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Peter Aiken Evolving Your Information Architecture
Peter Aiken, Data Blueprint
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Evolving Your Information Architecture

1: Understanding what is an information architecture?

2: Understanding why information architecture is a key element in organizational strategy?

3: Understanding how to achieve better use of data through information architecture      improvements?

- Articulating Data Centric Development Practices (with homage to Maslow)

- Understanding the double leveraging obtained by data and metadata management

- Usefully defining Infomation Architecture

- Data's role in organizational strategy

- Crawl, walking, and then running toward Metadata Repositories

- Improving the maturity of Information Architecture/Metadata Practices

- Why CIOs are not likely to be helpful

Peter Aiken is an award-winning, internationally recognized thought leader in the area of organizational data management, architecture, and engineering. As a practicing data manager, consultant, author and researcher, he has been actively performing and studying these areas for more than twenty-five years. He has held leadership positions with the US Department of Defense and consulted with more than 50 organizations in 17 different counties. Dr. Aiken's achievements have resulted in recognition in Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century and other bibliographic entries. He is an Associate Professor in Virginia Commonwealth University's Information Systems Department and the Founding Director of Peter is President of DAMA International.

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