The call for speakers for the Business Change & Transformation Conference, 23-24 April 2024, London is now open.

The deadline to submit your entry is 8 December 2023.

Join us and be one of the visionaries who will inform and inspire Change & Transformation professionals from across Europe and beyond.


  • Enhance your reputation as a distinguished authority in your field.
  • Gain complimentary access to the two main conference days and exhibition, worth £1300.
  • Further discounts of up to 25% for your colleagues.
  • Participate in an exclusive interview prior to the conference.
    Your insights will be showcased within the influential IRM UK data community and shared across our extensive social media channels, ensuring your expertise reaches a larger audience

We are looking for:

  • 45-minute conference sessions
  • Keynotes (45 minutes – 1 hour)
  • Ideas for roundtables/panels and networking sessions

Enabling People

This will focus on empowering and engaging people through change and transformation. We are seeking speakers to share their expertise on topics such as:

  • Developing and nurturing leadership capabilities
  • Change management strategies for cultural transformation
  • Employee engagement and motivation during transformation
  • Creating a growth mindset culture in the workplace
  • Talent management and succession planning in transformation
  • Enhancing employee well-being during transformation
  • The role of diversity, equity, and inclusion in transformation
  • The importance of effective communication during transformation
  • Building effective teams for successful transformation
  • Training and development in a changing workplace
    Business Technology Transformation

This will focus on leveraging technology for business change and transformation. We are seeking speakers to share their expertise on topics such as:

  • Digital transformation strategies for business agility
  • Cybersecurity and data privacy in the digital workplace
  • The impact of cloud computing on the digital workplace
  • Automation for digital transformation
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning for business transformation
  • Digital workplace governance and compliance
  • Developing digital skills for the workforce
  • Collaboration tools for remote teams
  • The role of analytics and big data in digital transformation
  • Digital innovation in customer experience

Meet The Team:

Andrew Morris, Head of Content and Production

Anna Slater, Sponsorship & Sales

Emmy Hill, Marketing & Media Partnerships

Mina Kashmir, Delegates Sales and Group Bookings

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