Mark your calendars for The Data Governance and Master Data Management Conference Europe 11 – 14 March 2024, London. Join us and our visionaries who will inform and inspire Data Management and Data Governance professionals from across Europe and beyond. The Conference and Exhibition will be held on the 11 and 12 March and Workshop sessions are scheduled for the 13 and 14 March, register now.


Embark on a transformative 4-day journey, uniting delegates from Europe and beyond, in an immersive fusion of learning and networking.


Multi-track Conference Agenda, learn from industry experts as they share their challenges and solutions with you, a unique opportunity to witness innovation in action and gain invaluable insights.


Choose from a comprehensive range of workshops delivered by world-class instructors tackling the most pressing issues in the industry. 

Case Studies and Contributions from:

Capgemini, Elsevier, OCI, PwC,  Royal National Lifeboat Institution, Sonrai Solutions, University of Nottingham, Vanquis Banking Group and More!

Key Topics:

Foundational Topics:

  • Introduction to Master Data Management (MDM)
  • Data Governance 101
  • The Importance of Data Quality
  • Data Architecture and Modelling
  • Data Integration Techniques
  • Metadata Management
  • Data Lineage and Provenance
  • Data Security and Compliance
  • Data Auditing and Monitoring
  • Data Stewardship and Ownership

Advanced Topics:

  • AI in Data
  • AI and ML Models
  • MDM and Big Data
  • Data Governance for Cloud Computing
  • Data Mesh
  • Data Virtualisation Techniques
  • Master Data and Business Intelligence
  • Data Governance in DevOps
  • Data Lakes vs Data Warehouses
  • Data Cataloguing
  • Data Masking and Anonymisation
  • Data Governance for IoT
  • Data Monetisation Strategies

Emerging Technologies:

  • Blockchain for Data Governance
  • AI and Machine Learning in MDM
  • Graph Databases in Data Management
  • Natural Language Processing for Data Quality
  • Quantum Computing and Data Management
  • Augmented Data Catalogs
  • Automated Metadata Discovery
  • Real-time Data Governance
  • Ethical AI and Data Governance
  • 5G and Edge Computing in Data Management

Soft Skills and Leadership

  • Building a Data-Driven Culture
  • Managing Data Teams
  • Data Literacy and Training
  • Stakeholder Engagement in Data Projects
  • Ethics and Responsibility in Data Management

Workshops and Hands-On Sessions:

  • All the above topics, also:
  • Data Governance Framework Workshop
  • Data Quality Assessment Hands-On
  • Metadata Tagging Exercise
  • Case Studies and Real-world Examples

Meet The Team:

Andrew Morris, Head of Content and Production

Anna Slater, Sponsorship Sales

Emmy Hill, Marketing & Media Partnerships

Mina Kashmir, Delegates Sales and Group Bookings

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