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In this issue we have the following articles:

Jan Henderyckx: Information Architecture
Rick van der Lans: Data Virtualization
Dermot McCauley: Business Process Agility
George Bridges: People Management
Jefferson Lynch: Master Data Management




This is Europe’s most authoritative and independent conference on Data Management, Information Quality and Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence. Now in its 13th year, these three co-located conferences offer unrivalled opportunity to learn from the industry’s leading figures and network with and learn from your peers.

• 3 co-located conferences on Data Management, Information Quality & DW/BI
• Choose from 5 conference tracks and 13 pre-conference tutorials – a total of 58 presentations to choose from!
• Case studies and contributors include the Royal Mail, Barclays, BBC, Accenture, Shell, Bank for International Settlements, Aviva, Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals, National Australia Bank, NHS, Statoil, Ford Credit Europe, Capgemini, Alfa-Bank, Greene King, Sogeti, Remploy, Dublin City University,, The Phone House, Cambridge University Press.

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Information Architecture, Jan Henderyckx

This article demonstrates the importance of reliable information in the context of well-considered business management and how to gain access to this long sought-after qualitative business information.

Download the full article here.

Jan is running the seminar "Defining and Executing an Information Strategy" in London, 15 - 16 September.

What is Data Virtualization?  Rick van der Lans

Data virtualization is receiving more and more attention in the IT industry, especially from those interested in data management and business intelligence. And that increased interest is well-deserved, because data virtualization has a unifying impact on how applications manage, handle, and access the many disparate data sources in an organization. But what exactly is it, and why should we be interested?

Download the full article here.

Rick is running the seminar "New Technologies and Architectures for Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence" in London, 6 - 7 October.

Rick also chairs the Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Conference Europe, 7 - 9 November, London where he will be delivering his keynote "The Impact of Data Virtualization on Data Warehousing and MDM"

The Agility Imperative - Improving Business Process Agility, Dermot McCauley, Singularity

Organizations of all types are today under increasing pressure to adapt frequently and in aggressive timescales. So why is this pressure increasing? What is agility and why is it imperative? How can your organization become more agile?

Download the full article here.

How to Manage a Bad Apple, George Bridges, IIL

One bad apple can spoil the entire bunch. This fact is true on project teams in many organizations. Project Managers acquire people who are characteristics of bad apples. They are not “bad,” but have developed bad attitudes. A person with a bad attitude can be disgruntled, could be having a bad day or simply have reached a point where their bad know-it all attitude prevents them from getting along with team members, project managers, and stakeholders. What do you do, as a project manager, when you encounter a “bad apple” on your team?

Dowload the full article here.

George will be presenting "Planning for Successful Organisational Change" at the Business Analysis Conference on 27 September.

Growing Your Customers and Revenue Through Better use of Your Master Data. Jefferson Lynch, Red Olive

‘Knowing your customer’ has long been a business maxim fuelling initiatives such as single customer view to achieve up-sell, cross-sell and customer retention. Over the past few years, there has been a change in the way businesses think about customer data. We are now seeing entire businesses and not just the marketing departments recognising the importance of using the data they hold to improve customer experiences and increase productivity to accelerate sales.

Download the full article here.

Jefferson will be presenting "Growing Your Customers and Revenue Through Better use of Your Master Data" at the Data Management & Information Quality Conference on 9 November.

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