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Industry Leaders Needed! 

We’re looking for presentations that will last anywhere from 30 – 45 minutes and/or half and full-day workshops.

We’re interested in proposals for introductory as well as advanced sessions that focus on case studies, lessons learned, success stories, strategies and methodologies. We encourage novice presenters as well as professional presenters to submit proposals for this conference.

Interested? Submit your paper below or contact Shane McGlynn, Managing Director, IRM UK if you have any questions.

We look forward to welcoming you as one of our visionary speakers to our events!

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    Conference Session (45 Minutes)
    Half Day Workshop (3 Hours)
    Full Day Workshop (6 Hours)
    Keynote (45/60 minutes)
    30-40 minute panel or roundtable


    1. All speakers must agree to provide their final presentation to IRM UK in a standard electronic form (PPTX & PDF),
      no later than 5 weeks before the event This is necessary to prepare the pre-event download page. Presentations
      will be distributed prior to the event via a secure download website to all delegates.
    2. By submitting a proposal, the speaker agrees to the standard copyright and reproduction terms of
      this event. These terms provide that copyright in original presentation material remains with the
      speaker, however IRM UK are granted the right to record, reproduce and distribute each presentation
      in all forms of printed and electronic conference materials, including, but not limited to, the
      conference pre-event download page, printed attendee notes, the conference website, and audio and/or video recordings
      (digital and/or analog), without royalties or fees payable to speaker. If you cannot agree to these
      requirements please contact Shane@irmuk.co.uk to explore a work around.
    3. All sessions will be rated by the audience for commercial content. Any speaker who is judged by the
      audience to have made an inappropriate sales pitch for his/her own company, book, product or service
      during a conference session risks having their presentation interrupted and/or halted, and will not
      be invited to participate at future conferences.
    4. By submitting a proposal, speaker agrees that he/she has permission from his/her company to make the
      presentation under the terms outlined in this Call for Speakers. If you do not have approval at the
      time you make the proposal, you must indicate this clearly.
    5. All questions regarding the Call for Speakers may be sent to: shane@irmuk.co.uk
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    Public Course and In-House Training Speakers

    Our carefully selected speakers have superior technical knowledge, teaching skills and a wide range of practical business experience. They are some of the most influential technologists, methodologists and original thinkers in IT today. Our public courses and inhouse speakers include: John Zachman, Roger Burlton, Jan Henderyckx, Steve Hoberman, Chris Potts,  Chris Bradley, Alec Sharp, Rick van der Lans, Mike Ferguson, Danette McGilvray and Cort Coghill.

    If you would like to put forward a proposal for a course please contact shane@irmuk.co.uk and provide the following information: Title, Sub Title, Duration, Overview, Learning Objectives, Seminar & Workshop Outline (Bullets and Sub Bullets), Target Audience and Speaker Biography.