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In this issue we have articles from 1) Chris Potts, Dominic Barrow on The Four Generations of Corporate Strategy for IT, 2) Walid el Abed, Global Data Excellence on Data Governance: A Business Value-Driven Approach, 3) Vijay Tikanti, Exostar on Deploying an Information Sharing Solution and 4) On Systems Coaching by Suzanne Kandrup, The Lime Guild.



The MDM Summit and Data Governance Conference Europe 2011, 21-23 March

The 6th annual Master Data Management Summit Europe and the co-located 4th annual Data Governance Conference Europe will take place in London, 21-23 March, 2011. Speakers include Rob Karel of Forrester, Aaron Zornes of the MDM Institute, Gwen Thomas of the Data Governance Insitute and Bob Seiner of TDAN. Contributors include: Barclays Bank, Nokia, Visa Europe, Siemens, National Australia Group, DONG Energy, TNT Express, Deutsche Bank, British American Tobacco, Forrester, Storebrand ASA, Novo Nordisk, Malta Information Technology Agency, Umicore, Element Six, Capgemini, Weselyan Assurance Society and Premier Farnell. The full agenda is viewable online at

The Four Generations of Corporate Strategy for IT - Chris Potts, Dominic Barrow

If you know your strategy’s end game, you’ll lead it differently in the Boardroom.
The main reason for having a CIO and IT department is to lead the corporation in its strategy for Information Technologies (IT). At a detailed level, those strategies are constantly changing but, overall, there are four generations of strategy. Each generation reflects a major shift in the worldwide IT market, with the latest being the consumerization of IT. CIOs and their teams need to know the end game -  the final generation of strategy - to be the most valued and influential leaders in the Boardroom and around the business. This article summarizes the four generations of corporate strategy for IT, and the ultimate destiny of IT leadership...

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Chris will be delivering his Seminar "The Corporate Strategy for IT" in London, 5 - 6 April.
Full details can be found online here.

Data Governance: A Business Value-Driven Approach, A White Paper by Dr. Walid el Abed, Global Data Excellence.

Successful organizations come in all shapes in sizes. One characteristic common among these companies is a focus on capturing their full potential by maximizing customer service while optimizing business process execution. They recognize that customer service and business processes depend on “fit for purpose” data. They are like more and more companies today – benefiting from their investment in high-quality enterprise data.....

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Walid will be delivering his tutorial "Introduction to Data Excellence" at the Data Governance Conference Europe 2011, 21 March. Full details can be found online here.

Outsourced manufacturing, coupled with partner-intensive programs and product development, is making secure information sharing increasingly complex. At the same time, competitive pressures are making better, faster, and cheaper execution a must. The result is the creation of global supply chain teams whose growing constituencies of partners, customers, and other third-parties must efficiently work together across corporate boundaries to achieve the desired business objectives. The cross-enterprise collaborative approach has enormous upside.....

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On Systems Coaching by Susanne Kandrup of the Lime Guild. Susanne Kandrup is the co-owner of The Lime Guild, a company working with knowledge and culture processes in organizations. She can be contacted at

A skill central to requirements engineering is knowing which questions will uncover the
real requirements. Susanne Kandrup explains how we can apply techniques from family
therapy to ask better, more relevant questions.

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This month's featured Seminar:

Mastering the Requirments Process, Build the Right Software - First Time , James Robertson, Atlantic Systems Guild, 14 - 16 February, London.


Requirements are the most misunderstood part of systems development, and yet the most crucial. Requirements must be correct if the rest of the development effort is to succeed. This workshop presents a complete process for eliciting the real requirements, testing them for correctness, and recording them clearly, comprehensibly and unambiguously.


Full information can be found online here.



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