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Welcome to the new look IRM UK newsletter. It is a work in progress so please tell us what you think or if you have  any suggestions as to how we can improve this then please do share with us.


In this issue we feature the following articles:


1. Six Steps to Better Strategy Execution, Jeff Scott

2. Do You Really Need that ESB? Next Generation Enterprise Architecture, Mark O'Neill


3. The State of BPM, Paul Harmon


4. Adopting a More Rigorous Approach to BI, Stephen Swoyer


1. Six Steps to Better Strategy Execution, Jeff Scott


An adept leader knows how to apply and enhance his organization’s capabilities to deliver more value

– directly to customers or indirectly through supporting activities. While most leaders know what they want their organizations to do, they struggle to translate their vision into focused and effective action.


Executives need a well-defined process to manage

the translation of their vision and strategy into targeted, synchronized execution – a strategy-to-execution process. Organizations that implement this process see dramatic performance improvements. This report offers a framework for creating crisp, clear strategies, identifying the capabilities required for strategy realization, and identifying the work that maximizes value for the organization. Download the article.


2. Do You Really Need that ESB? Next Generation Enterprise Architecture, Mark O'Neill 


Currently many organisations are using yesterday’s architecture for tomorrow’s applications. The traditional architecture for web based applications does not always effectively link to mobile applications. ESBs were supposed to help, by providing a central bus for integration. The ESB would then become a central monolithic point of integration.

But then the world changed. Rather than consolidating on one monolithic solution, organisations began to use a myriad of applications in their daily business, both on-premises and in the Cloud (e.g. SalesForce). Lightweight Web APIs are how these applications are delivered. These APIs are often consumed by mobile apps or by rich Web applications. In that case, where would an ESB even sit? How would an ESB, not built for Web APIs, deal with the new API-centric world? Suddenly, ESBs became part of the problem, not part of the solution. Download the article.


3. The State of BPM, Paul Harmon

The BPM market is growing steadily, but not dramatically: Think one digit growth rather than two digit growth. There is enough activity to keep people interested and moving forward, but not quite enough to create the excitement we saw in 2005 when BPMS products were new and software vendors were introducing new products and pushing their wares at BPM conferences. As we noted in the 2012 BPTrends BPM Market Survey Report, there is more interest and confidence in BPMS today than in the past, but even after a lot of consolidation, the market is still growing at a modest rate. Download the article.


4. Adopting a More Rigorous Approach to BI, Stephen Swoyer


Business intelligence and discovery is taking a more scientific approach. Increasingly, says one industry thought-leader, it’s taking on the metaphor of the

scientific method: i.e., a model in which hypotheses can be tested and proven. First, however, we’ll have to solve long-standing problems of access to and

preparation of data for analytics. Download the article.


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