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In this issue we have the following:

- Jill Dyché, DataFlux - Q&A - How to make the pitch for Data Governance.
 - Ellen Gottesdiener and Mary Gorman, EBG Consulting - It’s the Goal, Not the Role.
- Alec Sharp, Claretiq Systems Consulting - Some Thoughts on Process Discovery.
- Zoey Husband - My First Year in DAMA UK.
- Announcement of Partnership with Iasa Global.



Call for Speakers - Deadline extended to 27 April: Data Management & Information Quality Conference Europe and Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence Conference Europe 2012, 5 - 7 November.

Do you or any of your team have a formal presentation to contribute to this event? All selected speakers will be entitled to attend the event free of charge. You are more than welcome to submit a number of proposals and these can be submitted across the conferences. At this stage we would only require a brief outline of your suggested presentation. Making a submission is relatively easy - the main information that we would need are your contact details, a suggested title of the presentation, 150 words including 3-5 bullet points summarising your proposed presentation and a brief biography. Please note that the deadline for submissions has now been extended to 27 April.

To submit your speaking proposal click here.

Jeremy Hall, Managing Director of IRM UK, caught up with DataFlux’s VP Thought Leadership Jill Dyché to talk about “How to Make a Pitch for Data Governance”

Jill will be presenting a keynote at the MDM & Data Governance Summit on 24 April on "Data Governance: What Your CEO Needs to Know."

Download the article here.

Ellen Gottesdiener and Mary Gorman, EBG Consulting - It’s the Goal, Not the Role: The Value of Business Analysis in Scrum

In agile development, what happens to the traditional business analyst? Consider Scrum, currently the most popular agile method. In Scrum, there is no “business analyst” role. In fact, there is not an explicit role for tester, project manager, architect, developer, data administrator, user experience designer, customer support representative, or product trainer. Instead, Scrum has three roles: the product owner, the ScrumMaster, and the delivery team. Their collective goal is to deliver high-valued product needs continually. So, where and how can a business analyst contribute?

Download the full article here.

Alec Sharp, Claretiq Systems Consulting - Some Thoughts on Process Discovery

“Process discovery” means different things to different BPM practitioners. In this Column I’ll illustrate that point, describe the negative consequences of failing at “process discovery” as I define it, and then offer some advice for your next process discovery initiative.

Alec will be speaking at the BPM Conference Europe 2012, 18-20 June on "What BPM Professionals and Architects Need to Know about Data Modelling - Getting Great Results From a Misused Technique" and "Modelling Failure – How Process Modelling Goes Wrong, and What to Do About it"

Download the full article here.

I joined the UK Chapter of the Data Management Association (DAMA) in 2011 after taking up a post in my company’s Data Management team. My goal in joining the group was to increase my knowledge about Data Management, so that I can develop my ideas on the topic and further my career. Since joining, I have found DAMA UK to be very friendly and welcoming, with members who are keen to share their expertise and experience in the Data Management arena.

Download the full article here. For more information on DAMA UK visit 

Announcing Partnership between IRM UK and Iasa Global

IRM UK and Iasa Global to combine offerings to highlight the role of technologists in business. We are pleased to announce a partnership with the IT architect association, Iasa Global, The two organizations plan to combine their efforts in improving the professional standing of technologists by investing in the long-term success of each other’s educational activities and promotional campaigns.

“Iasa is very proud to announce a partnership with IRM UK. Enterprise architecture and business technology strategy are at the heart of Iasa’s educational activities, so our partnership with IRM UK is ideally positioned to provide value to both of our communities.” said Paul Preiss, CEO of Iasa Global.

For further information on Iasa Global please visit 

The BPM & Enterprise Architecture Conference Europe 2012, 18 - 20 June.

Understand the successes and challenges behind real-world Enterprise Architecture and BPM implementations. Case studies and contributors include Shell, Lloyds Banking Group, GlaxoSmithKline, ING Direct, ITV, Carphone Warehouse, Bank of New York Mellon, ATP Denmark, BAA, Ericsson, Atradius Credit Insurance, ConocoPhillips, UBS, General Dynamics, Intel, Hiscox Insurance, Swedish Armed Forces, Premier Foods, Turkcell, Swedbank, Telstra, SAS Institute, PFA Pension, Skanska, Experian and Capgemini.

The following industry experts will be speaking: Professor Michael Rosemann, Roger Burlton, John Zachman, Mike Rosen, Jason Bloomberg, Jeff Scott, Ron Ross, Alec Sharp and Chris Potts. Visit for full information.

Human Capital Management (HCM) Buyer's Guide by TEC

Human resources has blossomed into human capital management: a powerful, far-reaching approach to managing your company’s most valuable asset.

Download the HCM Buyer's Guide which explains all the latest trends and information on HR Solutions.

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