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In this issue we have the following articles/items:

Shaku Atre: Who in the World wants more Data?
Ron Ross: Why Business Rules?
Jack Springman & Richard Sanders: Developing a Stakeholder Scorecard
Sue Tan: Business Change Implementation  
Business Analyst of the Year Award



The Business Analysis Conference Europe, 26-28 September

The Business Analysis Conference Europe 2011 provides an unparalleled networking opportunity for Business Analysts from across Europe and beyond. It will provide an interactive forum where Business Analysts can meet, discuss and debate the competencies needed to rise to the challenges faced by their organisations today and in the future.

This year’s conference is built around four main themes:

• The role of the Business Analyst in Business Change
• Innovation and Creativity
• Business Analysis Tools and Techniques
• Business Analysis in Practice

Case studies and contributors include The Royal Bank of Scotland, BBC Worldwide Technology, Transport for London,  Barclays Banks, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, Skandia, Waitrose, UK Government, Capgemini, NATS, Totaljobs Group, Intel Corporation, MedImmune and more.

 The full agenda is viewable online at

Who in the World wants more Data? Shaku Atre, Atre Group Inc.

True BI is the right data in the form of actionable information to the right people at the right time and at the right cost.

Download the full article here.

Shaku will be presenting at the Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Conference Europe where she will be delivering a tutorial on 7 November: How to Plan, Design & Implement an Operational, Analytical & Strategic Dashboard and a Conference session on 8 November: Who in the World Would Not Want Outstanding BI Systems? Full details can be found here.

The agenda for the Data Management, Information Quality and DWBI Conference Europe 2011, 7 - 9 November has now been finalised and is viewable at

Why Business Rules, Ron Ross, Business Rule Solutions

Contrary to what you might think, the problem that business rules address is a relatively simple one. The reason people have a hard time seeing that is because the problem is so big. It’s all around us, everywhere we look – a whole host of trees blinding us to the forest. This column brings business rules into perspective for you.

Download the full article here.

Ron will be presenting the Seminar Business Rules and Decision Analysis Masterclass on 17-18 November, London. Full details can be found here.

Developing a Stakeholder Scorecard,  Jack Springman & Richard Sanders

Recent research suggests that focusing exclusively on profit (and therefore the interests of shareholders) is not the best way to improve medium term profitability, with more balanced consideration of the requirements of all stakeholders serving shareholders better than when they are anointed paramount. Why might this seemingly counter-intuitive finding hold true? Put simply, viewing a business from the multiple angles afforded by different stakeholders’ standpoints enhances the understanding of the challenges faced and improves the quality of strategy developed.

Download the full article here and download the diagrams associated with this article here.

Jack Springman of Business & Decision will be presenting on "Rooting Business Analysis in Business Strategy" at the Business Analysis Conference on 27 September, full information can be found here.  

Business Change Implementation, Sue Tan, Miragroup

We've been on a treadmill of change for 25 years now. The never ending reinvention of our businesses is merciless. From new system capabilities, process re-engineering, globalisation, upsizing, downsizing and change for the sake of change. And we've been really bad at it. So bad that the mere mention of 'change' or 'project' or 'programme' has everyone groaning, shoulders slump and people look resigned at yet another disruption to an otherwise working world.

Download the full article here.

Sue will be presenting "Business Change Implementation" at the Business Analysis Conference Europe 2011 on 28 September. Full details on her session can be found here

New book launched on "Social BPM" - Work, Planning and Collaboration Under the Impact of Social Technology.

Today we see the transformation of both the look and feel of BPM technologies along the lines of social media, as well as the increasing adoption of social tools and techniques democratizing process development and design. It is along these two trend lines; the evolution of system interfaces and the increased engagement of stakeholders in process improvement, that Social BPM has taken shape.

Using process discovery, the development of a shared understanding of what your operations look like, and monitoring your process environment, social BPM plays a big role. Social is all about providing context, a rich environment of data points that a streamlined workflow would be lacking otherwise.

Click here for further information and to obtain your 20% dicount on orders.

The Business Analyst of the Year Award 2011

AssistKD are delighted to announce their association with IIBA UK Chapter and sponsorship of the Business Analyst of the Year Award 2011.

The Award celebrates excellence in Business Analysis practice and the key themes for 2011 are contributing to organisational success and working effectively with stakeholders. The Award is open to all Business Analysts who can demonstrate  effective work on a successful Business Analysis assignment over the past 12 months.

Entry is free and the five shortlisted finalists will all receive complimentary entry to the   
BA Conference Europe held in London on 26-28 September 2011. The deadline for entries is 22 July. The winner of the Award will be announced by keynote speaker Ivar Jacobson at the BA Conference on 27 September 2011. Gain the recognition that you deserve and request an application form today. Contact or go to this link.

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