IRM's Newsletter March 2010


Welcome to the IRM March newsletter 2010. In this issue we have articles from Gwen Thomas of the Data Governance Institute, Malcolm Chisholm of, Robert Seiner of TDAN and Jos van Dongen of Tholis Consulting. Featured topics include Master Data Management, Data Governance and Open Source Business Intelligence.




Every organization in the world is only as good as the decisions its leaders make. Bringing clarity to value and making good decisions easier is a valuable skill that has catapulted many careers....Download the full article here.

Gwen will be delivering her keynote address on Formulas for Mapping Data Governance Efforts to Business Value at the Data Governance Conference in London on 20 April.

Metadata is Master Data by Malcolm Chisholm

Any discussion of metadata has to begin by defining what it is.  The usual definition, that it is “data about data” is extremely unhelpful.  It is not really accurate either, since metadata can be data about applications, or networks, or indeed a whole host of other things that are not strictly “data”... Download the full article here.

Maclom will be delivering his tutorial on Data Governance for MDM at the Master Data Management Summit in London on 19 April.

Data Governance and Dancing in the rain by Bob Seiner of KIK Consulting/

If you work in Corporate America or in Corporate Anywhere, or if you work in the Private Sector or Public Sector Anywhere, or in Education Anywhere, or you are even in Self-Employment Anywhere, the chances are that you are feeling the storm.... Download the full article here.

Bob will be delivering his keynote address on Data Governance, Why Now? at the Data Governance Conference in London on 21 April. He will also be presenting his tutorial on Non-Invasive Data Governance™: Implementing Data Governance in a Non-Threatening Way on 19 April.

Data Management, Information Quality and DWBI Conferences Europe 2010

We are currently looking for speakers for this event. The deadline for submitting to speak is 9 April. Please click here for further information. 

Open Source Business Intelligence: low cost, high value? by Jos van Dongen of Tholis Consulting

Every day, a growing number of organizations are attracted by the promise of Open Source (OS)  software: low-cost full-featured solutions that will help drive down the total cost of ownership of an IT infrastructure.... Download the full article here.

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