IRM UK March Newsletter 2013


In this issue we have the following articles:

Converging on a single version of the truth by Tom Breur

A Practitioner's Perspective - continued by Alec Sharp

A Classic, Back-to-Basics Data Warehousing Business Driver by Mike Schiff

The Three Drivers of Innovation by Michael Rosemann



The MDM & Data Governance Summit Europe 2013, 15 - 17 April.

Choose from over 35 case studies and take an inside look at the successes and challenges behind real-world Data Governance and MDM implementations. 

Speakers include: Aaron Zornes, Gwen Thomas, Mike Ferguson, Malcolm Chisholm, Jan Henderyckx, Andy Hayler, Tom Breur, Sunil Soares, Jill Dyche, Anwar Mirza and Jim Orr.

Visit the event website for full information. Download the brochure here.

Converging on a single version of the truth by Tom Breur

Ever since the introduction of data warehousing, a “single version of the truth” has been our holy grail. It has proven elusive, and (very) difficult to attain. Why is it so hard? Or like business folks sometimes remark: “How hard can it be??”.

Download the article here. Tom will be presenting on this subject at the MDM & Data Governance Summit Europe 2013, London, 15 - 17 April.

A Practitioner's Perspective - continued by Alec Sharp

In this Column we’ll look at the “Six Enablers” framework that Alec uses to force consideration of factors other than process design and the application of technology in both understanding the current process, and designing a new process.

An enabler is a factor that can be adjusted to impact the behavior of a business process.

1. Process Design and Workflow
2. Information Systems
3. Motivation and Measurement
4. Human Resources and Organization
5. Policies and Rules
6. Facilities (or other important factor) practices.

Download the full article here. Alec will be presenting a workshop and session at the Business Process Management Conference Europe 2013, 11-14 June.

A Classic, Back-to-Basics Data Warehousing Business Driver by Mike Schiff

Big data and real-time analytics offer important and exciting benefits, don’t lose sight of your organization's classic decision-making needs.

Long before it was called business intelligence, the term "decision support systems" was used to describe an organization's use of data to facilitate its decision making processes. Much of the current focus involves using data warehousing and business intelligence to address near real-time business issues such as website cross-selling, fraud detection, and sentiment analysis through the use of big data and BI analytics.

Download the full article here.

The Three Drivers of Innovation by Michael Rosemann

Business Process Management and Enterprise Architecture are two essential disciplines that can provide the required discipline and holistic view to innovation. However, this requires substantial extensions of current methodologies and frameworks, and a higher appetite to provide a proactive, transformational service to the organization.

Download the full article here. Michael will be delivering a full day workshop on Innovation at the BPM & EA Conference Europe on 14 June. You can find details on his workshop here.

The BPM & Enterprise Architecture Conference Europe 2013, 11 - 14 June

Europe’s only Co-located Conferences on Business Process Management and EA. This event provides a unique opportunity to discover the latest approaches and innovative ideas to both BPM and EA and benefit from the synergies between them. Chose to attend 1, 2, 3 or 4 days of the event.

World Learn from the leaders in their field including Roger Burlton, Paul Harmon, Sandy Kemsley, Ron Ross, Alec Sharp, Mike Rosen, John Zachman, Jeff Scott, Greg Suddreth, Chris Potts, Martin Sykes, Rick van der Lans, Michael Rosemann, Paul Preiss and many more …..

Download the brochure here.

Computer Weekly guide: The business advantages of big data

In this nine-page buyer’s guide to big data, Computer Weekly discovers how businesses can use data to their advantage. Big data may appear to be just another bandwagon, but it is important, and needs to be addressed carefully and sensibly.

• How to make sense of the big data universe
• Make better decisions with big data
• Utilities rise to the smart meter data challenge
• Data’s role in customer engagement


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TECs CRM Buyers Guide Highlights Game-changing Innovations

Mobile CRM, Social CRM, and cloud computing are dramatically changing the way business is conducted. TECs CRM Buyers Guide explores the major trends revolutionizing the world of CRM, and shows how a new breed of customer relationship management software is allowing organizations to get closer to their customers.
Along with information on CRM features and benefits readers require to make smart, informed buying decisions, this guide also examines the pros and cons of each key area of innovation and uses real life examples to illustrate how companies are using innovations in CRM to attract, retain, and better serve their customers.

Download the TEC CRM Buyers Guide free in PDF format here.

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