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Welcome to the IRM UK February newsletter.


In this issue we feature the following articles:


No1. What's in a Business Architecture, Roger Burlton, BPTrends Associates


No2. Strengthen Designing the Business around the Experience, Mike Clark


No3. Predictive Business Analysis with Business Rules: It's All About the Business by Ronald G. Ross and Gladys S.W. Lam, Business Rules Solutions


No4. How to Reduce Waste with Process Mining, Anne Rozinat, Fluxicon



In this issue we feature the following articles:


No1. What’s in a Business Architecture by Roger Burlton


This article will outline the steps organizations must take to establish a business architecture to ensure that their bold statements of strategic direction are realized through the mechanism of business processes and business capabilities. Download the article here.


Roger will be delivering his seminar on Business Architecture:Building Alignment for Rapid Change in London, 17-19 March. Roger is the Chairman of the Business Process Management Conference, 16-18 June. 


No2. Designing the Business Around the Experience by Mike Clark


When trying to start a business, you are probably going to focus on what your possible target market is first. You will then start to look at gaps in that market and what the various opportunities and outcomes are, which can be achieved based on this research.

All that seems pretty sensible to me….

However if you speak to a business architect the likelihood is the word capability will come up first. The architect will tell you how important business capabilities are and how they help define what a business does. There is value in a capability model but when creating a new business model or a new product or service is  this really the best place to start? Download the article here.


Mike will be speaking at the Enterprise Architecture Conference - 16- 18 June 2014, London on “Designing experiences by architecting from the outside in".


No3. Business Analysis with Business Rules: It’s All About the Business by Ronald G. Ross with Gladys S.W. Lam, Business Rule Solutions.


Continuous change is a central fact of life for business these days. The techniques you use for business analysis must be based on the assumption that business rules will change, often quite rapidly. The best business solution is one that caters to such change, always doing so in the manner friendliest to business people and Business Analysts. Download this book chapter here.


Ron and Gladys will be delivering their Seminar on Business Analysis with Business Rules: From Strategy to Requirements in London, 12 - 13 May.


No4. How to Reduce Waste with Process Mining, Anne Rozinat, Fluxicon 


Human perception is skewed, and especially our memory can be unreliable . This subjectivity makes it difficult to draw a complete and accurate picture of a business process when defining the ‘As-is’ state of how things are done. Download the article.


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