Who It's For

Advanced Portfolio Management is a course designed especially for people who are essential to the success of your investments in change:

  • Portfolio Managers and Portfolio Management Office leaders
  • Enterprise Architects
  • Business Architects
  • Senior Business Analysts
  • Consultants specialising in Portfolio Management or Enterprise Architecture


Chris Potts

Practitioner, Mentor, Trainer and Author

Dominic Barrow

Chris works with people in diverse countries, cultures and industries, helping them to grow their capabilities and performance at investing in change.  Architecture is always one of the essential ingredients for success, and shapes many of the changes that an organisation invests in.  Today’s market dynamics, accelerated transformations and increasingly fragmented changes, make the Architect’s role more valuable than ever. He has been a practicing Enterprise Architect for over 25 years, chaired EAC Europe from 2013-2017, and now chairs IRM UK’s Business Change and Transformation Conference.  Since the early 2000s he has been exploring in practice the overlaps and distinctions between Enterprise Architecture and Business Architecture.  His very first EAC Europe speech, in 2002, included a model – since considerably updated – of the inter-relationships between them. Chris also wrote the world’s first-ever trilogy of business novels – FruITion, RecrEAtion and DefrICtion – in which an Enterprise Architect emerges as one of the central characters in how organisations successfully change and transform, and achieve the joined-up outcomes they need from all the individual changes they invest in. Follow Chris: @chrisdpotts

Public Course:

Dynamic Strategies for Investing in Change

28-29 November 2019, London

Enterprise Architecture Conference Europe 2019 Workshop:

Investing in Architecture: Enterprise, Business or Both?