Monday, 19 March 2018: Pre-Conference Workshops
08:30 - 09:30
Making Innovation Happen: Building a Culture of Collaboration

Speaker: Alison Coward, Founder, Bracket

In today’s successful companies, breakthroughs are more than the result of a happy accident. These companies actively design and craft the right culture to make innovation happen. Much of this comes down to how teams work together, since most innovation comes about through people with diverse expertise and knowledge collaborating to develop new ideas.

Achieving results through effective collaboration can be a challenge – getting everyone aligned, maintaining momentum when progress is slow, and keeping focus when people are also trying to manage their own busy workloads. It’s a delicate balance between encouraging creativity, turning ideas to action and ensuring work gets done.

In this workshop, we’ll explore the characteristics of an innovative team and how to get the best from all participants; the innovation habits and rituals of high-performing companies; how collaborative workshops can be a vehicle for driving change; and working towards a long-term innovation culture.

After this workshop you will understand how to:

  • Create the right environment and build effective teams for innovation
  • Design and run effective workshops that encourage creativity and collaboration, and get real results
  • Facilitate lasting behaviour change in your team for an innovative culture


'Float Like a Butterfly – Sting Like a Bee’ – How Can Heavyweight Organisations Transform

Speakers: Beatriz Moore, Director of Business Architecture, Capita Transformation & Mike Clark, Owner, Cohesion 360

Technology is ubiquitous and embedded in all aspect of life and work. It continues to change at speed today’s business environment and how customers evaluate, purchase and express their opinions. Barriers to market entry are rupturing fast whilst increasingly opportunities and markets are developing (e.g. bitcoin).

In this environment, how do established heavyweight organisations that are constrained by governance, size and complexity – amongst other factors – transform? How do they become nimble, innovative and successful instead of market casualties? In the words of the world most famous heavyweight champion how do they ‘Float like a butterfly – sting like a bee’?

Join us in this workshop to experience designing and implementing a different kind of transformation. We will start by exploring how various organisations have achieved this, then challenge your mind-set and focus it on the task ahead. You will then apply your innovation and transformational skills to solve case studies during the workshop, taking on different roles and experiencing multiple dimensions of change.


  • Ideas and tools to explore and address transformational design and delivery challenges
  • Interactive scenarios and case study workshop outputs
  • Insights into the multiple stakeholder’s perspectives that you will need to influence to approve and fund your ideas

Business Innovation Through Computer Simulations and Gamification

Speakers: Dr. Anthony Basiel, Blended Learning Computing Programme Leader & Dr. John Kalmus, Blended Learning Business Programme Leader, Arden University

Using computer simulations, we have the opportunity to promote positive change, through learning engagements with stakeholders. A bottom-up, Web 2.0 instructional design sees the participants creating the content of the Blended Learning Event. Through an applied pedagogy there is a mix of theory and practice.

Computer simulations and action learning through gamification are introduced, that can be applied to your business and leadership teams. The workshop participants will be invited to become players in a simulation, to not just talk about this exciting way to bring about innovation in the organisation, but to ‘learn-by-doing’.

The workshop will also be online, so be sure to bring your laptop. Through this blended learning event, we will provide the opportunity to build and develop an online professional social network.

  • Business innovation can come through building an organisational learning culture
  • Applied learning can be done through computer simulations and active game design
  • The organisation’s stakeholders can generate tacit knowledge to promote growth

Making the Invisible Visible - Using Narrative to Implement Change

Speaker: Professor Ashley Braganza, Deputy Dean and Professor of Organisational Transformation, Brunel Business School

Knowledge is good thing, right? Tacit knowledge should be protected and preserved, right? Knowledge helps ensure innovations are implemented, right?

Wrong! All knowledge doesn’t provide competitive advantage. All knowledge isn’t useful. Knowledge is an invisible barrier to change. Knowledge has a use-by date and much of the extant knowledge in organisations is way past that date. This knowledge needs to be removed – arguably destroyed – to actually implement innovations and change.

The danger is in throwing useful knowledge out with the useless knowledge. Picking apart the two types of knowledge, preserving the former and getting rid of the latter is a little explored area of change and transformation. Based on research that has been applied in many organisations, we will explore ways in which you can use ‘narratives’ to make organisational knowledge work for you.

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Separate-out knowledge in your organisation that is useful and useless
  • Develop ‘narrative’ strategies relevant to your change programme
  • Begin to make the invisible barriers visible to better address them

09:30 - 12:45
Making Innovation Happen: Building a Culture of Collaboration

Alison Coward, Founder, Bracket

Alison Coward



Alison Coward is the founder of Bracket and author of “A Pocket Guide to Effective Workshops”. She is a strategist, trainer and workshop facilitator. With over 15 years’ experience of working in, leading and facilitating creative teams, Alison is passionate about finding the perfect balance between creativity and productivity. At Bracket she helps teams to use the best of their talents to develop great ideas and collaborate to make them happen.

'Float Like a Butterfly – Sting Like a Bee’ – How Can Heavyweight Organisations Transform

Beatriz Moore, Director of Business Design, Capita Transformation

Beatriz Moore

Director of Business Design

Capita Transformation

Beatriz is a highly experienced Director of Business Architecture and Digital Transformations with a track record of designing and delivering large, complex and multi-million change programmes across private and public sectors. Beatriz has worked in a range of industries including airline, postal/logistics, government, utilities, semiconductors, manufacturing, transport and oil and gas. In the past Beatriz has set up and lead various business architecture practices, co-authored the Technology Strategy for a national Postal operator and manged the technology investment.  She holds a BCs in Computer Science and an Executive MBA from Cass Business School in the UK.

Mike Clark, Owner, Cohesion 360

Mike Clark


Cohesion 360

Mike is the founder of Cohesion 360, a small but leading consultancy in London with international scope, which focuses on helping organizations leverage digital and mobile technologies to deliver meaningful customer outcomes. Mike has led numerous business architecture practices for a variety of Fortune 500 companies. Mr. Clark is renowned for bringing innovative approaches to existing disciplines, most notably bringing design into the world of architecture, to create better outcomes for customers. He is also co-creator of the Cohesive Enterprise Design Framework and has also served as an advisory board member of the Business Architecture Guild®️.

Business Innovation Through Computer Simulations and Gamification

Anthony Basiel, Blended Learning Computing Programme Leader, Arden University

Anthony Basiel

Blended Learning Computing Programme Leader

Arden University

Dr Anthony ‘Skip’ Basiel’s knowledge and capability in learning and development has grown from an innovative blend of higher education and industry through work based learning. He has leadership, project and talent management skills developed through clear communication and professional collaboration. He is an eLearning research and development thought-leader with twenty years of experience in UK Higher Education. As a Sr. Postgraduate Programme Leader, eLearning Consultant, UK/EC Project Manager & bid writer he worked at a strategic level to lead change management actions that saved time and money for the organisation. You can view his research and projects at: follow him at @abasiel

John Kalmus, Blended Learning Business Programme Leader, Arden University

John Kalmus

Blended Learning Business Programme Leader

Arden University

Dr John Kalmus is Academic Lead, Blended Learning Programmes at Arden University Tower Hill, London.  He Led around 35 tutors delivering face-to-face classes and online support to students on the blended learning programmes at the Ealing and Tower Hill campuses in London. Subjects include Business, Healthcare Management, Computing and Law, offered at Level 6, Level 4 and Foundation Level.

Making the Invisible Visible - Using Narrative to Implement Change

Ashley Braganza, Professor of Organizational Transformation, Brunel Business School

Ashley Braganza

Professor of Organizational Transformation, Brunel Business School

Ashley is Professor of Organizational Transformation and Deputy Dean in the College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences at Brunel University, London.  Ashley has previously held a number of senior positions in Brunel Business School, UK, which won the coveted Times Higher Education’s Business School of the Year Award.  His research and consultancy expertise covers the development and implementation of change management.  He has direct experience in creating and implementing strategic processes and enterprise-wide architectures.  Some examples include his work with organizations such as DFiD (UK), Astra Zeneca, National Audit Office, the MoD, McDonalds, British Telecom, ABN Amro Bank, Brunel Business School and IFAD (Rome).   He has published three books and over a hundred research articles, conference papers and working papers covering a range of topics on business processes, change management, process orientation, knowledge management, governance, and organisation structure.  He has edited special issues for a number of leading international journals.


12:45 - 13:45
Innovation and Design Strategy

Speaker: Donald Farmer, Principal, TreeHive Strategy

Ask a CEO about their priorities today, and Innovation will be near the top of their list. But ask how they are measuring and analyzing innovation, or even how they define the term. You’ll struggle to get an answer. This workshop explores how we can define and measure innovation in a very practical way, enabling teams to quickly and effectively become more innovative.

  • Defining Innovation. An introduction to basic concepts of innovation. We start with a definition which is neither vague or aspirational, but instead forms the basis for a soundly practical approach to innovating. Followed by some simple exercises to practice using the definition in work contexts and beyond.
  • Innovation Successes and Failures. A quick run through of both classic and some unusual examples, of cases of innovation at its best and worst. Not just an entertaining interlude – we learn through these examples the importance of innovation strategy and support, and the need to be tolerant of failure.
  • Ideation Practices. Brainstorming doesn’t work – you’ll find out why in detail. But in this session we will also introduce a number of more practical ideation techniques and in exercises we’ll try them out for ourselves.
  • Analysis and Innovation. Innovation and the success of innovation strategy can be measured. In this session, we’ll see how an innovation strategy can be built around practical measure of success – followed by a planning exercise to define some suggested metrics for your own innovation strategy.

The Innovation Game

Speaker: Michael Van Damme, Managing Partner, The Forge

Innovation is a real buzzword. But what actions really make a difference?

