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In this issue we have the following articles:

A Practitioner’s Perspective: That Squishy Culture Stuff by Alec Sharp

Business Models: Aligning Business Strategy and Enterprise Architecture by BiZZdesign

Are you ready for high-performance Data Warehousing? by Stephen Swoyer

The Four Primary Approaches to DQ Management by DAMA UK



That Squishy Culture Stuff by Alec Sharp

The last year or two have seen growing interest in the relationship between business process change and organizational culture. This Column is the first in a series on that topic. The aim of the series intended to demonstrate that even though culture is often relegated to the “soft stuff” or even “squishy” side of the spectrum, there are concrete frameworks and techniques that we can use to get a grip on culture, and its unmistakeable impact on business processes. 

Download the full article here. Alec will be presenting his Seminar on Working with Business Processes in London, 28 February to 1 March.

Business Models: Aligning Business Strategy and Enterprise Architecture by Henk Jonkers, Dick Quartel and Remco Blom

While business strategy should be the basis for any organizational change, the alignment between the strategy, enterprise architecture and subsequent organization design and operations is not always optimal. Business model management forms the natural linking pin to improve alignment. The Business Model Canvas provides an interface for the communication between strategists, decision makers and architects, and a starting point for the development of the enterprise architecture using TOGAF and ArchiMate.

Download the full article here.

Are you ready for high-performance Data Warehousing (HiPer DW)? article by Stephen Swoyer

Are you ready for high-performance data warehousing (HiPer DW)? That’s the 64-zettabyte question posed by Philip Russom, research director for data management with TDWI Research, the research arm of The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI).

Russom’s new Best Practices report -- High Performance Data Warehousing -- tackles both the “what” and the “what-for” of HiPer DW, which he helpfully distinguishes from big data, real-time data, streaming data, multi-structured data, analytic data, and so on. “[J]ust about everything we do in BI, DW, DI, and analytics nowadays has some kind of high-performance requirement, for both business and technology reasons,” he writes.

Download the full article here. The TDWI BI Symposium London 2013, in association with IRM UK takes place in London, 18- 20 March.

The Four Primary Approaches to Data Quality Management by DAMA UK

Data Quality Management is a complex and varied set of approaches and tools. The large number of these approaches and tools can be confusing for both Data Management professionals and business people alike, and for all who attempt to maintain or improve the quality of data used by their organisations.

This paper helps you find your way through this complex landscape by:
- Providing a simple explanation of the main approaches
- Highlighting the main features of each approach
- Outlining the main strengths and shortcomings of each approach

Download the full article here.

The BPM & EA Conference Europe 2013, 11 - 13 June.

Do you or any of your team have a formal presentation to contribute to this event? All selected speakers will be entitled to attend the event free of charge. You are more than welcome to submit a number of proposals and these can be submitted across the conferences. At this stage we would only require a brief outline of your suggested presentation. Making a submission is relatively easy - the main information that we would need are your contact details, a suggested title of the presentation, 100 words including 3-5 bullet points summarising your proposed presentation and a brief biography.

Submit online for the BPM Conference here and for the EA Conference here.

DAMA International is a not-for-profit, vendor-independent association of technical and business professionals dedicated to advancing the concepts and practices for data resource management and enterprise information. The primary purpose of DAMA International is to promote the understanding, development, and practice of managing data and information to support business strategies. DAMA International has chapters throughout the world. DAMA members network with other professionals to share ideas, trends, problems, and solutions. is the industry leading publication for people interested in learning about data administration and data management disciplines / best practices. Each monthly issue addresses the most challenging issues of the day. Click here to subscribe.

TECs CRM Buyers Guide Highlights Game-changing Innovations

Mobile CRM, Social CRM, and cloud computing are dramatically changing the way business is conducted. TECs CRM Buyers Guide explores the major trends revolutionizing the world of CRM, and shows how a new breed of customer relationship management software is allowing organizations to get closer to their customers.

Along with information on CRM features and benefits readers require to make smart, informed buying decisions, this guide also examines the pros and cons of each key area of innovationand uses real life examples to illustrate how companies are using innovations in CRM to attract, retain, and better serve their customers.

Download the TEC CRM Buyers Guide free in PDF format here.

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