Quotes from Past Delegates

  • "Excellent event, would thoroughly recommend it to all data professionals. Would actively encourage potential delegates to attend pre-conference sessions, very informative sessions. The opportunity to listen and interact with so many like minded data professionals in one place."
    Jimmy McGrath, Information Development and Improvement Manager, Care Quality Commission
  • "Really great event with an interesting and useful mix of speakers and topics."
    Ellie Fitzpatrick, Data Governance Manager, Yorkshire Building Society Group
  • "The ability to validate the know and learn the unknown at the same time is the best reason to attend."
    Garry Manser, VP Data Stewardship, Barclays
  • "Second time at this Conference, will be back but next time with my team!"
    Derek Lennox, Data Governance Manager, National Australia Bank Group
  • "ED&BI is the most beneficial conference I’ve attended in the past 5 years – specifically in terms of breadth of topics, content and speakers. Excellent organisation throughout."
    Michael McMorrow, Principal, MMM Data Perspectives Ltd.
  • "Good variety, good to have different views on same subjects. Informative, can now “join the dots” on capabilities for my organisation. Plenty of information, lots of food for thought."
    Teresa Batman, Solution Architect, Tesco Plc
  • "The conference continues to provide a comfortable and effective platform where we can learn new things, be reminded and refreshed in things we already knew and feel part of a data community which has similar challenges to ourselves."
    Andy Moore, Process Specialist, Rolls-Royce
  • "Good variety on offer and definitely enjoyed the talks and incorporation of real-world corporates and how they are addressing real-issues on the Big Data space."
    Victor Ochieng, Data Warehouse Analyst, Plan International
  • "Very informative, provided much 'food for thought'."
    Steve Bungay, Supply Chain Data Manager, R Twining & Co
  • "I have greatly enjoyed this event. The material is very useful to me. I enjoyed discussing data management issues with like-minded professionals."
    Rhonda Freeman, Autotrader
  • "Very good event, well organised and relevant particularly virtualisation, cloud and data strategy sessions."
    Gerrard Deegan, Enterprise Data Architect, MOD
  • "Great way to learn best practices, gain new insights and get ideas for change in your own organisation."
    Weird van der Kooi, Sr. Data Manager, Nuon Vattenfall
  • "A great event – a variety of sessions ranging across industry thought leaders to interesting case studies. Recommended to Information Management Professionals."
    Jason Perkins, Principal BI Architect, EWOC
  • "Another great event, learnt new and interesting challenges."
    Neil Storkey, Global BI Data Manager, BAT
  • "A very useful, well structured event. Good selection of speakers."
    Georgia Prothero, Blackrock
  • "Great combination of tutorials, 1 hour sessions, vendor stands and networking."
    Doug Kirby, Premier Farnell
  • "First time I have attended the event. Really amazing. I had the opportunity to attend high quality presentations and meet and share views / ideas with other people from companies all over the world."
    Kyriakos Matheou, Cyta
  • "An excellent event which really helped me understand the new trends in DW/BI, Data management and Information System Quality. The couple of new things I have learned from this conference are the operational BI and the importance of metadata. I will recommend this event to my fellow professionals."
    Sheraz Mustaq, Saudi Aramco
  • "This conference has breadth and depth of what you need to know about the latest trends in data management, BI, Info Quality. Would certainly recommend others to attend."
    Cass Jwee Cheong Chay, Singapore General Hospital
  • "I would attend this event over and over again. It's worth all the effort! I must commend the organiser for a well done job. So far, this event marks the best of conference experiences in the past 10 years."
    Abraham Afolabi, Data Manager, EC Harris LLP
  • "I was glad to find like minded professionals confirm several decisions I have made. Also glad to find several thought provoking and extremely useful nuggets that I can take back with me." Overall value of event - 10/10.
    Chris Duffield, Principal Developer, Transport for London
  • "Some great subjects; good to meet/discuss with people". Overall value of event - 9/10.
    Andy Moore, Process Specialist, Rolls-Royce
  • "Excellent Organisation, Friendly, helpful staff. Good balance between sessions & breaks."
    Babara Erninck, Process Information Manager, EANDIS
  • "A very enjoyable and useful event. This is the first conference I have attended but I would certainly like to attend further conferences. The venue and staff were excellent and it was very well organised."
