This 2-day live-streaming class looks at data mesh in detail and examines its strengths and weaknesses. It also looks at the strengths and weaknesses of data mesh implementation options. Which architecture is best to implement this?  How do you co-ordinate multiple domain-oriented teams and use common data infrastructure software like Data Fabric to create high-quality, compliant, reusable, data products in a Data Mesh. Also, how can you use a data marketplace to share data products? 

The objective is to shorten time to value while also ensuring that data is correctly governed and engineered in a decentralised environment. It also looks at the organisational implications of Data Mesh and how to create sharable data products for master data management AND for use in multi-dimensional analysis on a data warehouse, data science, graph analysis, and real-time streaming analytics to drive business value. Technologies discussed include data catalogs, Data Fabric for collaborative development of data integration pipelines to create data products, DataOps to speed up the process, data orchestration automation, data marketplaces, and data governance platforms.

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