1-Day Seminar and Workshop

A Business Analysis Approach to Lean Strategy Execution

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Business stakeholders want projects to deliver fast. They often come to the project team with a clear view of the solution, expecting a quick start and not leaving much room or time for challenging and proposing alternatives. However, this mindset carries with it an important risk: blindly building the proposed solution does not guarantee business value.

People in a BA role (like business analysts and architects, but also product managers, process owners, customer journey managers and so on) often have the analytical skills and corporate overview to put the proposed solution in perspective and identify potential pitfalls hindering the proposed solution from delivering value. More importantly, they usually are well positioned in the organisation to connect the dots between the corporate strategy, the stakeholder’s goals and the solution implementation.

In this interactive workshop, you will learn to make the shift from solution implementation to lean strategy execution.

We will follow a three step approach

  • Pin down goals: When will the project be considered successful? How do you shift focus from project output to business outcome?
  • Expose enablers: How will the proposed solution help achieve these goals? How do you create room for discussing alternative solutions?
  • Identify, prioritise and validate hypotheses: Are we really sure the proposed solution is the right one? How do you reduce the chance of wasted investments by validating early on?

Multiple case examples will show you above steps in practice.

Learning Objectives

  • Bottom-up leadership: Learn how your mindset, attitude and analytical skills can help you gain your stakeholder’s trust.
  • Refine high level strategic goals into specific project goals and get a clear view on how specific solutions are linked to strategic goals.
  • Make your stakeholders explore solution alternatives they had not yet envisioned.
  • Uncover the assumptions that are inevitably present in project proposals and find out how to test them before investing in a full solution implementation.
  • Perform continuous evaluation of business value creation, adopting the lean mindset of reducing waste in projects, using tools like business cases and benefit maps.

Seminar and Workshop Outline


  • "It takes two to tango, but business leads the dance.” – Guido Van Humbeeck
  • Finding a balance between listening to and challenging your stakeholders
  • Listening to really understand
  • Challenging by showing people options they hadn’t envisioned
  • "If you don’t know where you’re going, you’re unlikely to end up there.” – Forrest Gump
  • Linking your project to your organisation’s strategy
  • Decomposing high level goals into SMART project goals
Solution independent enablers
  • "There's always a third way, and it's not a combination of the other two ways. It's a different way.” – David Carradine
  • Specifying the reasons solutions will contribute to project and strategic goals
  • Turning these reasons into solution independent enablers: stating what you want without stating how you will do it
  • Using enablers to find alternative solutions
Never assume
  • "The big question of our time is not Can it be built? but Should it be built?” – Eric Ries
  • Lean startup techniques for project execution
  • Identifying assumptions on how solutions will help achieve goals and create business value
  • Turning assumptions into falsifiable hypotheses and tests
Business case as a compass
  • “When the territory and the map disagree, believe the territory.” – Swiss Army Manual
  • Balancing financial and non financial values in a business case
  • Specifying an implementation approach based on validating hypotheses and managing risk in value creation
  • Using the business case as an instrument for following up on your investments, through-out and after projects

Each topic will contain an interactive part, where participants work in groups on their own example and share their experiences.


  • Business analysts and architects
  • Product managers
  • Product owners
  • Process owners and customer journey managers
  • Service designers and customer experience designers
  • Requirements managers
  • Project and program managers
  • Consultants

Speaker Biography

Filip Hendrickx, altershape

Filip Hendrickx, altershape
Through a combined experience of 10 years as business consultant and a prior 10 years in software engineering and research, Filip is able to connect strategy and implementation. He founded altershape to help established organisations become corporate startups. He also is an active member of the IIBA Brussels chapter.

Filip helps customers define and establish their long term vision through short term improvements and innovations.

To do this, he follows a structured yet pragmatic approach, by bridging BA with lean startup and innovation techniques.

Filip is passionate about the customer experience, using digital transformation as a means to an end.

Filip’s blog: https://filiphendrickx.wordpress.com/ or https://www.linkedin.com/today/author/filiphendrickx

Filip on Twitter: https://twitter.com/filiphdr

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Speaker: Filip Hendrickx, altershape
Filip Hendrickx, altershape




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