With The Innovation Game you can experience how to make the right, evidence-based decisions for innovation. During the game your team starts a new company. Your team is the management team and you want your company to become more innovative. In 4 rounds your team will be confronted with several decisions you have to make to stimulate innovation. If you make the right decisions, you’ll see your company grow. What do you think about a new coffee corner, a power nap room or a jacuzzi at the office? After each challenge you’ll receive feedback on why your decision was good or bad for innovation. Everything in the game is backed up by scientific literature.

  • Evidence-based insights on innovation in a fun way
  • Factors that predict innovation culture and team innovation
  • How to tackle an innovation process

Patterns of Strategy

Speakers: Patrick Hoverstadt, Director, Fractal

An introduction to Patterns of Strategy – a radically innovative approach to strategy formulation and execution that models the strategic fit between organisation and its environment, and how emergent strategy is shaped by strategic relationships with others. This workshop gives participants the theory of the approach, and provides multiple opportunities to apply it to a situation of their choice.

It’s a pragmatic approach that significantly shortens the time needed to develop strategy, can be applied at any scale, and used for both competitive and collaborative strategies. We’ll show how to how to shift from strategy to roadmap and transformation plan, with clear metrics to monitor progress. We’ll share our experience of using the approach with over 60 client organisations in a wide range of sectors, and widen your strategic repertoire with 80 common and successful patterns of strategy – each showing what you win, what you need and how to do it.

  • Understand the Patterns of Strategy approach.
  • Apply the approach to your strategic situation, and start developing your strategy and execution plan.
  • Understand the range of 80 patterns of strategy, grouped by different strategic purposes such as collaboration, defence, competition or growth.

Achieving Excellence at Investing in Change

Speaker: Chris Potts, Mentor, Trainer, Speaker, Author, Dominic Barrow

To create the value we want from all the changes that are happening in our markets, means being organizationally-excellent at investing in some changes of our own.

We need to certain of our investment goals, agile in our choices of changes to invest in, efficient in the risks we’re taking, and confident at working with diverse probabilities of success. Some changes will work better than others, and some won’t work at all.

The Change Portfolio is central to our organization’s culture and capability at investing in change. Depending on how the portfolio is designed, managed and governed, it will drive us to achieve our investment goals, be as agile as we need to be, as efficient as possible, and transparent about the probabilities of our changes succeeding.

This intensive and interactive half-day workshop covers the essentials of Enterprise Investment – achieving organizational excellence at investing in change:

  • Diagnosing your organization’s Investment Culture, personality and technical maturity
  • Designing a goals-driven, agile and efficient Change Portfolio
  • Selecting investments that are in-sync with the market
  • Managing and governing changes as investments, from idea-to-outcomes

13:45 - 17:00
Innovation and Design Strategy

Donald Farmer, Principal, TreeHive Strategy

Donald Farmer


TreeHive Strategy

Donald Farmer is an internationally respected speaker and writer, with over 30 years’ experience in data management and analytics. His background is very diverse, having applied data analysis techniques in scenarios ranging from fish-farming to archaeology. He worked in award-winning start-ups in the UK and Iceland and spent 15 years at Microsoft and at Qlik leading teams designing and developing new enterprise capabilities in data integration, data mining, self-service analytics, and visualization.  Donald is an advisor to globally diverse academic boards, government agencies, and investment funds and also advises several start-ups worldwide on data and innovation strategy.

The Innovation Game

Michael Van Damme, Managing Partner, The Forge

Michael Van Damme

Managing Partner

The Forge

Michaël Van Damme is an experimental psychologist. In context of his PhD at Ghent University he studied and experimented on innovation and creativity in teams. Michaël has a unique expertise on the science of innovation in teams and organizations, group dynamics, charisma, humor and behavioural change. He’s passionate about translating this evidence based knowledge to tools, techniques and interventions that change behaviour at work. Therefore he started a Ghent University Spin-off in 2015: The Forge. Follow him at @WeAreTheForge

Patterns of Strategy
Achieving Excellence at Investing in Change

Chris Potts, Mentor, Trainer, Speaker and Author, Dominic Barrow

Chris Potts

Mentor, Trainer, Speaker and Author

Dominic Barrow

Chris is a mentor, trainer, speaker and author specializing in Enterprise Investment – achieving organizational excellence at investing in change. He works worldwide with executives, change portfolio managers and enterprise architects. As a trainer, Chris runs Practitioner Certification Courses in Enterprise Investment, based on his trademarked method EIPMM®. As a speaker, he delivers keynotes on investing in innovation, change and transformation, and has given guest lectures at New York University, City University London, and the IT University Copenhagen. He is also the author of the Fruition Trilogy of business novels – FruITion, RecrEAtion and DefrICtion. Follw at @chrisdpotts

Tuesday, 20 March 2018: Conference Day 1 & Exhibits
08:00 - 09:00
09:00 - 09:10
Keynote: How to Make a Transformation Out of an Innovation: The Rules Have Changed

Speaker: Marc Dowd, Director, PathFinder4

Digital technologies and transforming our world. Many organisations face a ‘transform or die’ ultimatum.

Yet, these organisations often don’t have the experience to innovate successfully in the new environment. Incremental innovation worked for generations, but the pace of change has increased.

Now the challenge is to innovate right first time and implement the transformation flawlessly. And do it fast.

On top of that is the pressure to push through successful transformation while simultaneously managing day-to-day operations.

Marc’s speech will cover the realities of creating disruptive innovation, including what works and what doesn’t.

Having worked with world-leading corporates and small startups. Marc will show you what he has learned:

• You will come away from this session with 6 points that will guide you in structuring a significant transformation
• You will understand what one thing disruptive organisations do differently
• You will see that innovation is the key to the future

09:10 - 10:00
Keynote: How to Make a Transformation Out of an Innovation: The Rules Have Changed

Marc Dowd, Director, PathFinder4

Marc Dowd



Marc Dowd is a specialist in disruptive innovation. He carries out research on how technology trends are changing the world at an increasing rate.
Marc has well over a decade of experience working as an advisor to the leaders of some of the world’s largest firms.  Through his consultancy Manage Disruption, he runs masterclasses in disruptive innovation and its impact on business and the world. Marc helps companies of all sizes be disruptive using his “Vectors of Disruption” methodology.  Marc is also a founder of PathFinder4 is an inspiring, thought-provoking and exclusive network where experienced leaders and disruptors collaborate to drive radical change and business success. @marcdowd

What is Innovation Anyway? A Year of Innovation Conversations

Speaker: Cecilia Thirlway, Head of Innovation Practice, Solverboard

For the last year, Cecilia Thirlway has been having conversations about innovation. What started as simple curiosity has turned into an ongoing research project to find out what innovation really is – to walk around it and kick the tyres in a sceptical fashion.

Having spoken to innovation professionals from organisations ranging from Team Sky and PepsiCo to universities and the Royal Society of Arts, Cecilia will condense the insights from countless hours of conversation into a 45-minute whistle stop tour of what innovation means today, including:

  • How innovators could be a bit more like Genghis Khan
  • Why innovation is everyone’s problem
  • And why really, there’s no such thing as innovation at all

Make Things to Change Things: Digital Product Development and it’s Role in Accelerating Positive Change

Speaker: Jess Tyrrell, Client Partner, ustwo

The pressure is on to speed up how businesses operate, evolve and grow.

New entrants, uninhibited by legacy, are disrupting sectors. The organisational structures that once insured a business’ success are now restricting them. How do the people who have grown up in these older structures learn to think differently?

Jess will share her experience of what happens when teams get down to making the products that bring them closer to customers. And how, by combining agile, open and collaborative ways of working with user centred design, change starts to happen. Focusing on creating tangible prototypes allows organisations to make significant progress with minimum risk, and begins to change the way that people think and behave.

Using examples from her work at ustwo, one of the world’s leading digital design studios, Jess will cover:

  • Product: how designing things your customers want brings you closer to your users and helps unlock the benefits of digital
  • People: how radical collaboration in teams builds a desire to work differently and get to tangible fast
  • Mindset: how a successful product development process changes culture, in teams and in the wider organisation

How JLL Uses Data and Analytics to Enable Real Estate Digital Transformation

Speakers: HoChun Ho, Global Head, DG and Management & Richard Brown, Global Head of BI and Analytics, JLL

Data management and business analysis are typically viewed as a business support function. Successful organizations excel at leveraging data and analytics for digital transformation– effectively turning a traditional support function into profit centres. Real estates are usually the second highest expenses in a corporation. HoChun and Richard will share their experiences as a case study to transform JLL’s business model, as well as helping their clients embrace digital transformation and innovations. JLL’s RED platform was launched 2 years ago and is now servicing over 100 clients, supporting Real Estate Services for over 200,000 properties. It took a radically different approach to traditional applications combining a plug-&-play architecture for service delivery with a strong data governance infrastructure to deliver a new level of analytical insight.

