Christina Lovelock

Are you looking for a way to give back to the BA community? Do you want to help inform and inspire BAs of the future? 

Then check out the BA School Day Initiative!

The BA School Day Initiative is a grass-roots community initiative championed by Christina Lovelock and Adrian Reed.  The idea is to encourage BAs to go into a local school and give a presentation on business analysis. This will help spread awareness, and may even inspire some future BAs.

Adrian Reed
Adrian Reed

Many practising BAs found the role entirely serendipitously. This suggests that there is a lack of awareness of business analysis. If people don’t know about the role, then it’s impossible for them to steer their career towards it:

“Like many BAs, I was doing business analysis before I knew it was an actual job. My first job was for a local authority, specifying, procuring and implementing new IT systems. It took years before I discovered there was a career path for business analysts.”Christina Lovelock

“I worked for an insurance company and stumbled into business analysis. I was on an underwriting career path originally. It’s fortunate I found business analysis, as I love the profession so much. Plus I’d have been a lousy underwriter!”Adrian Reed

The Idea (In 3 Minutes…)
BA School Day is a community-led initiative. Check out this short video where its co-founders Adrian and Christina explain the idea. Then, click the button below to find out more!

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Adrian Reed will be presenting the Live-Streaming Public Course, Non-Functional Requirements Workshop, on December 6 2023
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Meet Christina Lovelock and hear her presentation at the Business Analysis Conference, 18 – 20 September 2023, London.
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