IRM's newsletter August 2010


Welcome to the IRM August newsletter 2010. In this issue we have articles from John Zachman on Enterprise Models, John Seddon on Systems Thinking, Rick van der Lans on the Data Delivery Platform, Suzanne Robertson on Requirements and Roger Burlton on Business Processes. 




The Inaugural Cutter Consortium Summit Europe 2010 in association with IRM UK will take place in London, 1-3 December 2010. The Summit programme will be published shortly,  click here to request a copy of this. Speakers include Rob Austin, Tom DeMarco, Mike Rosen and David Upton.

Enterprise Models by John Zachman (Word file)

Describing Enterprise Architecture Is Like Leonardo da Vinci Describing Flying Machines To Year 1500 Audiences... Download the full article here.

The legendary John Zachman will be presenting his seminar Zachman Enterprise Architecture: Framework Fundamentals in London, 12 - 13 October. .

 Systems Thinking - Management by Doing The Right Thing by John Seddon (Word file)

What we have witnessed in the last 25 years is a series of programmes of change failing to achieve their intended outcomes. Customer Care, ISO 9000, TQM, ABC, BPR. All the research and experience show that the latest panacea does no better than its predecessors. Over and over again improvement programmes are thwarted by commonly-known but illusive forces. The problem is labelled as ‘organisation culture’, which typically leads to rationalisations like ‘change takes time’, or ‘each programme is an element in the total change programme’....Download the full article here.

John will be keynoting at the Business Analysis Conference on 29 September on Business Analysis and Management Thinking: it's Time for Change!

 The Data Delivery Platform by Rick van der Lans

The definition of the DDP is: The Data Delivery Platform is a business intelligence architecture that delivers data and meta data to data consumers in support of decision-making, reporting, and data retrieval; whereby data and meta data stores are decoupled from the data consumers through a meta data driven layer to increase flexibility; and whereby data and meta data are presented in a subject-oriented, integrated, time-variant, and reproducible style. Read the full article here.

Rick will be chairing the Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Conference Europe 2010 which takes place in London, 3 - 5 November. Rick will be presenting multiple sessions at this event.  

 Requirements for Managing Requirements by Suzanne Robertson of the Atlantic Systems Guild

Download the full article here.This Executive Report discusses how managers can use consistent and understandable requirements knowledge as input to making decisions and steering a project down its most agile path.


Suzanne will be presenting multiple sessions at the Business Analysis Conference Europe including Counting Bricks not Clouds: How Business Analysis Provides the Foundation for Project Management on 27 September.  

Who Cares About Your Business Processes by Roger Burlton of BPTrends

Relationships are tricky at the best of times. In process work, however, they are critical since without getting them sorted out, our processes simply cannot and will not perform. This Column is a start to provide some foundation. Read the full article here.

Roger will be chairing and keynoting at the BPM Conference Europe which takes place in London, 27 - 29 September.  

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