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Data Modellers, Data Architects and Database Developers, and anyone who needs to produce data models using PowerDesigner 16.5.


George McGeachie

Information Management Consultant

Metadata Matters

George is an independent information management practitioner, with 30+ years of experience of managing information in many organisations. He encourages organisations to connect and utilise their metadata islands, to recognise the wealth of information contained in their data models, and recognise that the creation of data models must form part of an integrated approach to improving their business. George is a blogger, co-author of “Data Modeling Made Simple Using PowerDesigner” with Steve Hoberman, and author of several articles on TDAN.com. George works with international clients including Riyad Bank, SABB, Alinma Bank, Lloyds Banking Group, Deutsche Bank, HMRC, EIB, BP, ENTSO-E, Otto Group and Shell. Most recently he has delivered Data Governance processes for a bank, SAP PowerDesigner training and expertise to several organisations, and Idera ER/Studio expertise to a major UK bank. George has extensive experience with producing and using data models at all levels of abstraction, from high-level views to logical data models, to messaging and database models.  George is an established conference presenter – if you attend one of his presentations you’ll see just how much importance he places on the use of modelling and metadata management in both Data Governance and Master Data Management. View his blog at metadatajunkie.wordpress.com