What you will learn from attending the session:

  • How to define the digital transformation strategy leveraging data innovations
  • How JLL led its corporate clients to embrace data and analytics for tangible business results
  • How to enable the paradigm shift with change management

10:05 - 11:00
What is Innovation Anyway? A Year of Innovation Conversations

Cecilia Thirlway, Head of Innovation Practice, Solverboard

Cecilia Thirlway

Head of Innovation Practice


Cecilia is a writer, storyteller and consultant interested in everything, but particularly in innovation, entrepreneurship and strategy. She works independently as well as with Solverboard as Head of Innovation Practice. She can (and will!) chat with anyone, whether in a boardroom, meeting room, classroom or just over a beer. She loves finding out about people, ideas and organisations and creating stories to connect them all. She brings excitement, curiosity and a storytelling approach into all her work, whether she’s writing, speaking or consulting. Follow at @CeciliaUnLtd

Make Things to Change Things: Digital Product Development and it’s Role in Accelerating Positive Change

Jess Tyrrell, Client Partner, ustwo

Jess Tyrrell

Client Partner


Jess has spent her career building strategic partnerships between people and organisations. She is Client Partner at ustwo, leading on retail and digital transformation and works with clients including Deepmind, the Co-op, Cadogan Estates, Amex and the ed-tech start-up Equal Ed. Before that Jess co-founded Centre for London, a think tank for the city. She led work on London’s tech sector, working with Tech City UK, Google, Barclays and the GLA on digital skills.  She is a founding member of Tech London Advocates and a judge on Digital Agenda’s Digital Impact Awards. She has a Masters in Digital Media Management from creative design school Hyper Island.

How JLL Uses Data and Analytics to Enable Real Estate Digital Transformation

HoChun Ho, Global Head of Data Governance and Management, JLL

HoChun Ho

Global Head of Data Governance and Management


In his current responsibilities, HoChun guides and oversees global data governance and management for the Corporate Solutions business line at JLL. The scope includes the business oversight on master data management, data quality, meta-data management and the overall data road map. Mr. Ho and his team defined and established the Data Governance function, its organizational structures, global and regional resources, processes and operating procedures, tools, and communication protocols. He also mentors the organization on overall enterprise data strategy to leverage industry best practices and leading edge technology in enterprise information management, business intelligence, master data management and big data.

Richard Brown, Global Head of BI and Analytics, JLL

Richard Brown

Global Head of BI and Analytics


Richard Brown, Global Head of BI & Analytics for Corporate Solutions at JLL, will talk about the approach, the challenges that have been met along the way and some of the insights and results being achieved by market leading organizations in Real Estate analytics and data.

11:00 - 11:30
Networking Break and Exhibits
Harnessing Innovation in Lloyds Banking Group

Speaker: Jehangir Byramji, Head of Fintech, Lloyds Banking Group

In recent years there has been an acceleration of change in financial services, including banking and insurance. This in part has been brought about by technological change, such as the adoption of enterprises to use cloud computing and analysis techniques like machine learning. Another major source has been the explosion of new tech-enabled businesses, which in our industry are known as Fintech. These Fintech have been jumping on changes in the industry trying to find new ways to meet customer needs.

As corporates we too are not standing still we are adapting our strategy, our organisational structures, our ways of working and most importantly our culture. This session will provide insights into how to:

  • Scan and sense the world around you
  • Test and learn to make the right adaptations to your environment
  • How to embed an innovation culture across your organisation

Putting the I in innovation

Speaker: Martin Sykes, Director of Alignment, Analysis and Architecture, Cambridge Assessment

Often innovation has to be seen to be big to get attention. That’s just not true. What is the smallest thing you can do today to make a difference? Making innovation personal and leading with what you can do on your own can lay the groundwork for greater efforts. In this session we will cover three different concepts that come together well to put the “I” into innovation:

  • Improving 1% at a time. Focus on the small things, measure the difference and keep repeating.
  • Innovate to reduce waste. Learn the eight types of waste in the Kaizen approach to spot opportunities.
  • Understand the personal opportunities with the 10 types of innovation.

How Company Values Can Guide the Behaviours that Inspire, Innovate and Drive Business Change

Speakers: Janice McNamara, Leadership Development Coach & Facilitator and James Luter, Director Production Blades, MHI Vestas Offshore Wind

Many companies produce company values centrally, with care and consideration. Printed and framed they appear in departments to guide and inspire. Many, however, look like the heating instructions for the thermostat and mean nothing to staff – or worse are viewed with cynicism. Both leaders and workers struggle to identify the language and vocabulary to engage with each other, drive performance and achieve company goals.

This is a success story about the manufacturer of the world’s largest wind turbine blades, building commitment in staff, and driving significant business change through living the company values. It describes making them relevant and tangible through defining behaviours in consultation with stakeholders. James Luter and Janice McNamara, co-facilitated stakeholders through a creative process of change.


  • Build ownership of values through facilitated stakeholder engagement
  • Illustrate values in bespoke cartoons to build curiosity and involvement
  • Use language and behaviours, that inspire, innovate and drive business change

11:30 - 12:25
Harnessing Innovation in Lloyds Banking Group

Jehangir Byramji, Head of Fintech, Lloyds Banking Group

Jehangir Byramji

Head of Fintech

Lloyds Banking Group

Jehangir’s current role is to lead Lloyds Banking Group’s engagement with Fintech and early stage ventures to create potential transformative innovation for the bank. Using accelerators and other programmes to globally scout early-stage fintech and bring the best to London where his team offers them mentorship and insight into their client needs to help them develop. As a strategist for many years, Jehangir shaped numerous business models in the private and public sectors based on analysis of market and competitor trends, bringing his ability to frame ambiguous and complex problems. Jehangir moved into corporate innovation where he takes unscoped potential business opportunities and define experiments and pilots to learn first-hand, reduce business risk and accelerate speed to market. Jehangir have been a business mentor since 2012 with a particular focus on social enterprises as well as Fintech.

Putting the I in innovation

Martin Sykes, Chief Architect, Architect Coach

Martin Sykes

Chief Architect

Architect Coach

Martin Sykes is the Business Systems & Change Director at Team Consulting and an independent coach to Enterprise Architects and technology leaders. During the last 20 years Martin has been Director for Alignment, Analysis and Architecture at Cambridge Assessment, Director for Microsoft’s Enterprise Strategy & Architecture Centre of Excellence, a lead in major organizations for their Enterprise Architecture teams, and a coach to EAs around the world. Over that time Martin has been developing an approach to corporate storytelling through work in the public and private sectors called CAST that is described in the book “Stories that Move Mountains” which is now available in seven languages.

Business Change & Transformation Session: Using Visual Storytelling to Engage, Educate and Influence

How Company Values Can Guide the Behaviours that Inspire, Innovate and Drive Business Change

Janice McNamara, Leadership Coach, Janice McNamara

Janice McNamara

Leadership Coach

Janice McNamara

Janice McNamara, a mentor, coach, facilitator, mediator and trainer for 20 years. With clients in the public, private and voluntary sectors: United Utilities, MHIVestas, British Council, ACAS, The University of Nottingham, The Royal Opera House, Save the Children, Comic Relief and Citizens Advice Bureau. She has worked across the UK, Eira, Netherlands, Germany, USA, Canada, Pakistan, Namibia and China.  She mentors individuals in very different roles from CEO’s and senior leader to members of parliament and the House of Lords. Driven by a commitment to support individuals to be at their best personally and professionally, through increasing self-awareness, improving work relationships, being open to learning, building trust and collaboration. She has a creative approach, building bespoke programmes that align with the individual, their job role and the expectations of their organisations and their profession.

James Luter, Director Production Blades, MHI Vestas Offshore Wind

James Luter

Director Production Blades

MHI Vestas Offshore Wind

James is an analytical, commercially astute and highly influential Senior Manager with extensive experience gained within a world-class prototyping environment.  He has proven expertise in strategic business planning, manufacturing operations, quality assurance, production and staff management.  Pivotal role in the long-term development of sustainable and ground-breaking technologies, championing the professional development of staff to meet the strategic vision of the organisation. Outstanding leadership ability underpinned by excellent interpersonal and communication skills utilised to challenge existing practices whilst nurturing credible relationships with key stakeholders to board level.

12:30 - 14:00
Networking Lunch, Exhibits and Perspective Sessions
Listen to a Millennial talk about Business and IT Transformation

Speaker: Sam Skalla, Consultant, Orbus Software

Often berated for our obsession with smartphones and alleged lack of social skills, the ‘dreaded Millennials’ are now the dominant workforce demographic.

Advancing the concepts of flexible working and the use of technology in the workplace, Millennials have significantly affected Business and IT Transformation across industries around the world.

In this session we’ll explore the pathway of one fictional Millennial as they find their place in a Business and IT Transformation project – providing you with an insight into these vital stakeholders.

Including such dangerous areas as:

  • Social Media and its consequences on Business and IT change
  • Ideation and an Agile Architectural Response
  • Digitalisation and Instant Gratification


13:00 - 13:25
Listen to a Millennial talk about Business and IT Transformation

Sam Skalla, Consultant, Orbus Software

Sam Skalla


Orbus Software

Sam Skalla, a certified Millennial, is based at Orbus Software’s London Headquarters. Sam works as part of Orbus’ EMEA New Business team primarily focussing on projects developing architectural maturity and enabling Business and IT Transformation through iServer deployments.

How BPM helps deliver accurate and timely weather forecasts to millions of people every day

Speaker: Stanton Attree, Principal Business Process Analyst, The Met Office (on behalf of Signavio)

Stanton will explain why the United Kingdom’s national weather service chose Signavio to clear away the storm clouds of inefficient processes, and bring sunlight to bear on the way their business works. Focusing on the process management and ISO 9001 challenges the Met Office was facing, this presentation will demonstrate how BPM helps deliver accurate and timely forecasts to millions of people every day – rain, hail, or shine.


13:30 - 13:55
How BPM helps deliver accurate and timely weather forecasts to millions of people every day

Stanton Attree, Principal Business Process Analyst, The Met Office

Change – What are the Possibilities?

Speaker: Shona Watson, Business Change Consultant, Avilion Strategy Limited

This is a case study of a Housing Association which functioned as nine separate Companies and how the CEO had a vision to bring them together as one Operations Directorate. This had been tried twice before and failed. The case study shares the team effort, the detailed planning done in December to have a launch of 4 July (communications loved creating a 4 July party!), the restructuring process, and the possibilities which arose for staff where the initial thought of a restructure was redundancy and job losses.

