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In this issue we have the following articles:

Aija Palomäki, QPR Software: Enterprise Architecture.
Peter Matthijssen, BiZZdesign: Lean Six Sigma.
Aaron Zornes, The MDM Institute: 2011-12 Reseach Report.
Nick de Voil: Creativity, Business Change and Royal Weddings.
Penny Pullan: Clarity, Creativity and Engagement to your BA work.



The BPM Conference and the EA Conference Europe 2011, 8-10 June

The Enterprise Architecture Conference Europe and the co-located BPM Conference Europe will take place in London, 8 - 10 June 2011. Speakers include Speakers include Professor Thomas Lawton, John Zachman, Roger Burlton, Sally Bean, John Gotze, Pete Truman, Jason Bloomberg, Paul Harmon, Ian Gotts, Ron Ross, Mike Rosen, Alec Sharp, Dee Carri, Chris Potts, Harmen van den Berg and Peter Matthijssen.

Contributors include organizations such as Visa Europe, Shell, British Gas, Ministry of Defence, Credit Suisse, Siemens, IBM, De Nederlandsche Bank, Ericsson, AEGON, Lloyds Banking Group, Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets, Metastorm, British Army, Dutch Health Care Insurance Board, National Policing Improvement Agency, Oracle, Thomson Reuters Markets, Pinnacle People, Amer Sports and Jardine Lloyd Thomson. The full agenda is viewable online at

Why is connecting enterprise architecture domains so hard? Aija Palomäki, QPR Software.

Enterprise architecture is such an appealing concept. We aim for connecting business process models to specifications of data that they use and produce. Furthermore, connecting processes to applications that support them. Also, we would connect applications to data they own and use, as well as to technologies applications are implemented with. After doing all this, we achieve a holistic view of the organization as a whole.

Download the full article here.

Aija will be presenting at the Enterprise Architecture Conference Europe and the BPM Conference Europe where she will be delivering a presentation on "Taking Information Architecture into Consideration while Modelling Business Processes " on 10 June. Full details can be found online here.

Lean Six Sigma for non-industrial organizations, Peter Matthijssen, BiZZdesign

Lean Six Sigma is being applied more and more, also by non-industrial organizations. But due to the differences between industrial and non-industrial organizations, a re-interpretation is needed to successfully apply the methods to other sectors.

Download the full article here.

Peter will be presenting at the BPM Conference Europe on  "The Essentials of Process Analysis and Lean Six Sigma" on 10 June. Full details can be found online here.

MDM is a strategic competitive business strategy. Is your business looking for new ways to drive down costs or enable better regulatory compliance? What about enabling growth as the economic upturn comes or when M&A (mergers & acquisitions) is on the horizon? Whether increasing revenue, improving risk management and compliance, optimizing operational efficiencies or strategically differentiating an organization from its competitors, MDM is widely recognized at the executive level as a compelling proposition – usually manifested in a strategic business initiative called "single view of the customer" or similar name.....

Download the full report here.

Creativity, Business Change and Royal Weddings – a Soft Systems View, Nick de Voil, de Voil Consulting.

Like many people, I've been watching this week?s images of US President Barack Obama?s European tour with fascination. Afterwards, I couldn't help going down some trains of thought connected with business analysis.....

Download the full article here.

Nick will be presenting "Customer Experience and Service Design" at the Business Analysis Conference Europe 2011 on  28 September. Visit the BA Conference website here.

Bring Clarity, Creativity and Engagement to your Business Analysis Work, Penny Pullan, Making Projects Work.

Penny Pullan of Making Projects Work Ltd. ran a rather different session at September’s BA2010 conference. With nearly eighty business analysts coming up with ideas, drawing pictures and trying organic chocolate, it wasn’t your usual conference presentation. Unfortunately, the chocolate was all consumed on the day, but here are some of the graphics that came out of the session with some commentary to show how they fit together......

Download the full article here. This article was reproduced with the permission of Analyst Anonymous. 

Penny will again be presenting at the Business Analysis Conference Europe 2011 - visit the Conference website here.


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