Chris Potts

Practitioner, Mentor, Trainer and Author

Dominic Barrow

Chris works with people in diverse countries, cultures and industries, helping them to grow their capabilities at investing in change.  He trains Executives, Enterprise Architects and Designers, Business Analysts and Change Portfolio Managers, in how to create joined-up outcomes, collaboratively and at market-speed, from an increasing diversity of ideas and initiatives.

Chris is also a professional speaker, delivering keynote speeches, executive briefings, public and private workshops, and university guest lectures.  He has also chaired world-leading conferences on Business Change, Transformation, Innovation, and Enterprise Architecture.

As a practitioner, he specialises in short, dynamic and outcomes-driven interventions, delivering breakthrough results in hours or days – for example:

– Creating an integrated, goals-driven Change Portfolio for a global group based in 35 countries
– Finding that over 40% of an enterprise’s total investment was in changes they did not need
– Formulating a 3-year strategy for ambitious business growth, by prioritising investment in goals not initiatives
– Reducing the diversity of a company’s changes by 60%, to achieve the portfolio goals with less risk and more focus
– Redesigning how a GBP 200 million-turnover charity invested efficiently in change

Chris is the author of a trilogy of business novels – FruITion, RecrEAtion and DefrICtion – that explore the inter-woven stories of strategy, investing in change, enterprise architecture and portfolio management, through the eyes of three very different people: a CIO, an Enterprise Architect, and a Global Chief Executive. He is also architect of the Enterprise Investment Portfolio Management Method, EIPMM® (www.eipmm.com).

Public Course:

Dynamic Strategies for Investing in Change

28-29 November 2019, London

Enterprise Architecture Conference Europe 2019 Workshop:

Investing in Architecture: Enterprise, Business or Both?