Learning points for success include:

  • Detailed planning
  • Leadership
  • Building a successful project team

Design to Ignite: Design Sprints for Transformation at Scale

Speakers: Milan Guenther, Partner, Enterprise Design Associates & Tomomi Sasaki, Partner, AQ

In a world where everyone and everything is connected, the quality of enterprise-people interactions matter more than ever. They can shape or stifle emerging communities, erase or reinforce boundaries, build or destroy relationships. The practice of design, currently over-committed to the design of services and interfaces, is as well-suited to those relationships and interactions which drive large-scale dynamic systems.

In this talk, Milan and Tomomi will show how Design Sprints, first popularized by Google Ventures to help startups, can be used to lead rapid innovation of myriad interactions within complex systems. They will share learnings from their work in which they used Design Sprints to tackle challenges like creating customer-centric culture, designing the employee experience, and defining agile project governance.

The Power of Hummus in Innovation

Speaker: Tash Willcocks, Head of School, Hyper Island

Tash Willcocks Head of School of Hyper Island UK and founder of Mundaneaday & MapMyMCR will take you through the importance of the Content Process Model, how teams need to work together with leaders and develop trust so that they can overcome their limbic systems fear of judgement to be truly innovative, creating the right solutions for the humans they are designing for and in turn trusting them. (Hummus will feature briefly! More Human focus, less hummus focus…..)

14:00 - 14:55
Change – What are the Possibilities?

Shona Watson, Business Change Consultant, Avilion Strategy Limited

Shona Watson

Business Change Consultant

Avilion Strategy Limited

Shona is a senior change professional specialising in creating operational excellence, with over 20 years’ experience of successfully delivering programmes and projects, within different organisations and sectors.  She loves making change happen and many of her successful projects have already failed before she makes a successful transition to a new way of working.  She is a leader who has delivered people transformation and culture change programmes and combines the deep knowledge of an HR professional with the practical disciplines of project and programme management to ensure that change is executed effectively. Shona loves travelling, eating out, gardening and compiling her family tree which she has traced back to the 1500s and found her ancestors were Picts.

Design to Ignite: Design Sprints for Transformation at Scale

Milan Guenther, Partner, Enterprise Design Associates

Milan Guenther


Enterprise Design Associates

Milan is a partner at Enterprise Design Associates, where he works with organizations of all shapes and sizes on innovation and transformation. He authored Intersection, a book introducing the Enterprise Design approach for systemic and holistic design in complex enterprises. Milan is one of the organizers behind the Intersection Conference series, and is currently busy growing a global network of practitioners on that topic. He worked extensively with Design Sprints to achieve significant impact with limited time and resources, and became a Google certified Design Sprint Master.

Tomomi Sasaki, Partner, AQ

Tomomi Sasaki



Tomomi Sasaki is a project director and partner at the Tokyo & Paris based design studio AQ, in charge of maintaining structure in the creative process and clarity in communications. She practices a mix of business development, project management, and UX design for digital products and services. Past projects include tools that empower people to train for marathons (ASICS), gain skills in digital marketing (Google) and manage HR data (huubHR).  Recently, Tomomi has brought design research and facilitation skills to projects on the topics of organizational culture change (Toyota Motor Europe), innovation in the employee experience (AccorHotels) and building the digital workplace (Deutsche Telekom). She relocated from Tokyo to Paris in September 2014 to start AQ’s second office.

The Power of Hummus in Innovation

Tash Willcocks, Head of School, Hyper Island

Tash Willcocks

Head of School

Hyper Island

Tash has 20 years of experience shaping future changemakers in the creative industry. She was previously programme leader of the BA and MA Graphic Design course at Salford University, and now facilitates the learning of worldwide postgraduate students that join the MA Digital Management and MA Digital Experience Design programmes at Hyper Island.  Parallel to disrupting design education, she has acted as an album creative for the band Elbow, and carried out Skateboard design collaborations with Linder Sterling. Her popular daily typographic project, ‘Mundaneaday’ is now it its fifth year, and its demand has expanded her portfolio to include the commission of large scale hand-lettered murals in studios around UK. She recently built up MapMyMCR, a growing map of illustrated buildings and their narratives which is being developed to incorporate additional cities.  Alongside this she has a growing interest built through her learnings with the students at Hyper Island around habits, innovation and how your brain can be a help or a hinderance. She has spoken about this at recent events such as TedX MCR, Creative Mornings Gothenburg, Innovation hub Enterprise City & Crft. Collaborations are a core feature in her working, and being part of Generic Greeting and BLAB helps enable this to grow. Having Cornish roots she’s a friendly little creature and is usually happy to be seen talking at events/the bar so say hello.

The Key to Innovation is Epibration

Speaker: Michael Van Damme, Managing Partner, The Forge

Innovation is a real buzzword. Everybody talks about it. But what should you actually do to be innovative? What works and what doesn’t? Well, for the past 30 years scientists all over the world have been researching exactly these questions. However, this valuable knowledge is not being translated or used in the real world. It has been lying in the basements of our universities. With this presentation we want to change that. During this interactive session you will learn some surprising, hands-on insights based on more than 30 years of scientific research on innovation around the world.

What will you learn:

  • Why we like to talk about innovation, but don’t do it
  • Which factors predict innovation in organizations and teams
  • Tips on how to stimulate an innovative culture
  • Tips on how to tackle an innovation process

Demystifying Change

Speaker: Francesca Valli, Founder and Change Consultant, Chrys Online

The quest for innovation and profit will continue to lead to change, its pace ever-greater in the business environments we inhabit. From the addition of radically different operating models to the systematic search for holy-grail products, we continually witness how business changes, adopts, adapts and… starts all over again.

Change-leadership practices must be ‘plugged’ into the heart of a programme delivery. The management of change cannot be an afterthought, often restricted to internal communications and training practices.

This presentation is about demystifying change. This emperor really has no clothes. What you will learn is based on Francesca’s in-real-life interventions with organisations undertaking critical change:

  • Demystifying methods
  • Demystifying the experts
  • Demystifying progress statistics

She will describe the interventions she made, and their outcome, and describe the tools that have worked well, time and again.

Successful Digital Transformation with People and Not Just Technology

Speaker: Nick Littlecott, Global Transformation Programme Design Authority (Interim), Lloyd’s Register & Architect Tech

With all the talk about Digital Businesses it would seem all you need is some Cloud, Big Data and AI to Transform your Business and create the business of the future. Lloyd’s Register has over 260 years of history, an addiction to paper, operations in 80 countries, nearly 10,000 engineers and auditors, and has struggled to deliver large scale business change in the past. In this session, Nick will describe how putting our People at the centre of our approach, supported by Innovative Technology, led to a success. From how we:

  • Built our team
  • Developed the why
  • Ultimately delivered the Programme & Transformed Business

You will discover:

  • How we engaged at every stage and every level
  • How we used Innovative Technology to deliver reliably and at speed
  • How you can apply these to your digital journey

15:00 - 15:55
The Key to Innovation is Epibration
Demystifying Change

Francesca Valli, Founder and Change Consultant, Chrys Online

Francesca Valli

Founder and Change Consultant

Chrys Online

Francesca Valli has managed multi-million £ programmes and delivered trackable change that’s aligned with today’s technology. The end result? Solid results when it comes to return on investment. Her past experience in finance and system analysis gives her an edge in understanding and creating change at the organisational level.  Francesca has worked in Europe, US and Asia. She’s learning Mandarin and is fluent in English and Italian.
She also sits as a non-executive director on the board of Front M, an innovative technology start-up that provides solutions for digital experience in remote spaces.  A believer in social responsibility, Francesca has raised >£1 million in aid of the NSPCC in The Gherkin Challenge, an event she has co-founded. She serves on the NSPCC Board’s fundraising sub-committee and on their National Volunteer Board. Follow @francesca_valli

Successful Digital Transformation with People and Not Just Technology

Nick Littlecott, Global Transformation Programme Design Authority (Interim), Lloyd's Register & Architect Tech

Nick Littlecott

Global Transformation Programme Design Authority (Interim)

Lloyd's Register & Architect Tech

Nick is currently leading the implementation of Lloyd’s Register’s Global Transformation Programme, as the Design Authority, having initiated it as a strategy almost 4 years ago.  He has over 20 years experience, defining and delivering technology driven change, as a client and supplier having worked in both Big 4 consultancies and leading FTSE organisations.  He has worked across a wide variety of industry sectors (from Government to Finance to Telecoms and Oil & Gas) in the UK and as far away as Australia and New Zealand.  Nick is recognised for defining and delivering complex and Innovative solutions and change that deliver business value.

15:55 - 16:25
Networking Break & Exhibits
Sexy Options, Fog and Hedgehogs

Speaker: Simon Raynes, Director of Change, The White Company

Small to medium sized retailers on a growth curve will almost certainly all face the same challenges. Few will have established methodology, change strategy or even people who have a dedicated role for change – but the ambition and drive to move forwards creates these standard problems.

The session will suggest ways to understand and manage them. First, there is a natural tension in a growing business to stretch the big bits of infrastructure beyond the point they can cope – there is always something sexier to do on the list. Then there is a need to manage the urge to change, something even when (in Eddie Obeng’s words) you don’t know what you want nor how to do it. Finally, we have to manage expectations raised by the initial excitement of what is perceived as the change becomes what is actually delivered.

