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"This course gave me a good insight into the Business Rules methodology and was illustrated by practical examples. The book provides ongoing support as I translate the principles into practice."

Chas Cowie, Business Systems Analyst, DHL Global Forwarding

"Interactive. Listens. Provides real life examples."

Colin Woods, Technical Architect, Virgin Mobile

2-Day Seminar

Business Rules and Decisions: Analysis Techniques

Ronald Ross

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Do your processes always produce correct and consistent results? If not the problem probably lies with your business rules and decision logic. You need the right techniques to fix these problems - process models, use cases, data models and other analysis techniques just don't do the job.

Business Rules are criteria used to judge the correctness of business behavior and to make operational business decisions. There is a well-formed, in-depth body of best practices and standards developed over the past decade for this area. These techniques have proven invaluable in improving business processes, developing better business requirements, and creating more agile business solutions. This seminar explains how business rules can be expressed, analyzed, validated, and managed as easily and as quickly as possible.

Decisions are choices made in day-to-day business operations. Such decisions are highly repetitive - they might be taking place hundreds or thousands of times per day, per hour, or even per minute. They are predictable and well-structured in terms of the outcomes they produce. New, highly pragmatic techniques have emerged in just the past several years for top-down decision analysis. The results are ultimately organized into decision tables, a powerful set of techniques all professionals should know.

This hands-on workshop gives you essential tools to help you achieve order-of-magnitude improvements in business capabilities. The result is simpler, smarter process models and a huge boost in business agility. Learn applied techniques from the recognized world leader in the field.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand what business rules and decisions are – and are not
  • Create smarter, more effective business process models
  • Identify anomalies in business logic and correct them early
  • Apply the best techniques to capture business rules and decision logic
  • Communicate more effectively with both business people and developers
  • Get the most out of software platforms by getting the logic first
  • Identify and analyze operational business decisions
  • Create robust decision tables
  • Validate business logic with business people
  • Perform concept analysis
  • Develop a structured business vocabulary (concept model)
  • Develop pragmatic visualizations
  • Establish comprehensive traceability for your business logic
  • Develop a successful rule management approach

Seminar and Workshop Outline

The why, what and who of business rules

  • What benefits you can achieve
  • Business rules vs. business processes
  • Kinds of business rules: definitional vs. behavioral
  • How the business should react to violations
  • Business rules and decisions
  • What skills you need to capture business rules effectively

Creating a business vocabulary (concept model)

  • Why it matters
  • Concept analysis: How to figure out what terms really mean
  • Guidelines for definitions – do's and don'ts
  • Developing a structured business vocabulary (concept model)
  • Visualization
  • Eliminating semantic silos

Class Exercises

How to express clear business rules

  • Business policies vs. practicable guidance vs. automated rules
  • Step-by-step approach
  • Clarity and completeness
  • Eliminating ambiguity
  • Addressing exceptions
  • What to avoid and why

Class Exercises

How to analyse and communicate business rules

  • Basic principles for rule analysis
  • Rule quality
  • Handling conflicts
  • Developing business reactions to violations
  • How to validate business rules with business people and SMEs

Class Exercises

How to identify and model operational business decisions

  • Where you find them
  • Why they need to be analyzed
  • Which kinds are suited for analysis – and which ones not
  • How they relate to business processes
  • How you can capture (and reuse) the decision logic

Decision analysis

  • The four basic components of a decision
  • Decision dependencies
  • Diagramming decision structures(Q-Charts™)
  • Independent sub-decisions
  • Specifying scope
  • Addressing exceptions

Class Exercises

Designing decision tables

  • When to use decision tables
  • How to set up decision tables
  • What your decision tables should not do
  • Decision tables and business vocabulary
  • Best practices
  • The three basic styles of decision tables
  • Completeness, subsumption and conflicts
  • Achieving high-quality decision tables

Class Exercises

Business rule & decision management

  • Traceability and better governance
  • Retaining corporate memory
  • It’s not the same as the software development life cycle


  • Business Analysts
  • Business Rule Analysts
  • Business Architects
  • Enterprise Architects
  • Systems Analysts
  • Decision Support
  • Change Management
  • Business Improvement Managers
  • IT Managers
  • IT Consultants
  • Project Managers

This workshop is relevant for all business and IT professionals seeking order-of-magnitude improvements in their company's processes.

IIBA Accreditation

The Business Rules and Decision Analysis Masterclass course has been endorsed by The International Institute of Business Analysts. As such, this course has been approved as being aligned to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK) and hence is recommended training for business analysts who wish to sit the exam to become Certified Business Analysis Professionals (CBAP).  By attending this course, you will earn 16 PDs (Professional Development hours) or 16 CDUs (Continuing Development Units).  For further information on how to register for the CBAP examination please refer to certification at  The IIBA endorsement is registered by Business Rule Solutions.

All delegates will be receiving Ron Ross’s book, Business Rule Concepts, 4th Edition.

Business Rules Concepts, 4th Edition

Speaker Biography

Ronald Ross

Ronald G. Ross is Principal and Co-Founder of Business Rule Solutions, LLC, where he actively develops and applies the IPSpeak™ methodology including RuleSpeak®, DecisionSpeak™ andTableSpeak™.

Ron is recognized internationally as the "father of business rules." He is the author of ten professional books including the groundbreaking first book on business rules The Business Rule Book in 1994. His newest are:

Ron serves as Executive Editor of and its flagship publication, Business Rules Journal. He is a sought-after speaker at conferences world-wide. More than 50,000 people have heard him speak; many more have attended his seminars and read his books.

He was a charter member of the Business Rules Group (BRG) in the 1980s, and an editor of its Business Motivation Model (BMM)standard and the Business Rules Manifesto. He is active in OMG standards development, with core involvement in SBVR.  Ron holds a BA from Rice University and an MS in information science from Illinois Institute of Technology. For more information about Mr. Ross, visit, which hosts his blog. Tweets: @Ronald_G_Ross

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Speaker: Ronald Ross
Ronald Ross

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Endorsed by
The International Institute of Business

Business Rules and Decision Analysis Masterclass is an endorsed course by the IIBA v2.0 of the BABOK as registered under Business Rule Solutions.  By attending this course, you will earn 16 PDs (Professional Development hours) or 16 CDUs (Continuing Development Units).

Special Feature
All delegates will be receiving Ron Ross’s book, Business Rule Concepts, 4th Edition.

Business Rule Concepts
Ronald Ross

Business Rules Concepts, 4th Edition

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