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Welcome to the IRM December newsletter 2010. Happy holidays to you all and we wish you the best in 2011.

In this issue we have articles from Paul Harmon, BPTrends on Business Architecture, Kenny Sargent, Compassion International on User Data Trust , Roger Burlton of BPTrends on Enterprise Stakeholders and Adrian Reed of Skandia on the Business Analysis Function: IT or Business Change?



The MDM Summit and Data Governance Conference Europe 2011, 21-23 March

The 6th annual Master Data Management Summit Europe and the co-located 4th annual Data Governance Conference Europe will take place in London, 21-23 March, 2011.


Speakers include Rob Karel of Forrester, Aaron Zornes of the MDM Institute and Gwen Thomas of the Data Governance Insitute.


Contributors include: Barclays Bank, Nokia, Visa Europe, Siemens, National Australia Group, DONG Energy, TNT Express, Deutsche Bank, British American Tobacco, Forrester, Storebrand ASA, Novo Nordisk, Malta Information Technology Agency, Umicore, Element Six, Capgemini, Weselyan Assurance Society and Premier Farnell. The full agenda is viewable online at

Business Architecture - Paul Harmon of BPTrends

Recently, the term Business Architecture has been showing up in lots of places. The OMG has a Business Architecture SIG. A new Business Architecture association has just been formed. And, at the two major BPM Conferences I recently attended, there were several speakers who were talking about Business Architectures. Meanwhile, the Harvard Business Review and others have been publishing interesting articles on Business Models. And, BPTrends continues talking about Business Process Architectures. I decided to take some time, read some articles and see if I could bring someclarity to this area.

 Download the full article here.

In this article, Adrian Reed discusses the advantages and disadvantages of locating the Business Analysis practice within IT or within a separate Business Change function. He draws on comments and experience from his peers, along with information and opinions captured during the European Business Analysis Conference 2010.

Download the full article here.

Innocent until Proven Guilty by Kenny Sargent of Compassion International (word doc)

Being a DW/BI practitioner I’ve been reflecting on “innocent until proven guilty” in relation to user trust in the data from the data warehouse. I’ve realized that user trust in the data is exactly the opposite. In almost every case, until a significant track record is established and maintained, the data warehouse (and any reports/marts/cubes/dashboards that sit on top of it) are assumed to be wrong (guilty) until proven right (innocent)

Download the full article here.

Enterprise Stakeholders - Part 2 by Roger Burlton of BPTrends Associates

In this Column, I will describe what we need to know about relationships relative to the establishment of corporate strategy and processes at the enterprise level. This Column will describe what organizations must do to accommodate stakeholders if they wish to see their bold statements of intent and strategic direction realized through the mechanism of business processes.

Download the full column here. You can view part 1 of this column "Who Cares About Your Business Processes" here.

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