What you will learn:

  • How to earn the right to broaden and grow
  • How to manage through Fog
  • How not to let your hedgehog turn into a rat

It’s Bottom Up

Speaker: John O’Donovan, Chief Architect, TalkTalk

This session will describe how companies need to think Bottom Up and be driven by culture. It will describe the ways in which you can build and influence your company strategy through data, learn to listen to your customers, and be smart in your technology choices. Examples and patterns, from a variety of companies and industries, are relevant to all sizes and shapes of organisation.

  • How do you approach successfully using data to build your strategy?
  • What frameworks and patterns can you apply to managing new technology and legacy?
  • How do you structure your approach to making these changes, and build a successful culture?

Creating FANs Not Customers - A Different Approach for Business Transformation

Speakers: Annie Mamigonians, Continuous Improvement Manager – Banking Operations, Metro Bank & Wendy McDermott, Business Transformation Manager, Metro Bank

Metro Bank believe in creating FANs and not customers in everything that they do. It is safe to say that there is no transformation technique in the industry that can be used that focuses on the creation of FANs. So how does the business transformation team approach this challenge? Using Metro Bank as a case study, this presentation will cover:

  • The Metro Bank Business Transformation approach to creating FANs
  • How industry trends and challenges are incorporated including how they work cross-industry to achieve our outcomes
  • How they are creating a REVOLUTION in banking, but also in the transformation space

16:25 - 17:20
Sexy Options, Fog and Hedgehogs

Simon Raynes, Director of Change, The White Company

Simon Raynes

Director of Change

The White Company

Simon has enjoyed being involved in the mechanics of change since he started a small business with friends while still at sixth form college, through a long stint in the army and then a variety of roles in different retail businesses. He has been a foster carer, a chair of a large strategic public sector board and now am the Director of Change at The White Company.

It’s Bottom Up

John O’Donovan, Chief Architect, TalkTalk

John O’Donovan

Chief Architect


John is Chief Architect at TalkTalk and has previously worked in a variety of industries including being Chief Technology Officer at the Financial Times and The Wall Street Journal.  John has many years experience building innovative new products like BBC iPlayer and changing and shaping companies to get fit for the future with a broad perspective on what works and what does not drawn from years of experience.

Creating FANs Not Customers - A Different Approach for Business Transformation

Wendy McDermott, Business Transformation Manager, Metro Bank

Wendy McDermott

Business Transformation Manager

Metro Bank

Wendy is the Business Transformation Manager at Metro Bank with over 25 years in the Financial Services industry. She has led and implemented transformational change in both Retail and Corporate environments across the UK and in India driving a diverse and enthusiastic pathway to innovation.

Annie Mamigonians, Continuous Improvement Manager, Metro Bank

Annie Mamigonians

Continuous Improvement Manager

Metro Bank

Annie is the Continuous Improvement Manager in the Banking Operations function at Metro Bank. Starting her career as a Biochemical Engineer she quickly realised the potential of Lean tools and techniques in improving Customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and the bottom-line. She coaches teams and leaders in the selection of the right programme of change for benefits realisation whilst ensuring sustainment and ongoing self-fuelled enhancement. She understands that staff engagement is a critical success factor and people are our greatest assets when looking for how we improve our Customer offerings. She has 13 years’ experience in business and culture change; 6 of which are in the financial services and the remainder across technology, local government, IT, telecommunications and utilities.

Leveraging Uncertainty in the Design/Innovation Process

Speaker: Lindsay Tingström, Service Design Strategist, Daresay

In the current global business climate, complexity and uncertainty are ever-present, and ongoing change is the new normal. A strong culture of design innovation is a key component to successful organisations, but where do you start when everything feels uncertain?

In this session:

  • Lindsay will first explore why uncertainty is a valuable component in design practice and innovation processes: what it can achieve if you learn how to manage it.
  • Secondly, Lindsay will go through some practical approaches to leverage uncertainty, so that it can become a catalyst for, rather than a barrier to, innovation.

Disruptive Innovation

Speaker: Richard Wiles, Digital Innovation Manager Global IS, National Grid

The utilities industry is currently one of the most exciting places to work. Substantial changes in the way we deliver/consume/trade and manage energy and it’s related infrastructure are driving innovation and regulatory change. These changes in turn mean we need to accommodate new approaches to allow us to meet the demands of our customers. Internal customers who want to be able to experiment with new technologies, generate proof of concept/value prototypes without the need to navigate a traditional IT governance process. External customers who expect to be able to access their data using new channels, with new insights. But innovating in a large bluechip company with an outsourced IT capability can represent a significant challenge. In this session I will talk about our experience of establishing an internal technology innovation team at the heart of a sizeable bluechip company and what we’ve learnt along the way.

Delegates will learn from the session:

  • How to establish a versatile team with the right people, right skills and more importantly the right culture
  • How to market your team to the business and the IT department
  • When to say yes, no and more importantly when to stop work

Blockchain for Business

Speaker: Bob Yelland, European Blockchain Marketing Leader, IBM

How will blockchain transform business transactions across networks of companies, what are the key use cases emerging and what are the challenges for implementing this technology?

This session will attempt to avoid the hype and present a pragmatic view of the potential of this technology, and where it makes sense to apply it. If you have ever been confused or sceptical about blockchain, take the opportunity to discover what makes it different from a traditional database, and why so many companies are so excited about the new business models that it opens up.

Learning points:

  • Understand the power and potential of blockchain
  • Discover blockchain business examples
  • Determine if blockchain is right for your challenge

17:25 - 17:45
Leveraging Uncertainty in the Design/Innovation Process

Lindsay Tingström, Service Design Strategist, Daresay

Lindsay Tingström

Service Design Strategist


Lindsay is a Stockholm-based Service Design Strategist with ten years of international experience working with businesses large and small in the public and private sector. Her professional and educational experience spans four countries: Sweden, Italy, China and the United States. She has a M.Sc. in Business Design from the University of Gothenburg, and a bachelor in Visual Design. Human motivation behaviour and motivations, design research and the collaborative design of services are very close to her heart.

Disruptive Innovation

Richard Wiles, Digital Innovation Manager - Global IS, National Grid

Richard Wiles

Digital Innovation Manager - Global IS

National Grid

Richard is responsible for managing the digital innovation team ‘ngLabs’ within The U.K. IS department. A multi-disciplined group of developers, technology enthusiasts and problem solvers who focus on contributing to solutions for near and long term business challenges. He is passionate about new technology, virtual reality, cost-effective delivery, adoption of mobile technology and coffee. He is a hater of buzzword laden summaries and unnecessary bureaucracy.

Blockchain for Business

Bob Yelland, European Blockchain Marketing Leader, IBM

Bob Yelland

European Blockchain Marketing Leader


Bob Yelland is passionate about many things, from beekeeping to big data and from medieval castles to marketing.  He is unashamedly a technology marketer who enjoys helping clients to understand the power and potential of emerging concepts in IT…  As a ‘new boy’ to the blockchain world he is responsible for helping clients understand the concepts behind this transformational technology whilst avoiding the inevitable hype that surrounds it.

17:45 - 18:30
Drinks Reception
Wednesday, 21 March 2018: Conference Day 2 & Exhibits
Keynote: Did Someone Just Mention Digital Transformation?

Speaker: Jeroen Derynck, Global Director Innovation & Transformation Services, Salesforce

In times of disruptive change, fast is never fast enough. New challengers ship innovative services at dazzling speed and see user adoption grow with double digit rates. Where some companies are still struggling to get their IT and business work together, others are already exploring the next frontier of AI. The innovation play is not only reserved for new digital players and also incumbents are picking up quickly. The forward-looking companies outsmart the competition through smart investments in technology. They are prepared to overhaul the corporate DNA with agile ways of working and go full in on experimentation. Is there really a secret sauce to become better with digital? And if so, what are the key ingredients that will keep you in pole position in the technology rat race.

  • What successful digital leaders have in common: the seven guiding principles
  • Why networks of excellence accelerate time to market of new products and services
  • Which technologies are part of your next generation transformation playbook

09:00 - 10:00
Keynote: Did Someone Just Mention Digital Transformation?

Jeroen Derynck, Global Director Innovation & Transformation Services, Salesforce

Jeroen Derynck

Global Director Innovation & Transformation Services


Jeroen Derynck is a seasoned transformation executive and creative thinker with significant experience in strategy formulation. He led major business and IT programs that were impacting bottom-line P&L and did this across multiple industries including banking, automotive, utilities, travel CPG and print media. Jeroen is Global Director of Innovation and Transformation at Salesforce where he works with organization that are to undertake large scale digital transformations or face disruptive change. These enterprises need leadership, digital proficiency, integrity, customer centricity, drive to deliver and experience of dealing with crisis situations. Jeroen has a background of working with both corporates and start ups and thrives in a climate where agile, design thinking, data-driven, advanced automation, analytics and cloud take the center stage.

10:00 - 10:30
Networking Break & Exhibits
Innovation Management

Speaker: Ahmed Sleem, Middleware Architect, DXC technology

Every corporate is striving to be innovative, establishing a new business and produce new products.  In this session we will go through the adoption of innovations, and the techniques required to elevate the creativity in your organization on both the individual level and the corporate level.

We will explore the innovation strategy and disruptive innovations in an ever-changing world. It is time to take your firm to the next step, by utilizing portfolio management tools and selecting the right projects for innovation.

  • How to develop an innovative mindset.
  • Adoption lifecycle and innovation adoption.
  • How can you enhance creativity?
  • Identify the types of idea management system.
  • How to execute innovation project.

Finding your way in a world full of technologies and use it as tools to innovate is not an easy task without having a full understanding of innovation concepts. Let’s talk innovation.

