competitive edge.

These teams must adopt agile principles and practices that drive coherence and align architecture to the overall business strategy.

Join James Goodwin, veteran in the industry and Technical Director & Head of Blueprint at AtkinsRéalis, as he delves into the benefits of Agile Architecture to foster collaboration and ensure success in your organisation.

What you’ll take away:

Manage team touch points through shared value: Learn how to leverage shared value, identify common objectives, align goals, and create cross-functional synergies to enhance your architecture efforts.

The importance of a shared language: Establish a shared language and vocabulary across your architecture teams. Discover how a common understanding can bridge gaps, reduce misunderstandings, and encourage clarity.

Choose culture and behaviour over framework: Frameworks provide structure, but culture and behaviour drive success. Cultivate a culture that values agility, innovation, and collaboration, and see how this is more impactful than the frameworks you adopt.

Create a mindset shift from projects to continuous change: How to move from a project-centric approach to one that embraces continuous change. Understand how this shift enables adaptability, responsiveness, and the ability to thrive in a changing business landscape.

Whether you’re a seasoned architect or new to the field, you’ll leave this webinar with actionable insights.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to transform your architecture practices!

Andrew Morris
Moderator & Producer @ IRM UK
James Goodwin
Technical Director & Head of Blueprint @ AtkinsRéalis
Jeeps Rekhi
Customer Success Consultant @ Bizzdesign

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