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Chris Bradley Evolve or Die - Data Modelling is NOT just for Databases!
Chris Bradley
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Data Modelling has been around for over 30 years. Its original roots were firmly in the DBMS world but in the intervening 3 decades the World has moved on. Today’s Business systems landscape isn’t just about developing “new” DBMS based systems from scratch. Yet in Universities and many modelling classes this all too often is how Data Modelling is taught and promoted. In most organisations today the systems portfolio contains a variety of additional components such as:

  • COTS packages (ERP, CRM, ECM etc)
  • BI & DW systems
  • Data Virtualisation
  • SOA & XML message based systems
  • And more!

So, is DATA an important consideration for these systems? – you bet. Has data modelling moved on to cater for these? Well – that’s what this webinar is about! We’re probably familiar with how to create a database from a logical and physical data model. But where does data modelling play a part when we’re dealing with an ERP package or XML in SOA applications or federating our data through powerful data virtualisation technologies?

This webinar will first re-emphasise the “traditional” place modelling has in the DBMS design lifecycle and demonstrate how data modelling can be used and why it’s vital in other areas of the application portfolio, and not forgetting the vital role high level data models have in communicating with the business.

Chris Bradley is an officer of DAMA International, a member of the Meta Data Professionals Organisation (MPO) and holds the CDMP (Master) certification. Chris recently co-authored the book “Data Modelling For The Business – A Handbook for aligning the business with IT using high-level data models”.

Chris will be speaking at IRM UK's Enterprise Data & BI Conference Europe 2013, 4-6 November, London

This event is run in partnership with DAMA UK ( and the Data Management Specialist Group, BCS (

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