Surviving the Pace of Change

Speaker: Richard Frost, Lead Enterprise Architect, Operational Excellence, Yorkshire Building Society Group

Should we worry about the effects of Innovation and the accelerated pace of change on modern society? Will anyone be immune from the decimation of jobs predicted from the tidal wave of automation? Are we rushing towards our own destruction at the hands of our robot masters?

Richard will present a review of recent media coverage of Artificial Intelligence and provide his own views on some of the key questions of ethics facing us today. This will be followed by a moderated debate led by Conference Chair Chris Potts. You will learn:

  • What are the issues that we are all worrying about as we develop and introduce our new technologies?
  • What does history tell us about how to handle change?
  • What do your colleagues and peers think about the social issues of change?

Transforming Your Business – A View From The Trenches

Speaker: David Beckham, Senior Business Analyst, Aviva

In this presentation David will discuss his experience of organisational change, throughout his thirty-year career in change and twenty years as a business analyst. He will give a view from the ‘bottom up’, as even though he has extensive knowledge of delivering operational change he has usually had organisational change ‘done unto him’, with varying results! He will discuss why organisational change succeeds at shop-floor level and why it doesn’t, how companies can increase the chances of getting organisational transformation to work and the importance of an integrated and clear vision.

This session will:

  • Highlight the common reasons organisational change fails
  • Compare the ‘top down revelation’ model of change with the ‘inclusive community vision’ model
  • Discuss how life in his organisation has changed dramatically for the better in the last three years

10:30 - 11:25
Innovation Management

Ahmed Sleem, Middleware Architect, DXC Technology

Ahmed Sleem

Middleware Architect

DXC Technology

Ahmed Aziz is an innovation leader and TOGAF 9.1 Certified. Possesses a number of additional certifications, including Business Process Management (BPM), SOA certified architect, SOA certified trainer, Microsoft SharePoint, AWS Architect and developer and SharePlex.  He has a passion for trending technologies and innovation management. In the last 7 years, Ahmed has been the lead for innovation workshops, analysis and architecture of a number of successful transformation projects synergized by transforming legacy architectures to service-oriented architectures, primarily in the financial sector. Additionally, Ahmed has acted as an IT Architect leading a successful payments transformation program – one of the remarkable success stories of his career. Follow him @Ahmed_Aziz

Surviving the Pace of Change

Richard Frost, Lead Enterprise Architect, Operational Excellence, Yorkshire Building Society

Richard Frost

Lead Enterprise Architect, Operational Excellence

Yorkshire Building Society

Richard joined Operational Excellence in YBS Group in 2016 bringing a technology lens to bear on process improvement. Specifically, Richard has selecting and implemented Robotics and Zero Code BPM, recruited and delivered a centre of excellence. He is now working on introducing AI and intelligent image management into the building society.  Richard is a highly experienced Enterprise Architect and thought leader with 30 years’ experience at Halifax / HBoS / Lloyds Banking Group and four years with Yorkshire Building Society Group, where he was previously Domain Architect for BPM and Lead Enterprise Architect on Mortgage Transformation. He led the selection of BPM technology for HBOS plc, for Lloyds Banking Group, and for the Yorkshire. He has performed most of the major roles in IT, including Head of Strategy and Architecture at Halifax General Insurance and Head of Workflow for HBOS.  Follow Richard on Twitter: @richardfrost.

Transforming Your Business – A View From The Trenches

David Beckham, Senior Business Analyst, Aviva

David Beckham

Senior Business Analyst


David Beckham has spent his career working in Financial Services, initially at Norwich Union then subsequently with Aviva. He was a founder member of the Business Analysis Practice when it was formed within Aviva IT and has had two terms as the Practice Lead. He has worked on numerous large change programmes and has been heavily involved in building the capability of Business Analysis within the organisation over the last decade. He has presented at the European BA Conference on a regular basis and has had several articles published on Business Analysis topics. Despite being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2010 at the age of 43 David continues to relish his role as a Business Analyst and is a passionate advocate of the profession and the benefits it gives to organisations everywhere. Since his diagnosis David has been developing a series of seminars focussing on his recent experiences  and regularly speaks on the positive power of change both on a professional and personal basis.

Business Change & Transformation Session: Creating Powerful Teams

Getting the Ducks on the Same Hymn-Sheet: How Shared Language Enables Transformation

Speaker: Steve Whitla, Director, Visual Meaning

Transformation programmes bring together contributors from a huge range of backgrounds and cultures, from inside and outside the organisation. In the pressure to meet deadlines and show progress, it’s easy to miss how people are using the same words to mean different things and different words to mean the same thing. Misinterpretations create unnecessary arguments, and often don’t get spotted until it’s too late and a huge amount of work has been wasted.

This presentation will provide a range of practical suggestions on how to align people’s use of language, drawn from the key insight that shared meaning always arises from shared experience. You will learn:

  • How to notice language differences before they become language problems
  • How to create communication and reference materials that people interpret the same way
  • The behaviours that drive shared meaning

Power of Incremental Transformation

Speaker: Amit Dixit, Head of Operational Excellence and Marcia Holme, Head of Business Change Management QBE European Operations, QBE Insurance

Amit and Marcia will share a transformation model that they are creating in QBE – that’s helping the transformation community better connect with business, get the right buy-in, deliver the correct solution at speed, and achieve it at the right cost.

At the heart of this is the ‘Operational Excellence’ function that is working towards identifying and eliminating process inefficiencies using Lean, Six Sigma practices within a 12-week period.  It is engaging the business to self-drive, and to participate in continuous improvement & transformation. The ground is then set for the big transformation programmes to kick-in, and use the same vehicle to deliver change.

Key takeaways for the delegates:

  • Invest in ‘right’ continuous improvement practices
  • How to best engage the business users in transformation
  • Prefer incremental delivery over complete delivery (agile with a small ‘a’)

Enterprise IT- Innovation Enabler or Blocker?

Speaker: Dan Warfield, Principal, CC&C Europe

Based on his experience imagining, designing, and leading first-of-a-kind projects at scale, Dan will share some lessons learned about how established enterprise IT organisations can help or hinder innovation.

  • For avatars of tech-powered innovation, some tips on what to ask for, what to look out for, and some realistic rules of engagement.
  • For CIOs and would-be CIOs, advice and warnings.

11:30 - 12:25
Getting the Ducks on the Same Hymn-Sheet: How Shared Language Enables Transformation

Steve Whitla, Director, Visual Meaning

Steve Whitla


Visual Meaning

Steve Whitla is the founder and director of Visual Meaning, a company that combines systems thinking and visual thinking to help large organisations make sense of complexity. After being raised by artist parents and reading music at Cambridge, he took the unexpected step of joining KPMG as a management consultant. In the twenty years since, his unique blend of creativity, curiosity and business acumen has been in constant demand from programme teams trying to make change intelligible to those involved. Steve lives and works in Oxford, is a fellow of the RSA, a member of the CMI, and regularly teaches visual thinking and system mapping in both academic and non-academic settings. He writes about meaning and visual language at, and tweets as @swhitla.

Business Change & Transformation Sessions:

Using Visual Storytelling to Engage, Educate and Influence

Breaking Down the Silos That Impede Change

Power of Incremental Transformation

Amit Dixit, Head of Operational Excellence, QBE Insurance

Amit Dixit

Head of Operational Excellence

QBE Insurance

Amit is a change professional with 20 years + experience in driving change & transformation in organisation like GE Insurance Holdings, Genworth Financial, and now (QBE European Operations) last 10 years of which have been in leadership positions. Currently he Heads up the Operational Excellence function within QBE, and prior to that he was leading IT Service for Genworth (team of 70+, supporting 18 EU countries).  His key achievements to date include: Leading a 5 years programme to consolidate 13 disperate systems in Europe to one single platform, launching web claims, establishing ‘operational excellence’ from scratch in QBE, reengineering the UW and UW Operational process in QBE and establishing a Business Analysis CoE @ Genworth Financial.

Marcia Holme, Head of Business Change Management QBE European Operations, QBE

Marcia Holme

Head of Business Change Management QBE European Operations


In Marcia’s current role as Head of Business Change Management at QBE European Operations, she has established Change capability within QBE European Operations. This includes delivering Change Management across 5 major programmes impacting over 2,000 in multiple countries.  Prior to QBE, she was a Senior Change Lead for a top Management Consulting firm in London leading large scale transformation change programmes in the Oil and Gas industry. Marcia’s specific areas of expertise include change management, behavioural change, leadership coaching on change management and embedding of new ways of working through following structured business readiness plans. She is also a certified PRINCE 2 Project Manager with over 9 years’ experience in delivering complex systems integration projects for BT.

Enterprise IT- Innovation Enabler or Blocker?

Dan Warfield, Principal, CC&C Europe

Dan Warfield


CC&C Europe

Dan leads the European division of CC&C Solutions, a boutique Enterprise Architecture and IT Strategy consultancy and training firm based in Sydney, Australia. He is also global Chief Digital Officer for CC&C, responsible for CC&C’s IT Transformation practice. As strategist and architect, Dan has held corporate IT leadership roles in Lincoln Financial, Acord, Liberata UK Ltd, and most recently Walmart. On the vendor side, he has led innovation for enterprise software solutions at IBM, CSC and FIS. Recent experience includes advising bleeding-edge tech start-ups in the UK, as well as strategic IT Operating Model consulting and architecture training for Fortune 100 companies. He is based in London, an is an active member of The Open Group’s IT4IT™ Forum and Product Lifecycle Management leader for IT4IT.

12:25 - 13:55
Networking Lunch, Exhibits & Perspective Sessions
3 Examples of Companies that Grow by Doing Good

Speaker: Laura Da Silva Gomes, Director, Silverfish

There are many ways to innovate in a business, many ways to grow a business. In this talk, we will look at three examples of companies that are doing this BY having a positive impact. We look at the key takeaways from their practices and how transferable to other industries these may be.

