IRM UK Newsletter November 2011


In this issue we have the following articles:

Adrian Reed, Business Engagement on Technical IT Projects.
Howard Smith, Using Southbeach Modeller.
Hannah Roberts, Discovering Information Structures.
Elizabeth Harrin, Taming Your Documents.



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Speakers at the 2011 events included Professor Thomas Lawton, John Zachman, Roger Burlton, Sally Bean, John Gotze, Pete Truman, Jason Bloomberg, Paul Harmon, Ian Gotts, Ron Ross, Mike Rosen, Alec Sharp, Dee Carri, Chris Potts, Harmen van den Berg and Peter Matthijssen.

Confirmed speakers for the 2012 events include: Dr. Michael Rosemann, Robbert Kuppens and Roger Burlton. View for further information.

As Business Analysts, we’d probably all agree that projects run much more smoothly when the right stakeholders are engaged at the right times. The challenge can be finding the “hook” that will allow you to get a stakeholder’s attention and will enable you to keep them engaged throughout the project. This challenge is even greater on “Technical IT” projects.

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Using Southbeach Modeller to build templates, creativity tools and best practice aides, Howard Smith.

When someone in your team says "We should do X", what do you do? You begin to ask questions. If X is a product idea we you ask questions about the market for the product. If X is a project proposal you ask questions about objectives, cost and resources. Questions are what drive our creativity, our innovation and the problem solving process. The best consultants know all the right questions to ask. They may not have written them down, but they always seem to have them to hand. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to recall all of the important questions we need to ask in any given situation? This paper explains how.

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This article seeks to propose a process which will provide a formal method by which the discovery phase in data oriented projects can be mode more efficient and effective. In addition it will introduce a tool which can further assist by providing a metadata intelligence repository and which can be used by specialist application and project staff alike.

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Documentation is one of the onerous jobs of a project manager: compiling initiation documents, plans, product descriptions, roles and responsibilities, etc. All these are essential as they help turn the nebulous ideas of your project sponsor into a fully-fledged, well understood project....

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