IRM's newsletter October 2010


Welcome to the IRM October newsletter 2010. In this issue we have articles from Rob Austin of the Cutter Consortium on Managing Differences, Barry Devlin on the Changing Face of Business Intelligence, Suzanne Robertson on Use Cases and a whitepaper from the BI-Team on Meta- & Master Data Management.  



The Cutter Consortium Summit Europe in association with IRM UK

The Inaugural Cutter Consortium Summit Europe 2010 in association with IRM UK will take place in London, 1-3 December 2010. Speakers include Rob Austin, Tom DeMarco, Mike Rosen and David Upton.  Topics include Security, Cloud Computing, Outsourcing, Enterprise Architecture, Agile, IT Governance and Leadership. The full agenda is viewable online at

Managing Differences - The Critical 21st Century Management Skill by Rob Austin

The critical 20th-century management skill — making things and people fit into systems that execute efficiently — will inevitably be transcended by a different 21st-century critical management skill: creating the conditions in which people of widely varying backgrounds,
behaviors, and inclinations can maximize their particular contributions to economic value. Download the full article here.

Rob Austin will be presenting his keynote on Agile Leadership for the 21 Century - IT and Beyond at the Cutter Consortium Summit Europe in London, 2 December.

 The Changing Face of Business Intelligence by Barry Devlin

A new generation of Internet-savvy business users is moving into senior decision-making roles
in most organisations. Their expectations are set by the access to vast quantities of soft information, the apparent ease of finding what they need and their personal freedom handle and manipu-late information as they see fit. These expectations and the technology underlying them are changing the face of business intelligence, gradually extending its scope to all classes of information and more personalised types of use. Download the full article here.

Barry will be presenting sessions at both the Data Management Conference Europe and the co-located Business Intelligence & Data Warehouse Conference Europe, London, 3 - 5 November. 

Meta- & Master Data Management: Semantic Wiki based Knowledge Management for Business Intelligence / Performance Management. Whitepaper. Download the whitepaper here.

Henk Scholten of the BI-Team will be presenting at the Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Europe on A Complete BI/PM Architecture with Semantic MediaWiki for Knowledge Management and ETL Code Generation, London, 5 November.

Use Cases for Useful Points of View by Suzanne Robertson of the Atlantic Systems Guild

If you ask this question in the wider community, you will come up with at least 40 different answers. This is hardly surprising – use cases are written by many people and used by many people in many different situations, at many different levels of detail. However, there is one thing common every effective employment of use cases: they are helpful because they provide a way of identifying and communicating a cohesive chunk of functionality. Download the full article here 

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