13:00 - 13:20
3 Examples of Companies that Grow by Doing Good

Laura Da Silva Gomes, Founder and Director, Silverfish CSR Ltd

Laura Da Silva Gomes

Founder and Director, Silverfish CSR Ltd

Laura Da Silva Gomes is the founder and director of Silverfish CSR Ltd, a company that specialises on Innovation and Corporate Social Responsibility. She has worked closely with companies all over the world, from France to New Zealand, from South Africa to Canada, in multiple languages to look at how to improve their positive impact on society. She is also involved in a project that aims at protecting an island in the Indian ocean while making it sustainable from a financial, environmental and human perspective.

Business Change & Transformation Session: Keynote: Sustainable Change: Diversity and Beyond

The 8-Roles of the Innovation Units

Speaker: Alessandro Di Fiore is the Founder and CEO of the European Centre for Strategic Innovation (ECSI) and ECSI Consulting.

Corporate innovation efforts at large companies often lack a clear mission and framework. At one European energy company we looked at, no less than four different functions were supposed to be working on innovation, yet none were supporting critical initiatives or capabilities at the business unit level.

It’s not just a problem at companies known for poor management.   Even well managed businesses well versed in modern management practices can, without realizing it, generate an environment hostile to innovation. It’s a particular problem for a company’s frontline business units, whose business processes and performance metrics are optimized to relatively short-term goals and that are anchored in what they are currently doing or selling rather than in what they might be doing instead.  As a result, line managers instinctively reject risky, discontinuous innovations that won’t immediately contribute to their goals.

This is precisely why large companies need a dedicated Innovation Unit to counterbalance the natural killing instinct of a company’s business units by designing and enabling a more innovation friendly environment.   Drawing on the results of our research at the European Center for Strategic Innovation, we have developed a framework that can help Chief Innovation Officers and/or Innovation Leaders to design the mission and scope of these newly created organizational units to avoid that do not perform or are limit the risk to be “rejected” from the incumbent organization.


13:25 - 13:50
The 8-Roles of the Innovation Units

Alessandro Di Fiore, Founder and CEO, ECSI Consulting

Alessandro Di Fiore

Founder and CEO

ECSI Consulting

Alessandro Di Fiore is the Founder and CEO of the European Centre for Strategic Innovation (ECSI) and ECSI Consulting, based in London, Boston and Milan. He is a consultant, author and media commentator on strategy and innovation. He has been included in the radar list of Thinkers50. Alessandro has worked in management consulting for more than two decades. Along the way he has advised more than 25 Fortune 500 companies throughout the world on strategy and organisational change. He started his consulting career as a product manager at Gemini Consulting, where he was responsible for life sciences in continental Europe, Managing Director for Italy and global head of its Market Focused Strategy Center of Excellence. In 2000 Alessandro founded his first European boutique strategy firm, Venture Consulting. The firm was sold in 2008 to Tefen, an international management consulting company floated on the Tel Aviv stock exchange. Alessandro went on to found ECSI in 2010 with the aim of creating a truly unique global consulting firm. You can reach him at or follow him on Twitter @alexdifiore.

Change the Way We Change

Speaker: Morten Stender, Partner, Staun & Stender

What drives or hinders innovation? To significantly change a business with radically different offerings, you need to consider the culture and the prioritization mechanisms. People who believe in maturity models and digitization are often stuck in current operations paradigm, and they often have a hard time succeeding with innovation and transformation. To succeed with new a non-linear change to business model, we need to exploit different business models of technology, time and space.

The session will facilitate the journey to a new paradigm, culture and privatizations. The presentation takes you to the characteristics of single-loop and double-loop learning, adaptive systems and how to succeed with innovation.

Key take-aways are:

  • Linking to digitization and digital transformation – are they any different?
  • Single-loop and Double-loop learning; How to manage the paradox of changing to a disruptive business model?
  • Structures and culture – how to give-away the stable history at the border of instability?

Change the Way We Change brings innovation to the frontier of experiments rather than performance – challenging the way digitization is executed, and supporting data-driven and risk-based planning scenarios.  The session will provide a focus on creating a culture where double-loop learning of the organisation takes place, and the current state is constantly challenged with living insights.

How AI is Transforming Industries

Speaker: Charlotte Han, Enterprise Marketing, Deep Learning, NVIDIA

AI is moving from its academic roots to the forefront of business and industry. In this talk we will discuss the definition and applications of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.  We will explore how companies in several economic sectors—automotive, healthcare, retail, and financial services—are tackling new challenges and opportunities by incorporating AI/ML/DL into their products and operations, and highlight what we can learn from their success stories.

  • Automotive: the challenge and solution of scale, due to data volume generated in the process, when building self-driving cars
  • Healthcare: how AI can help detect early signs of cancer and diseases, and predicting a sick baby’s vitals and survival rate
  • Retail: how retailers are using AI and data to draw conclusions, improve process and automate supply chain, while improving customer experience
  • Financial services: many financial services companies have already heavily adopted machine learning for applications such as fraud detection, credit risk assessment

Lo-Fi Solutions for Big World Problems

Speaker: Gabriela Triffiletti, Program Leader & Innovation Consultant, Hyper Island.

“Lo-fi Solutions for Big World Problems” is the story of a nine-week journey to answer a brief from the UN to enable refugees to work using their mobile phones.  This was a creative collaboration which utilised design thinking, free social networking tools and sprints to create a solution for one of the world’s most significant challenges. From developing an idea to a remote prototype and testing it with refugee camps in Uganda, the crowdsource translation app U-able was born: a platform for connecting skilled refugee linguists with businesses in need of translation.  The translation industry is a 40 billion dollar industry which can help get the job done and change the world.

14:00 - 14:20
Change the Way We Change

Morten Stender, Partner, Staun & Stender

Morten Stender


Staun & Stender

Morten is Partner of Nordic advisory services organisation, Staun & Stender.  Morten brings professional background of strategy management, advisory services and large-cap customer experience.  He has researched and practiced consulting in strategy, Planning and IT Managment since early 90’s. Morten holds a PhD, M.Sc. and B.Com from the Technical University of Denmark and Copenhagen Business School. He is an IEEE reviewer and appointed examiner at Danish Universities.

How AI is Transforming Industries

Charlotte Han, Deep Learning Marketing Manager, NVIDIA

Charlotte Han

Deep Learning Marketing Manager


Charlotte Han processes data and computes brand and digital strategies for a living. Thanks to growing up in Asia, becoming American in Silicon Valley and now living in Europe, she has learnt not take things for granted and to make connections where they may not seem apparent. She is highly interested in all things tech, especially how technologies can advance human lives, and enjoys networking with the misfits, the rebels and the trouble makers who are not afraid to shake things up and push the boundaries of what is possible. She currently works as Deep Learning Marketing Manager at NVIDIA, where she sees first-hand how AI is transforming industries. Connect with her on Twitter (@sunsiren) or LinkedIn.

Lo-Fi Solutions for Big World Problems

Gabriela Triffiletti, Program Leader & Innovation Consultant, Hyper Island

Gabriela Triffiletti

Program Leader & Innovation Consultant

Hyper Island

Gabriela combines an eclectic mix and unique background of media (as Marketing Director of Argentina’s News Paper Los Andes and helping create its online presence), entrepreneurial leadership (as a Small Business Owner and private wine merchant), and theater production (as Executive Director of Theatre for the People and Faculty Member of ESIC Business & Marketing in Madrid).   Now, as a Program Leader for Hyper Island and strategic/creative business consultant, with an obsession to disrupt industries she believes in a collaborative creative process that empowers teams to challenge ideas and ultimately impact society and our world.

Is Your Transformation Effort Really Delivering Your Strategic Ambition?

Speaker: Chris Bevan, Transformation Director, ASOS

Companies spend a lot of time and a lot of money on developing and evolving their strategy. The executive team then present this to investors and analysts.  They are always very sincere about the content and very sincere about the processes they have in place to assure delivery. But how do you really deliver on this assurance? How do you make sure that the millions of capex that the Board agree to spend will deliver your ambition?

The world is not going to stand still and let you get on with it untouched, if this is a 3-5-year strategy.  How will you make the right long-term bets, and then secure them?

What will delegates learn?

  • Understand the real conflicts between running an operation and transforming the operation
  • How to develop the appropriate environment to reduce the risk of failure
  • How to “operationalise” the strategy

What is the Future for Business Change and Transformation?

Speaker: Sarah Coleman, Director, Business Evolution Lts

What should the next generation of business change and transformation approaches look like to ensure success?

Traditionally business change has been designed and delivered as discrete, local initiatives. We’ve seen this approach evolve to a more mature level where a business manages a portfolio of multiple, and often overlapping, change initiatives. And now in a world marked by ambiguity and uncertainty – with BREXIT, extended supply chains, disruptive competition, global markets, continuous innovation and virtual teams – are we still using the right approach to change and transformation? Do we need to change the way we approach business change?

In this practical and interactive session, Sarah Coleman will help you identify and explore:

  • What currently works in business change and transformation, and what doesn’t
  • What the next major shift should be in thinking and approach for business change and transformation
  • How your business currently works with change and transformation, and how it might best change its approach to change.

How to create an Innovative Culture

Speaker: Jens Bjare, Agile Business Coach, IRM Sweden

How to create an Innovative Culture with Design Studio and Value Proposition Canvas, VPC.

Design Studio is an interactive and fast method for creative problem solving and development.

VPC is one of Alexander Osterwalders ways to understand customer needs when designing products and services.

