IRM UK February Newsletter 2013


In this issue we have the following articles:

BI Agility by Stephen Swoyer of TDWI

Business Process Modelling with BPMN by Darius Silingas

Top 10 Mistakes Companies Make When Conducting Business Rules Projects by Gladys S.W. Lam

New Ways to Address the Data Integration Bottleneck by Bob Eve



The TDWI BI Symposium London 2013, 18-20 March.

TDWI, in partnership with IRM UK, is pleased to present the TDWI BI Symposium in London, 18–20 March 2013. The Symposium provides the leading forum for business and technology professionals looking to gain in-depth, vendor-neutral education on business intelligence and data warehousing.

Four tracks of courses to choose from:
 - Big Data
 - Business-Value-Driven Analytics
 - Dimensional Modelling
 - Business Intelligence Essentials

Visit the event website for full information. There are still places available.

Busines Intelligence Agility by Stephen Swoyer of TDWI

A new report from TDWI Research looks at what’s driving the need for BI agility. It also assesses how “agility” is commonly conceived - and best achieved - in a BI context.

Download the article here. The TDWI BI Symposium London 2013, in association with IRM UK takes place in London, 18 - 20 March.

Business Process Modelling with BPMN by Darius Silingas

BPMN is already acknowledged as a de facto standard for business process modeling. However, it still takes a long journey to raise the maturity of business process modeling practice. Many business process modelers still do a lot of fundamental mistakes that make their BPMN models over complex, difficult to understand and maintain. According to the old saying, it is stupid to not learn from your own mistakes, it is wise to learn from mistakes by others. Therefore, it is important to understand the most common mis-takes, which we will call anti patterns, and explore how they can be avoided by applying best practices.

Download the full article here. Darius will be presenting a workshop on this topic at the Business Process Management Conference Europe 2013, 11-14 June.

Top 10 Mistakes Companies Make When Conducting Business Rules Projects by Gladys S.W. Lam

Mistakes happen. It’s a fact of life. However, we must realize that beyond these mistakes, what really matters is what we learn from them. We can then be armed with this newfound knowledge and be able to improve our practices going forward.

Download the full article here. Gladys Lam and Ron Ross will be presenting the Seminar Business Rules and Decisioning Masterclass in London, 11 - 12 April.

New Ways to Address the Data Integration Bottleneck by Bob Eve

The business value of analytics and business intelligence has never been higher as an enabler for growth, a means to attract and retain customers, or a way to drive innovation and reduce costs. Confirming this point, both Gartner’s Amplifying the Enterprise: The 2012 CIO Agenda and IBM’s Global CIO Study 2011 place analytics and BI atop CIO’s technology priorities.

Download the full article here. 

The MDM & Data Governance Summit Europe 2013, 15 - 17 April

Choose from over 35 case studies and take an inside look at the successes and challenges behind real-world Data Governance and MDM implementations. 

World class speakers include: Aaron Zornes, Gwen Thomas, Sunil Soares, Jill Dyche, Jim Orr, Malcolm Chisholm, Andy Hayler, Jan Henderyckx and Mike Ferguson. 

Download the brochure here.

Computer Weekly guide: The business advantages of big data

In this nine-page buyer’s guide to big data, Computer Weekly discovers how businesses can use data to their advantage. Big data may appear to be just another bandwagon, but it is important, and needs to be addressed carefully and sensibly.

• How to make sense of the big data universe
• Make better decisions with big data
• Utilities rise to the smart meter data challenge
• Data’s role in customer engagement


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TECs CRM Buyers Guide Highlights Game-changing Innovations

Mobile CRM, Social CRM, and cloud computing are dramatically changing the way business is conducted. TECs CRM Buyers Guide explores the major trends revolutionizing the world of CRM, and shows how a new breed of customer relationship management software is allowing organizations to get closer to their customers.
Along with information on CRM features and benefits readers require to make smart, informed buying decisions, this guide also examines the pros and cons of each key area of innovation and uses real life examples to illustrate how companies are using innovations in CRM to attract, retain, and better serve their customers.

Download the TEC CRM Buyers Guide free in PDF format here.

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