2-Day Seminar

Enterprise Investment
Delivering Breakthrough Business Results
from Your Projects Portfolio 

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How good is your enterprise at efficiently delivering its goals through the projects it invest in? 

In many organizations a high percentage of projects fail, undermining executives’ confidence in the strategy they are leading, in the investments they are making, and in the people promising to deliver the benefits of change.  Amongst the most common causes of problems with project performance are an assumption that value is driven by capital investment, misunderstandings about the role of IT, an unintended bias towards investing in operations, and the incorrect application of portfolio theory.      

Success comes from combining the power of Enterprise Architecture and Investment Portfolio Management into one board-level strategy for Enterprise Investment - with a robust and agile projects portfolio, and a well-designed investment process.  

Enterprise Investment implements the principle that value is created by people.  To deliver breakthrough results from a projects portfolio demands an organizational structure and culture focused on how enterprising people exploit assets and services.  The value chain for Enterprise Investment consists of capabilities that are often overlooked by traditional structures, or assumed to be IT-centric and so are located in the IT department. As a result, executives can easily – and wrongly – conclude that issues with projects are caused by IT.

This two-day seminar and workshop is a hands-on exploration of Enterprise Investment strategies, based on many years of ground-breaking and innovative work with organizations around the world.  It is both authoritative and pragmatic, based on people’s experiences of what works and what doesn’t.  It will help you to benchmark and develop your organisation’s maturity at Enterprise Investment, including:

  • The cultural and practical reasons why projects succeed and fail
  • How much this is, or is not, an 'IT issue'
  • Core capabilities and the Value Chain for Enterprise Investment
  • Diagnosing an organisation’s Enterprise Investment culture
  • Building and managing a goals-driven and efficient portfolio
  • Driving business investment with Enterprise Architecture
  • Next-generation governance for architecture and investments

Learning Objectives
The workshop offers an intensive, thorough and practical appreciation of how to succeed at Enterprise Investment.   It includes numerous perspectives, capabilities and techniques that may be either new to delegates, or enhance their current approach, for example:

  • An effective strategy for Enterprise Investment
  • Correctly applying portfolio theory to investments in change
  • Using top-down and bottom-up portfolios
  • Investing in stability versus investing in change
  • Investment Proposals, and the Investments Board
  • Appreciating the true contribution of IT

For many people, the workshop is likely to develop significantly their knowledge of the cultural and practical reasons why their change projects succeed and fail, and what to about it.  It will also illustrate the contribution both Enterprise Architecture and Investment Portfolio Management can truly make to an organisation’s success

Seminar and Workshop Outline

  • Why projects succeed and fail
    • The executive perspective
    • Causes of success and failure
  • The Value Chain for Enterprise Investment
    • Core capabilities and measures of success, common mistakes
    • Investing in operations versus investing in change
  • Diagnosing the Enterprise Investment Culture
    • Hands-on culture diagnosis
    • Using the diagnosis to decide on strategy and tactics
  • Enterprise Investment Strategy
    • Correctly applying portfolio theory
    • Strategy-on-a-page
  • Discovering and validating your Enterprise Investment goals
    • Recognising diverse types of value
    • Setting goals for investing in change
  • Building and managing your goals-driven portfolio
    • Goals-driven investment projects
    • Decision-making based on probabilities of success
  • Using Enterprise Architecture to drive structural investments
    • Designing and delivering the big picture
    • Integrating EA with corporate and business strategy
  • Outside-In Enterprise Architecture and Investment
    • Co-creating value with consumers
    • Understanding the investment consequences of cloud
  • Next-generation portfolio governance
    • Transforming Business Cases into Enterprise Investment Proposals
    • The Enterprise Investment Board


This seminar is for everyone involved in the selection, design and oversight of projects, including:

  • CIOs
  • Programme Management Office
  • Enterprise Architects
  • Innovation Leaders
  • Programme and Project Managers
  • Finance
  • Business Analysts

Special Features

  • Entirely founded on Chris’s practical work with leading companies around the world
  • Case study based on real life examples
  • No technical IT knowledge required
  • Workshop format
  • Chris’s seminars regularly receive 10/10 for content and style

Speaker Biography

Chris Potts

Chris Potts works with people around the world as a hands-on practitioner and mentor, with over 25 years’ experience in corporate, business and IT strategies, Enterprise Architecture, investing in change, and delivery. He is a popular and inspirational speaker, delivering seminars and conference keynotes worldwide, as well as guest lectures at New York University, City University in London, and the IT University of Copenhagen. Chris is also the author of a trilogy of business novels on the evolution of corporate IT leadership into Enterprise Investment - “FruITion”, ”RecrEAtion” and ”DerfrICTion”. He has judged ‘CIO of the year’ awards in both the USA and the Middle East.

In-House Training
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Speaker: Chris Potts
Chris Potts

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