Lori Silverman

Founder/CEO, Speaker, Consultant, Author, Business Storyteller, Partners for Progress

Every time radio/TV hosts interviewed Lori about her book, Stories Trainers Tell, they’d ask: “Can story be used for more than training?” Her search for successful applications of story use in business functions such as strategy, project management, and finance are in the book, Wake Me Up When the Data Is Over. When the Dummies series called, she co-authored her third bestseller, Business Storytelling for Dummies. One chapter grew into a unique framework for transforming data into insight and action. This, combined with experiences consulting to Chevron, Valmet, and others, on shifting enterprise culture to embed data into decision-making, grew her prominence in people become data literate. As the owner of Partners for Progress®, Lori helps firms strategise about their future and navigate through messy, complex changes. Since 1991, she’s worked across 20 industries with organisations like McDonalds, Bechtel, Wells Fargo, IAIDQ, Phillips North America, Target, and the U.S. Air Force. As a keynote speaker, Lori has inspired thousands of participants to take action. She’s an adjunct professor in the Industrial and Organisational Psychology Master’s program at Golden Gate University in San Francisco, and has also authored two books in the quality management field.

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