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Welcome to the IRM UK October newsletter.


In this issue we feature the following articles:


No1. Puzzling Over the Data Governance pieces

by Nicola Askham


No2. CRM, Data Quality and the Single Customer View

by Martin Doyle 


No3. Big Challenges and Bigger Rewards

an interview with and Theo Priestley


No4. The Value of Facilitators
by Tony Mann



The Enterprise Data & Business Intelligence Conference Europe takes place in London, 4-6 November


• Choose from 5 conference tracks, over 20 case studies and 16 pre-conference workshops – a total of over 65 presentations to choose from!


• Case studies and contributors include HSBC, Walt Disney Parks & Resorts, Rolls-Royce, Visa Europe, BBC, British Sky Broadcasting, British Telecom, TNT Express, Thomson Reuters, NFU Mutual, Nestlé Nespresso, Michelin, Walgreens, De Persgroep, Tullow Oil, Deloitte, Swedbank, University of St Andrews, Sanctuary Group, BGL Group and many more …


Visit more information.


Visit for recent webinars by Conference speakers Barry Devlin, John Ladley, Chris Bradley, Jan Henderyckx and Jon Evans.


Breaking News! Delegates to the ED & BI conference Nov 4-6 will have an opportunity to sit for CDMP Certification. Please contact DAMA UK through if interested.



In this issue we feature the following articles:


No1. Puzzling Over the Data Governance pieces

by Nicola Askham


Have you ever found yourself trying to implement a data governance programme on its second or maybe even third attempt? Data governance initiatives are not the easiest thing to implement even when you’re starting to design and implement the whole framework from scratch, let alone after one or more failed attempts. Download this article.



No2. CRM, Data Quality and the Single Customer View


Many businesses are hoping to move towards the utopian vision of the single customer view - the point where each customer is represented by a single instance in a database. The single customer view should, in theory, place the customer at the core of the business. Every other activity the business undertakes should radiate from the central hub of trusted customer data.Download this article.


No3. Big Challenges and Bigger Rewards


Longtime contributor Theo Priestley, a well-respect BPM expert and industry gadfly, has joined Software AG as “Chief Evangelist.”’s Managing Editor Peter Schooff interviews Theo on this recent development and his outlook on the BPM industry overall. Download this article.


No4. The Value of Facilitators

by Tony Mann


Effective Facilitation can make the difference between a poor and a well developed User Requirement. It can make the difference between a Risk Analysis that has hidden problems and one that’s robust and can mean a secure project. Download this article.


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DAMA International

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IRM UK Conferences:


Enterprise Data & BI Conference Europe, 4 - 6 November, London.


Master Data Management Summit Europe, 19-21 May, London


Data Governance Conference Europe, 19-21 May, London


Enterprise Architecture Conference Europe, 16-18 June


Business Process Management Conference Europe, 16-18 June


Highlights from the IRM UK WhereScape Partner event from 18 June:


Watch the highlights video from the IRM UK WhereScape Partner Event on Data Warehouse Automation event here.  The next WhereScape Data Warehouse Automation event will take place in London, 8 November, register here.


IRM UK Seminars:


Enterprise Architecture

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Mind Mapping for Business with Tony Buzan

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Information from our Partners:



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