Inspiration on how to build an Innovative organization with innovative working methods and how to create a Climate, Culture with Collaborative teams: Have you wondered why some teams perform and some don’t and why? Is it the individuals, teams, culture or the climate that nurture the culture. What nurtures engagement, creativity and innovation? We believe that the top three fundamentals for inner motivation is playful, purpose driven and developing climate which fosters an innovative culture that nurture self-organizing and performing teams. When helping our customers we use visual techniques  storytelling and design studio as workshop methods in the innovative process.

This mini workshop will include an exercise were we co-create together and innovate with “Alexander Osterwalder´s Canvas” Value Proposition Canvas in combination with Design Studio as a workshop technique

What you get insight of/Learn

  1. Insight in how to create an Innovative organization and why
  2. Insight in a how Alexander Osterwalder Canvas and Design studio contribute in create innovation
  3. Understand why does it works from neuro perspective.


14:25 - 15:20
Is Your Transformation Effort Really Delivering Your Strategic Ambition?

Chris Bevan, Transformation Director, ASOS

Chris Bevan

Transformation Director


Chris is an independent leader of corporate transformation with over 30 years of experience gained in the UK, Europe and USA. He is a Co Founder of Transform Associates a network of independent transformation consultants and also co-founder Outvie a unique proposition for the delivery of corporate transformation. He is also the non-executive chairman of Provek Limited which is a leading provider of project management assessment, training and consultancy and owns The PM Channel.  Chris has been delivering and leading teams of experienced consultants and client staff in the design, shaping and delivery of complex transformation programmes in many challenging corporate and national cultures.  Prior to striking out as an independent consultant, Chris held senior executive positions with IRI and AC Nielsen, both US based corporations as well as Woolworths. He was also Managing Consultant in the retail practice with CSC-Inforem based in the UK.  He is currently Transformation Director at Asos.

What is the Future for Business Change and Transformation?

Sarah Coleman, Director, Business Evolution Ltd

Sarah Coleman


Business Evolution Ltd

Sarah has over 25 years’ experience supporting a range of clients in shaping, designing and delivering strategy, change and transformation. She works across sectors with multi-nationals and medium-sized businesses, and with government in the UK and internationally.  Sarah started her career in ICT, developing a strong systems perspective and a deep understanding of organizations. She has worked with HM government, NGOs and with NHS, Experian, Rolls Royce, Bank of America, Legal & General and BT among many others. She has also worked with the High Growth East Midlands and the GrowthAccelerator programmes, supporting high growth businesses. Sarah established Business Evolution Ltd in 2007. Clients say they value her commercial perspective, her ability to challenge positively and constructively, and her ability to translate an organization’s strategic ambition into action.  Sarah is a Visiting Fellow at Cranfield University and a Transformation Associate with the Infrastructure and Projects Authority, Cabinet Office. She is a published author (“Project Leadership”, Gower 2015; “Organizational Change Explained”, Kogan Page 2017), and experienced coach and developer.

How to create an Innovative Culture

Jens Bjare, Agile Business Coach, IRM Sweden

Jens Bjare

Agile Business Coach

IRM Sweden

25 years’ experience of sales and organizational development, change management, agile business coaching with deep knowledge and experience in what creates engaged, collaborative teams, driving sales and team performance. I also work with visualisation and animation as a trainer and in assignments.

In my current position I constantly looking for win business opportunities and to breakdown silos, promoting diversity, leading change, attract and nurture others to ensure mutual success by explore and advocate each other’s perspectives. This is often a strategic challenge on how to transform and Innovate Customers Work Patterns by knowledge in what drives and motivates our behaviour to understand the key to changed behaviour for better result.
Contact me If you need a business-, team, or organizational coach, through true collaboration in a natural and innovative way, especially if you are interested in how knowledge in neuroscience can help to build competitive teams, organization and workplaces.

15:20 -15:35
Networking Break & Exhibits
Systems Thinking and Innovation: Avoiding the ‘Silver Bullet’ Fallacy!

Speaker: Adrian Reed, Principal Consultant, Blackmetric Business Solutions

It’s often said that we live in an increasingly volatile, complex and ambiguous world. The external business environment is complex and fast-moving, yet often our stakeholders are blindsided by ‘silver-bullet’ solutions that assume a linear relationship between cause and effect. These ‘silver bullets’ can, ironically, be an inhibitor to innovation and may even make things worse.

In reality, things are rarely neat and linear. More often we’ll find that situations are devilishly difficult, requiring us to understand and engage with a whole range of messy interconnected issues and perspectives.

In this practical presentation, Adrian Reed discusses the importance of Systems Thinking in innovation, including:

  • What Systems Thinking ‘is’, why it matters, and what can happen when innovation and change is ‘siloed’
  • A range of practical techniques from the world of Systems Thinking that have direct applicability to those innovating
  • How Systems Thinking and systems practice can help an organisation ‘learn’

Anyone Know What Risk Really Means?

Speaker: Matt Andrews, Head of Technology Controls Transformation & Ken Campbell, Risk Manager, Royal Bank of Scotland

In these days of complex change programmes, the actual risk of change being done (or not) is increasingly difficult to understand. Layers of technology and years of organic business growth can mean the true impact to the customer is far from clear. Many organisations adopt risk management as a procedural discipline, usually with extensive processes and reports. And yet, while these can be effective in building rich data sets, they often fall short of really explaining risk to senior and executive levels.

In this talk, Ken and Matt will explain why they see risk management as a narrative – rather than procedural – discipline. Along the way they will:

  • Find out why risk processes can be friend – and foe
  • Define strategies to move to narrative-based risk management
  • Explore the point where the telling of the ‘risk story’ is central to the decision-making process

Innovation in Ministry of Defence - Why, the Challenges and the Opportunities

Speaker: Danny Wootton, Head of Innovation in ISS, Ministry of Defence

The talk will cover why innovation is important for MOD at this time, given the way the defence is changing.

However, the MOD is a large organisation with a large legacy of systems and an embedded culture, and therefore innovation in MOD has a number of challenges that they need to overcome.  Despite these challenges, they have a wide range of opportunities where they can innovate and leverage industry. Danny will give example of opportunities and the context of those opportunities.

The main theme for this presentation will be Innovation in Defence and more important than ever:

  • Why is innovation so import to Defence at this time
  • Some of the barriers to innovating in MoD
  • Their plans to drive change
  • Current challenges and themes

15:35 - 16:30
Systems Thinking and Innovation: Avoiding the ‘Silver Bullet’ Fallacy!

Adrian Reed, Principal Consultant, Blackmetric Business Solutions

Adrian Reed

Principal Consultant

Blackmetric Business Solutions

Adrian Reed is an experienced and enthusiastic business analyst who is a keen advocate of the analysis profession. Adrian is a Past President of the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®) UK Chapter, where he served as a volunteer for more than six years.  In his day job, he is a Principal Consultant at Blackmetric Business Solutions, where he has the opportunity to work with a range of clients in a range of different industries, often helping to shape projects and solve tricky problems.  His ‘day job’ involves a mixture of hands-on analysis, delivery of training, writing and speaking.  Adrian speaks regularly at conferences, and is known as a prolific blogger.  You can read Adrian’s blog at  He is an advocate of lifelong learning, and holds the BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis, IIBA® CBAP® and BA Manager Forum Expert BA Award.  Adrian is author of “Be a Great Problem Solver…” (2017), author of “Business Analyst” (due for release 2018) and contributor to “Business Analysis & Leadership” (2013) “Process Precepts” (2017). You can connect with Adrian on social media: Twitter:  LinkedIN:

Business Change & Transformation Session:

Leading from the Middle: Influencing & Delivery in Tricky Projects

Public Courses:

Pre-Project Problem Analysis: Practical Techniques for Early Business Analysis Engagement

Business Analysis Agility

Anyone Know What Risk Really Means?

Matt Andrews, Head of Technology Controls Transformation, Royal Bank of Scotland

Matt Andrews

Head of Technology Controls Transformation

Royal Bank of Scotland

Matt Andrews – Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, but has spent his career working across the UK and the globe, Matt specialises in shaping and driving programme / project related risk activities across bankwide portfolios. He’s worked in Banking for over 10 years across many different domains delivering large scale complex transformational programmes and then latterly focusing on how risk can be managed and understood effectively. He’s passionate about how Agile, Scrum and other methodologies can be deployed and controlled in complex, highly regulated banking environments He holds membership of ISACA. Follow him @matt_s_andrews

Ken Campbell, Risk Manager, Royal Bank of Scotland

Ken Campbell

Risk Manager

Royal Bank of Scotland

Ken Campbell –  Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, Ken Campbell is a freelance operational risk management consultant currently specialising in technology change. Working in the Financial Services sector Ken has almost 20 years experience in helping build better, safer organisations, the last 14 of which have focussed on risk management. He holds professional membership with the IRM, IOR and ISACA.

Innovation in Ministry of Defence - Why, the Challenges and the Opportunities

Danny Wootton, Head of Innovation in ISS, Ministry of Defence

Danny Wootton

Head of Innovation in ISS

Ministry of Defence

Danny joined MoD as Head of Innovation for ISS on 1st August 2016, working with the ISS teams and the broader defence community to create a proactive, repeatable and agile innovation model for ICT across MoD. Within this role Danny is responsible for: technology scouting & horizon scanning, partner & SME engagements to understand their roadmaps and to ‘learn from industry’, running internal & external innovation challenges and the management of innovation activities such as an innovation radar and funnel. The innovation team are also responsible for the delivery of Alpha and Beta projects and for ‘delivery readiness’ as projects are moved through to the delivery organisations. Prior to joining MoD, Danny was Director of Internet of Things and Innovation at CGI.

16:35 - 17:00
A World Where Anything is Possible - Conference Close

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