IRM UK Newsletter September 2012


In this issue we have the following articles:

Deconstructing Agile by Jason Bloomberg

Unfounded Reasons People Tell Me Why They Can’t Do Enterprise Architecture by John Zachman

IT Matters. Again. By Deloitte

Master Data Management & Data Governance Strategic Planning Assumptions for 2012-13 by Aaron Zornes



Deconstructing Agile by Jason Bloomberg

Every specialization has its own jargon, and IT is no different—but many times it seems that techies love to co-opt regular English words and give them new meanings. Not only does this practice lead to confusion in conversations with non-techies, but even the techies often lose sight of the difference between their geek-context definition and the real world  definition that “normal” people use.

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Unfounded Reasons People Tell Me Why They Can’t Do Enterprise Architecture, By John Zachman

I have been working in the area of Enterprise Architecture for 40 years and people have been telling me (and are still telling me) the reasons why they think it is impossible to do Enterprise Architecture.  I think I have distilled these reasons down to five basic objections.  Let me enumerate their objections before I explain why these objections exist and why they are completely unfounded.

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IT Matters. Again. By Richard Hammell and Harvey Lewis

The hoped-for return to growth, following the financial crisis of 2008, has yet to become established. But despite or possibly because of this, businesses are spending again on IT. A recent report by the CBI shows that in the year ahead, many firms are planning to invest more in IT, in large part by scaling back on other spending such as land, buildings, vehicles, plant and machinery. Across the private and public sectors, technology and its ability to transform business continues to be at the forefront of Board agendas. In times of uncertainty, IT matters again.

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Master Data Management & Data Governance Strategic Planning Assumptions for 2012-13 by Aaron Zornes

Master Data Management (MDM), and Data Governance are among the most widely adopted IT strategies in recent years. That's because both are critical for vital business outcomes such as 360 degree views of customers/products/suppliers, regulatory reporting and compliance, and in general treating data as an enterprise asset.

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Upcoming Webinars with Rick van der Lans and Peter Aiken.

Solving BI Challenges with Data Virtualization - a webinar with Rick van der Lans on Wednesday, Oct 3, 2012 1:30 PM London time - Register at  

Evolving Your Information Architecture – a webinar with Peter Aiken on Thursday Oct 11, 2012 1:30 PM London time - Register at  

Emerging Trends and Lessons Learned in Enterprise Architecture,  Thursday 18 October 09:30 - 17:30

BCS London, 1st Floor, Davidson Building, 5 Southampton Street, London WC2E 7HA
Our top line-up of speakers and panellists will share their evidence-based and practical-yet-visionary view of EA. Combining narrative and interactive formats, this one-day conference will provide a great opportunity to:
• Understand new trends in enterprise evolution
• Gain insight into new ideas in enterprise architecture
• Examine evolution of EA as a profession
• Network with veterans and peers
Apart from the architecture disciplines, the conference will have appeal for enterprise leaders, students of architecture disciplines, business and IT strategists, and professionals keen to understand and evolve architecture thinking.

Thanks to generous support from BCS, we have been able to offer low fees and additional student subsidies. Full details may be found on the conference website:

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TECs CRM Buyers Guide Highlights Game-changing Innovations

Mobile CRM, Social CRM, and cloud computing are dramatically changing the way business is conducted. TECs CRM Buyers Guide explores the major trends revolutionizing the world of CRM, and shows how a new breed of customer relationship management software is allowing organizations to get closer to their customers.
Along with information on CRM features and benefits readers require to make smart, informed buying decisions, this guide also examines the pros and cons of each key area of innovationand uses real life examples to illustrate how companies are using innovations in CRM to attract, retain, and better serve their customers.

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