SPEAKER INTERVIEW – Ahead of our Business Analysis Conference Europe, September 18 – 20 2023, in London we find out more about Michael Andersson, Head of Technology Analysis & Visualization at Ericsson. Michael will be speaking on Tuesday, September 19th at 11:35.

Tell me about yourself and how long you have been in your role.

I have been with Ericsson since 1998, started out as a Management Consultant but moved into a manager position. Have divided the years between Finance, IT but found my home in Technology. Since 2019 I have had the position as Head of Technology Analysis and Visualization.

Tell me about your presentation at the Business Analysis Conference 2023

It will convey a concrete journey from a serious business situation where we used PowerPoints to report performance to a bold decision leading up to a data-driven and fully transparent view throughout the company.

What are the highlights/key takeaways?
  • How to create the rationale for change
  • How to create trust in transparent data
  • How do you balance between strategy and operational execution
  • How do you structure for transparency
Do you have any future predictions for the role of BA and perhaps the industry?

The growth of data increases by the day and by far surpass the capability to analyse it. Generative AI have started to play a role and will be an important factor moving forward. Hence the interaction between machine and human will remain a key interface to create value.

If you were not Head of Technology Analysis & Visualization, what would you be doing?

You would most likely find me in a position where I could contribute with some sort of improvement. Have been working a lot with data and business process management optimization and value creation is my bread and butter.

Michael Andersson will be speaking at the IRMUK Business Analysis Conference in September. Register now to attend his session Breaking Through The Watermelon: Ericsson’s Transformation Into A Data-Driven Organization.

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