IRM UK's Newsletter September 2011

One week to go to the Business Analysis Conference Europe! (26-28 September)

In this issue we have articles from:
Chris Potts, Dominic Barrow: Consumerization and Clouds
John Zachman, Zachman International: Cloud Computing and EA
Roger Burlton, BPTrends: BPM Critical Success Factors
Jeroen Derynck, The Thinking Ape: ROI of Business/IT Alignment
James Cadle, AssistKD: Business Analysis in the Recession
Jefferson Lynch, Red Olive: Predictive Analytics



Data Management, Information Quality & DWBI Conferences Europe, 7-9 November

This is Europe’s most authoritative and independent conference on Data Management, Information Quality and Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence. Now in its 13th year, these three co-located conferences offer unrivalled opportunity to learn from the industry’s leading figures and network with and learn from your peers.

• 3 co-located conferences on Data Management, Information Quality & DW/BI
• Choose from 5 conference tracks and 13 pre-conference tutorials – a total of 58 presentations to choose from!
• Case studies and contributors include the Royal Mail, Barclays, BBC, Accenture, Shell, Bank for International Settlements, Aviva, Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals, National Australia Bank, NHS, Statoil, Ford Credit Europe, Capgemini, Alfa-Bank, Greene King, Sogeti, Remploy, Dublin City University,, The Phone House, Cambridge University Press.

The full agenda is viewable online at

Consumerization, Clouds, and Consequences - The Boardroom Choices Facing Today's Generation of IT Leaders - Chris Potts, Dominic Barrow.

A 'perfect storm' is happening in the world of IT. On the one hand, the IT market has consumerized and, on the other, IT suppliers are pursuing cloud-based delivery. Enterprises, their strategies and business models float in the middle of it all. How should IT leaders best treat these developments in the Boardroom and beyond? Which, if either, is the best opportunity to move executives' focus onto the next generation of strategy, and to enhance the contributions of their IT leaders? This article explores the strategic choices facing today's IT leaders, and their potential consequences.

Download the full article here.

Chris will be delivering his Seminar "The Corporate Strategy for IT" in London, 22-23 November.Full details can be found online here.

Cloud Computing and Enterprise Architecture by John Zachman. 

Here is a popular, new question that is posed to me: “What kind of impact is the rise in cloud computing having on enterprise architecture?” Here is my response.

Download the article here.

John has published his new Zachman Framework for Enterprise Architecture 3.0 - email for a copy.

John will be delivering his Seminar "Zachman Enterprise Architecture: Framework Fundamentals" in London, 4-5 October. Full details can be found online here.

Lessons Learned from Successful BPM Organizations:

In the last 24 months I have worked on six continents with dozens of organizations assisting  them in developing and implementing their BPM programs. These organizations represent a  broad range of industries, including capital intensive resource industries and manufacturing and distribution, customer service, finance, and government organizations. I have seen a lot of disappointing examples of Business Process Management but I have also seen some very good examples of BPM in organizations where BPM has been implemented well and is delivering improved and sustainable performance improvement. I have seen many alternative approaches and observed the practices and principles that mark the difference between failure and success. I have synthesized these observations into a set of principles I believe constitute an approach to BPM that will assure sustainable management of an organization’s process assets. In this Article I highlight ten principles that successful organizations follow in their BPM practice.

Download the full article here.

Roger will be delivering his Seminar "Building and Using a Business Process Architecture" in London, 12-14 October. Full details can be found online here.

The ROI of Business/IT alignment, it’s not about Running on Instinct anymore by Jeroen Derynck

An increasing number of CIOs are uncomfortable in the boardroom when asked how the IT function will perform when the enterprise goes global. In particular, CIOs working in industries such as healthcare, energy, tourism, telecommunications and banking are struggling to keep up with the global visions of their organizations.

What should CIOs know in order to stay ahead of the curve? First, globalization not only affects the way the enterprise will be run, but it also has a fundamental impact on the way IT has to be managed and governed.

Download the full article here.

Jeroen will be delivering his Seminar "Aligning Business and IT" in London, 24-25 November. Full details can be found online here.

Cometh the hour, cometh the BA by James Cadle.

The recession is the chance for business analysts to show what they can do.

It is not clear at the moment whether we are suffering from a ‘double-dip’ recession or are just bumping along the bottom of a ‘bathtub’ curve of economic activity. What is clear, though, is that organizations in all countries and all sectors of the economy are facing very difficult times indeed. Public services are having to tighten their belts and do more despite cuts in funding; private sector firms face tough competition from emerging economies; and the third sector has to meet increased demands while at the same time suffering from a drop in support.

Download the full article here.

James will be presenting "Achieving Payback: Managing the Benefits of Change Projects" at the Business Analysis Conference Europe on 28 September. Full details can be found online here.

Business Performance Management through Predictive Analytics by Jefferson Lynch

Many companies already run well-controlled, lean processes and so they are increasingly turning to their data as a new means of competitive advantage. Predictive analytics has been around for some time, but is only now becoming more mainstream. Many businesses are unsure of what it is or where it fits into an overall information strategy and so in this article we take an introductory look.

Download the full article here.

Jefferson will be presenting "Growing Your Customers and Revenue Through Better Use of Your Master Data" at the Data Management, Information Quality and DW&BI Conference Europe on 9 November. Full details can be found online here.

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