Who It's For

The seminar is designed for enterprise professionals of every discipline including non-information disciplines as well as information disciplines. Although it is addressing technology issues, it is not a “technical” seminar. It addresses the subjects that both enterprise professionals and information professionals must understand to operate effectively in collaboration in the Information Age environment.
Further, the seminar is appropriate for both management and non-management professionals. For management it clarifies the issues for decision purposes and enables more meaningful dialogue with and among the technology community. For operations professionals, it establishes the context for developing improved approaches and implementation strategies.
Typical delegates include:
•    Chief Information Officers
•    Information Systems Management
•    Data, Applications, Technology Management
•    Enterprise Architects
•    Data, Applications, Technology Architects
•    Business Architects
•    Business, Systems Analysts
•    Consultants
•    Strategic Planners
•    Domain / Business knowledge.
•    Experience in running and managing a department or business unit.
•    Ability to map the domain specific language (terminology) to the architecture specific language.
•    Architecture specification principles such as abstraction, refinement, composition, modelling, etc.
•    Experience in creating models (free hand or using a tool like MS Office or UML/BPMN).