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Chris Potts Let's Talk About the Architect!
Chris Potts

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Behind all great architecture lies the talent, passion and commitment of the architect. Yet, in much that's written and said about both Enterprise Architecture and Business Architecture, you'd be forgiven for thinking that the process matters more than the person.

In this short, sharp webinar, Chris will challenge whether we are yet placing enough emphasis on the contribution and influence of the architect.

Does a great a framework or method result in great outcomes no matter who uses it? Of course not. So, what does the architect bring to the party that makes all the difference? For a change, let's talk about the architect...

About Chris Potts:

Chris is a hands on strategist, and a mentor to Executives, Enterprise Architects, and Portfolio Managers. He works with people around the world in a diverse range of enterprises, cultures and countries.

Chris is also the author of the world's only trilogy of business novels - The FruITion Trilogy - which includes "RecrEAtion : Realizing the Extraordinary Contribution of your Enterprise Architects".

He is a popular and provocative speaker, and in 2013 is chairing IRM UK's Enterprise Architecture Europe Conference.  Chris also presents the following two seminars for us in London:  Driving Business Innovation with Enterprise Architecture and
The Corporate Strategy for IT.
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