Data Ed Week Europe 2019

18-22 November, London

Just launched – Data Ed Week Europe 2019 alongside our Enterprise Data and BI & Analytics Conferences Europe 2019.

This week will be made up of a series of 1, 2 and 3 day intensive workshops around Enterprise Data and BI & Analytics.  These will range  from introductory through to advanced workshops presented by World Leading Data Experts.  These workshops will get you quickly up-to-speed or fine tune your business performance.  Topics include Business Intelligence, Analytics, Data Warehouse, AI & Machine learning and Data Quality, Data Modelling, Data Governance,  MDM, Post GDPR Landscape, Data in the cloud, Big Data, Data Architecture, GDPR, Ethical Information Management and Data Strategy, Embedding Data into Decision-Making and using Data Stories to get Tangible Business Results.  Some of the 1 day workshops are also part of our Enterprise Data and BI & Analytics Conferences Europe 2019 .

We have workshops scheduled by World Leading Data Experts including Danette McGilvray, Donald Farmer, Mike Ferguson, Alec Sharp, Nigel Turner, Rick van der Lans, Malcolm Chisholm, Barry Devlin, Jon Evans, Daragh O Brien, Katherine O’Keefe, Lori Silverman, Håkan Edvinsson and Jan W Veldsink

3 Day Courses/Workshops

Business-Oriented Data Modelling Masterclass: 20-22 November 2019, Alec Sharp

Ten Steps to Data Quality: 20-22 November 2019, Danette McGilvray

2 Day Courses/Workshops

Essentials of Data Warehouses, Lakes and BI in Digital Business: 18-19 November 2019, Dr. Barry Devlin

Data Governance: a Practical Guide: 21-22 November 2019, Nigel Turner

Successful Implementation of a Master Data Management Programme: 18-19 November 2019, Malcolm Chisholm

1 Day Courses/Workshops

Accelerating Action: Collaborative Data-Informed Decision-Making: 22 November 2019, Lori Silverman

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Made Beautifully Simple: How to apply AI/ML in Your Business: 21 November 2019, Jan W Veldsink

Data Management Fundamentals: 22 November 2o19, Håkan Edvinsson

Data Management in a Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Computing Environment: 18 November 2019, Mike Ferguson

Data Strategy – a Recipe for Success: 21 November 2019, Jon Evans

Landing the Plane: Ethical Information Management Where it Hits the Ground: 22 November 2019, Daragh O Brien

New Big Data Storage Technologies: from Hadoop to Graph Databases, and from NoSQL to NewSQL: 20 November 2019, Rick van der Lans

Practical Guidelines for Designing Modern Data Architectures: 21 November 2019, Rick van der Lans

The Analytic User Experience: 19 November 2019, Donald Farmer

The Post GDPR Landscape: Key Learnings in Data Protections and Practice: 22 November 2019, Katherine O’Keefe

Wake Me Up When the Data is Over: Using Stories to Get Tangible Business Results: 21 November 2019, Lori Silverman