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"A well presented seminar. Adding value to developing practical alignment approaches, provoking thought, and giving excellent tools and learning to take home with. Very professionally conducted."

Mr Timo Koponen, CIO, Altia Plc

"A lively and enlightening seminar that revealed some very practical tips on aligning IT to the business. I learnt some effective ways that business and IT can work together towards a single goal of creating solutions that add value. This seminar exceeded my expectations."

Leighton Keenan, ICT Manager, Bron Afon Community Housing

"Very good. Showed me some new management tools."

Phil Adams, Bodycote


2-Day Seminar

Improving Business Performance through Integrated Business/IT Planning
How strategic alignment unlocks the hidden potential of your IT

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The world’s largest 500 companies lose more than $14 billion* every year from failed IT projects alone. Only companies that receive focused board direction on IT-related risk will have a competitive advantage over those that don’t.

Survival in today’s complex business climate demands effective and decisive action.  Organisations can only remain competitive if they keep up with the challenges of the new economy.  Change is the new business as usual. Executives are confronted with new paradigms like the consumerisation of IT, cloud computing, big data and the rise of the mobile customer. Enterprises have to continuously adapt strategy, operations and IT investments to remain on par with the changing consumer behaviour and fierce competition.  In the current business climate, technology has the potential to evolve towards a ‘strategic’ role in support of the chosen business strategies and even lay the foundation for a new business model.

Digital alignment unlocks the hidden potential of IT.

IT-savvy organisations know how to leverage technology investments to their advantage. They continue to outperform their competitors with double-digit figures.   Digital alignment exists when the corporate goals are in harmony with the organisational infrastructure, architecture and information systems. Attaining alignment is a true management concern - it is a strategic imperative with the promise of improving bottom-line performance and top-line growth.  Aligned organisations head towards a new way of doing business where technology, people and processes start to blend seamlessly together.

Learning Objectives

In the two-day workshop, you will discover everything about the essentials of alignment. Thanks to a blended format of teaching, group discussions and assignments, attendees will get a better insight into the crucial enablers for integrated Business/IT planning.  Throughout the sessions, delegates get the opportunity to share their personal experiences and questions while learning from their peers.

  • Intelligent IT steering
  • Portfolio Management
  • IT budget control and reporting
  • The evolving role of CIO
  • IT leadership and communication
  • Project Governance and management methodologies
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Integrated business/IT planning
  • Communication and IT marketing as a quick win to improve the relationship between business and IT

Seminar & Workshop Outline

The signals of misalignment

  • Why Business/IT alignment is the primary concern of business and IT executives
  • IT leadership: the evolving role of the CXO suite
  • Technology trends
  • Future of the IT department
  • How IT can shape business strategies and create sustainable competitive advantage
  • IT efficiency and IT effectiveness go together like a horse and carriage
  • The barriers to strategic alignment
  • Assignment

Becoming digital is the new strategic imperative

  • The alignment trap
  • Finding the strategic fit
  • The Alignment Maturity Scan
  • Why IT people don’t think like business people (and vice versa)
  • From Enterprise Architecture to Business Architecture 
  • Intelligent IT governance: integrating business and IT planning
  • IT-portfolio thinking: moving beyond the cost of IT
  • Assignment

Culture, competences and communication

  • Overcoming the barriers to alignment
  • Building a new (IT) culture
  • It is not about communication, it is about IT marketing
  • IT does matter: getting the right capabilities on board
  • Relational mechanisms are at the core of the alignment mechanisms
  • The hybrid organisation: how you can adapt to the evolving business and IT landscape
  • Assignment

The path towards IT-enabled growth  

  • The business/IT fusion toolbox
  • Managing IT like a business transformation program
  • Building an alignment roadmap
  • Group assignment
  • Choosing the right IS strategy to support the business transformation
  • Enterprise 2.0 and social business: The long tail of IT
  • Wrap up & conclusions

This is for IT and Business executives who want to learn how to effectively improve the relationship between Business and IT.  The seminar address both business and IT concerns and will make the delegates familiar with the current thinking and management essentials in the field of business/IT alignment. Business professionals will learn how to install mechanisms that ensure IT-enabled investments pay off in the short-run and long run.  IT practitioners will discover how to incorporate best practices and improve IT leadership and alignment capabilities. 

  • IT Strategists
  • IT Consultants
  • Business Analysts
  • Business and IT Architects
  • IT Management
  • Business Unit Managers
  • Business Information Managers
  • Business Process Managers
  • Programme/Project and PMO Managers
  • IT Governance Practitioners

Why you cannot afford to miss this seminar
Successful alignment requires companies to have a clear view of strategy, operations, plans and processes. Companies with an effective IT function outperform the industry in terms of IT spending and business performance.  These IT-savvy companies spend less than the average company on IT and still see a considerable increase in their 3-Year Sales Compound Annual Growth rate. In today’s new economy, taking business decisions without consideration of technology will have damaging outcomes and introduce significant risk. Ineffective use of information technology combined with a separation of business and IT will make organisations suffer. Digital is getting serious… how serious is your business?

(*Taming Information Technology Risk: A New Framework for Boards of Directors) 

Special Features

  • The seminar is based on Jeroen's experience in transforming leading IT companies
  • Case Study is based on a real life example
  • No technical IT knowledge required
  • Workshop format, both based on the case study and on the participant's experienc

All delegates will receive a copy of the book co-authored by Jeroen Derynck, "Business/IT FUSION: How to move beyond Alignment and transform IT in your organization ".

Business/IT Fusion
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Speaker Biography

Jeroen Derynck

Jeroen Derynck is a seasoned program manager with a proven track record in business/IT and IT transformation projects. He holds a degree in Interpretation and an additional master in communications and media. As an Enterprise 2.0 strategist he has guided companies to thrive in the "networked society". Jeroen consults, writes and lectures about the information workplace, web/enterprise 2.0 and IT-enabled innovation with a specific focus on the relationships between IT, strategy, communications and Human Resources. When implementing programs, he centers on implementing communication tools that enhance information exchange and stimulate creative interactions between business and IT in a climate of empowerment and community building. He was co-author of the book "business/IT fusion: beyond Alignment..."

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Speaker: Jeroen Derynck
Jeroen Derynck

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Special Feature
Attendees receive a copy of

Business/IT Fusion: How to move beyond Alignment and transform IT in your organization
Peter Hinssen and Jeroen Derynck

Business/IT Fusion: How to move beyond Alignment and transform IT in your organization
Descriptions and Ordering from AMAZON


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