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In this issue we have the following articles:

Sally Bean, Re-thinking Enterprise Architecture.
Howard Smith, Southbeach.
Tony O'Brien, Poor Data.
Larry English, Information Quality.
RecrEAtion book review by Paul Harmon.



The BPM Conference and the EA Conference Europe 2011, 8-10 June

The Enterprise Architecture Conference Europe and the co-located BPM Conference Europe will take place in London, 8 - 10 June 2011. Speakers include Professor Thomas Lawton, John Zachman, Roger Burlton, Sally Bean, John Gotze, Pete Truman, Jason Bloomberg, Paul Harmon, Ian Gotts, Ron Ross, Mike Rosen, Alec Sharp, Dee Carri, Chris Potts, Harmen van den Berg and Peter Matthijssen.

Contributors include organizations such as Visa Europe, Shell, British Gas, Ministry of Defence, Credit Suisse, Siemens, De Nederlandsche Bank, Ericsson, AEGON, Lloyds Banking Group, Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets, British Army, Dutch Health Care Insurance Board, National Policing Improvement Agency, Thomson Reuters Markets, Pinnacle People, Amer Sports and Jardine Lloyd Thomson. The full agenda is viewable online at

Re-thinking Enterprise Architecture, Sally Bean

This paper looks at the issues currently confronting enterprise architects and the challenges posed when extending EA to be the architecture of the enterprise rather than just its information technology.  It describes the contribution that Systems Practice and other disciplines can make to Enterprise Architecture, and considers how the Cynefin sense-making framework can be used to help indicate the most appropriate types of approach. The paper was commissioned for the Journal of Enterprise Architecture and published there in November 2010.

Download the full article here.

Sally will be chairing the Enterprise Architecture Conference Europe and will be delivering her Seminar "Getting Started in Enterprise Architecture" at this event on 8 June.  Full details can be found online here.

Situational Improvement using Southbeach, Howard Smith.

This paper explains how Southbeach Diagrams can be used to work through projects. The approach appeals to creative consultants, business analysts, program managers and change specialists in any industry. Applicable also in science, engineering, horizon scanning and public policy, this article focuses mostly on business consulting. It is based on emerging practices among Southbeach users who work in management consulting.

Download the full article here.

We are all aware of the old chestnut 'Garbage In, Garbage Out', but do the private and the public sectors pay any real attention to the quality of their data? This article attempts once again to raise awareness as to the importance of quality data and for the purposes of our discussions the term 'data quality' applies generically to both the quality of data and information, although in more detailed discussions 'data' and 'information' would be more specifically defined......

Download the full article here.

INFORMATION QUALITY MANAGEMENT: An indispensible tool for Business Performance Excellence, Larry English

In this article Larry English looks forward to his Seminar Information Process Quality Improvement which takes place in London, 11 - 13 April. Download the article here.

RecrEAtion, Chris Potts - Book Review by Paul Harmon of

Paul reviews RecrEAtion by Chris Potts. Chris is a regular speaker at IRM events including the upcoming Enterprise Architecture Conference. Read Paul's review here

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