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Emma Langman Systems Thinking
Emma Langman, Progression Partnership
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Business Analysts are increasingly familiar with the key elements of Systems Thinking that apply to the role. For example, 'rich pictures' (from Soft Systems Methodology) are an increasingly well-understood technique. During this workshop, we will be focussing on the THINKING element of Systems Thinking. In this highly interactive, entertaining and pragmatic session, Dr Emma Langman will provide input about the systems of thinking that Business Analysts can choose to use to help them become even more effective in their work. For example:

  • How to use Perceptual Positions to understand each stakeholders' point of view and maximise their engagement
  • The importance of the 'Psychology' element of Deming's System of Profound knowledge; including what motivates people to move towards change
  • How to understand and unlock your own thinking patterns so that you can choose more powerful systems of thinking that will increase your effectiveness as a BA
  • Some skills and practice in coaching members of your team in Systems Thinking to help them become more effective too

Dr. Emma Langman is a Visiting Fellow at the University of Bristol's Centre for Systems Learning and Leadership. She is part of the founding research and teaching group of the new enquiry-based MSc in that subject. She is a director of Progression Partnership, where her 'day job' title is Change Magician. Emma specialises in applying the work of Deming, Ackoff, Scholtes and other leading thinkers in our field to practical issues facing organisations and society today. She graduated with a Masters degree in Civil Engineering in 1999 and has dedicated the last decade or so to business analysis and its relationship to organisational learning - including the use of systems thinking, performance management and asset management.  You can follow Emma on Twitter at!/@emmalangman and!/progpart.

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