The roles of all architects are changing. Architects, from enterprise to solution and process architects, are no longer viewed as ‘nice to have’ or as ‘academics’. Enterprise architecture is becoming a strategic capability to address digital transformation challenges and architects are seen as influencers or strategic advisors.

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Therefore, as architects, we can’t continue to practice ‘old school’ enterprise architecture. We must become more strategic and agile. How can we achieve this?

The answer lies in making your enterprise architecture management team more relevant by embedding it into the DNA of your enterprise. As a first step: Build an agile enterprise architecture based on best practices.

How to build an agile enterprise architecture team

There are many aspects to having an agile enterprise architecture management capability. For example, being agile goes well beyond technology architecture. An agile capability isn’t just about delivering traditional services, such as installing microservices to build APIs quickly or assembling the required engines that need to connect.

To drive agility, architects need to achieve a delicate balance between driving change in the organization in an agile style and providing oversight to ensure traditional enterprise architecture outcomes. These could focus on aspects such as reuse, consistency and optimization through standardization.

What’s necessary is to have a strong foundation built on best practices

Best practices may include to:
• Define your enterprise architecture value streams and capabilities: Strive for maturity
• Create a set of enterprise architecture services: Repeatable work gets the job done faster
• Set up a federated team: Knowledge-sharing and collaboration
• Measure the enterprise architecture team’s success: Create strategic value
• Deliver continuous improvement: Support investments in services
• Adopt an agile enterprise architecture management tool: Automation and integration
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