IRM UK Newsletter July 2012


In this issue we have the following articles:

MDM and Big Data, from Batch to Real-Time by William McKnight

Security in the Cloud by Jeff Crume

The Business Architect by Graham Meaden

The Courage to Ask by John Niland



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MDM and Big Data by William McKnight

“Big data” describes data that has the potential to grow much more rapidly than its small brethren data. While structured, alphanumeric data can also be “big”, it’s the unstructured sensor, web and social data that have some cost-effective methods for storage and retrieval that may or may not be database oriented.

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Security in the Cloud by Jeff Crume

Sometimes it seems that everything in the IT world is going virtual, moving to the cloud. Poof! That server farm you used to maintain so diligently has suddenly vaporized — cloud-like, as it were — out of sight, out of mind. Now you can let someone else sweat the details, right? Well, if you aren’t careful just as all that equipment moved to an undisclosed location, your mission critical information could enter witness protection without a forwarding address or, even worse, become a matter of public record. Manage the transition to a public cloud correctly and the rewards could be significant, but if you get it wrong, the consequences could be dire.

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The following pages are an extract (Chapter 13) from the publication Business Architecture - A Practical Guide which is available to purchase on the following link:-

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The role of the Business Analyst has changed. The traditional analyst focused on “requirements-gathering”; as if the requirements where already hanging from the trees and just needed to be picked and gathered. Today’s BA is a more active “cultivator” of the agenda. They no longer just gather requirements and document needs; they actively shape the agenda with project-stakeholders. They draw out the (often conflicting) needs implicit in the business-, operational- and technical-dimensions of a project.

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Human Capital Management (HCM) Buyer's Guide by TEC

Human resources has blossomed into human capital management: a powerful, far-reaching approach to managing your company’s most valuable asset.

Download the HCM Buyer's Guide which explains all the latest trends and information on HR Solutions.

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