Who It's For

Business analysis is almost everyone’s job—every employee has some responsibility for effective business improvement. The most likely job titles you would find at this course are:
•    Business Analyst
•    Systems Analyst
•    Project Leader
•    Requirements Engineer
•    Product or Program Manager
•    Product owner
or similar titles. We also find Business Stakeholders, Users and Software Customers benefit from learning advanced business analysis techniques, and how they can contribute to the organisation’s wellbeing.


James Archer

Privacy Champion


James traces his structured approach to understanding processes and data to solve problems back to being trained as a Cobol programmer 30 years ago. He has 20 years experience practicing and teaching business analysis.  Building on the success of IIBA events in London that he organised, James is a co-founder of this conference. He was awarded a Masters in Innovation, Creativity and Leadership and with Penny Pullan co-edited the book, Business Analysis and Leadership (Kogan Page).   Recent work includes collaborating with NHS and Social Care organisations to set-up self-managed teams of nurses and care workers, adapting an innovative model from the Netherlands; and as a Privacy Champion for ITV International Studios to implement GDPR regulations for ITV.  James has taught Business Analysis in 17 different countries and believes that the key to great business analysis is an inclusive leadership style, thinking innovatively, working collaboratively, acting strategically and helping people discover their real business needs and requirements.