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Welcome to the IRM UK June newsletter.


In this issue we have the following articles:


No1. Business Rules, Business Processes, and Business Agility: Basic Principles by Ron Ross


No2. Leveraging Tiered Data Analytics - Approaches for Better Cloud Utilization by David S. Linthicum


No3. Rope Your Scope: Reining in Scope Creep by Ellen Gottsdiener


No4. Shared Environments - a blog following on from the MDM & Data Governance Summit by Nicola Askham and Lisa Allen



The agenda for the Enterprise Data & Business Intelligence Conference Europe has been finalised.


Keynotes speakers:

David McCandless, Information is Beautiful

Jan Henderyckx, Envizion

Alasdair Anderson, HSBC

Juan Gorricho, Walt Disney Parks & Resorts


Just a few of the leading thinkers speaking include Rick van der Lans, Mike Ferguson, Barry Devlin, Karen Lopez, Nigel Turner, Barry Devlin, Chris Bradley, and many more…..


• Choose from 5 conference tracks, over 20 case studies and 16 pre-conference workshops – a total of over 65 presentations to choose from!


• Case studies and contributors include HSBC, Walt Disney Parks & Resorts, Rolls-Royce, Visa Europe, BBC, T-Systems (part of Deutsche Telekom), British Sky Broadcasting, British Telecom, TNT Express, Thomson Reuters, NFU Mutual, Nestlé Nespresso, Michelin, Walgreens, De Persgroep, Tullow Oil, Deloitte, Swedbank, University of St Andrews, Petroleum Development Oman, Emirates NBD Banking Group and many more …


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In this issue we have the following articles:


1. Business Rules, Business Processes, and Business Agility: Basic Principles by Ron Ross 


How do business rules relate to business processes? How do business rules support business agility and migration to new business platforms? What does re-use of business rules really mean? This article explains the deep insights offered by the Business Rules Manifesto on these questions. Download this article.


2. Leveraging Tiered Data Analytics - Approaches for Better Cloud Utilization by David S. Linthicum 


Most of those in the world of BI push back on the notion that cloud computing is a game-changer for data analytics. It’s really more of a platform change. However, it’s a very scalable and more economical data storage and compute service, in both private and public instantiations. Download this article.


3. Rope Your Scope: Reining in Scope Creep by Ellen Gottsdiener

Last time in part 1, I told the story of a team that experienced a breakthrough after clarifying the scope of a stalled project. Noting that scope creep—the unrestrained expansion of requirements as the project proceeds—is cited as one of the top project risks, I promised to describe some of the good practices that help product partners manage product scope in a disciplined way. With clients, I always stress the importance of developing a product vision, identifying goals and objectives for the product, and clarifying the product partners’ value considerations very early in the project before development proceeds. Let’s look at ways to do that. Download this article.


4. Shared Environments - a blog following on from the MDM & Data Governance Summit by Nicola Askham and Lisa Allen - download here.


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