    David Jordan, Data Analyst, Land Registry
  • "The event was very energising... seeing other companies on the same journey, with the same issues was good to see. Some good take always... nuggets that will be employed back at work. Enjoyable event."
    David West, Group Data Architect, Barclays Bank
  • "Very good content, management of event, attention to details. Very good information. Some exceptional speakers and experts in the technology space."
    Bikram Das, Head of Tech Services, EMEA, TCS
  • "As a representative of 'end-users' the event gave me an insight to the world of IM/DM/IQ specialists with whom I communicate in my work."
    Kai Penttila, Senior Specialist, Orion Pharm
  • "Really worthwhile". Overall value of event - 9/10.
    Ian Stone, Data Architect, Prudential
  • Extremely well organized, lectures were thought provoking. Many ideas I will take back to my organization. A lot more I now want to read about. I will recommend this conference to more business units next year. Thoroughly enjoyed it!
    Neil Shah, Information & Data Risk Analyst, Capital one Bank
  • Excellent, would recommend to any IQ professional. Gets better every year.
    Garry Manser, Associate Director IQ, Bank of Scotland Corporate
  • Just what is needed! As ever a refreshing and wider view of information quality in the business.
    Nic Jefferis, Data Manager, National Savings & Investments
  • Entertaining and some good points to take away.
    Simon Daniels, Manager, Worldwide Marketing Data Strategy, Progress Software
  • Quality of speakers and content made this a valuable course in both practical and thought provoking ways.
    Lee Farndell, BI and Data Warehouse Consultant, Siemens
  • Good talk - Demonstrated need for good master data very well.
    Joe Walton, Computer Scientist, DoD, USA
  • Conference was very informative. It was the first time I have attended but I can assure you it will not be the last. The standard of speakers was extremely high & the debates between speakers was innovative. The venue was excellent.
    S McCahy, MOD
  • The great strength of this conference is the number & variety of presentations/speakers. The big weakness of this conference is that I can't get to all the presentations I want to!
    Martin Willcox, Snr Architect, Co-op Group
  • Very Good Value
    Brian Papworth, Data Services manager, Alliance & Leicester
  • The event was full of relevant ideas & theories that are crucial to the ones intellectual development
    Rute Felix, Data Manager, Caixa Gerai Depositos
  • Two very good tutorials (M.B. & A.S.) which re-enforced my own knowledge & the work we are doing within our particular area of MOD
    Martin Richley, Head of Data Coherence, D Information (Army)
  • Excellent. Well worth while. As a DBA, it was a valuable overview of the world that I support
    Peter Robson, Database Administrator, British Geological Survey
  • Finally moving away from IT focus & now strongly into involving business managers. Lots of good advice & examples to demonstrate the usefulness & applicability of IQ & DM
    Alan Snow, BI Consultant, Ordina
  • As usual these tutorials give unrivalled access to experts in their field, & I have gone away with brain in overdrive, thinking of all the things I want to do when I get back to the office. The hotel is good also. I look forward to coming again next year
    Kate Streatfield, Project Manager, GNER
  • Excellent opportunity to meet other professionals working in the same field as me. Obtained some really good ideas & food for thought for me to take back to my company. Can't wait for next year!
    V Peacock, HO Intelligent Customer Information, Abbey
  • Good Case Studies
    Steve Tyler, e-business, Rolls-Royce
  • I would never miss it! The best conference I've been to. Very inspirational. I went to my first IQ conference in 1998 & said it might change my life and it has!
    Kathy Hunter, InfoAdvantage Ltd
  • A packed 3 days, full of learning both from the experiences of others, & from questions posed in the sessions
    Vicky Poulson, Data Architect, Barclays Bank
  • On the whole it was 3 days well spent. Very well organised
    Claire Parry, Information Manager, Chelmsford Borough Council
  • Variety of content was great
    Diana Joseph, Information Quality Management, Old Mutual
  • Absolutely Superb
    Alastair Noble, Bank of America
  • Thoroughly recommended, I would encourage all Information Management professionals to attend whether expert or novice
    David Evans,Senior Infomration management Consultant, BT
  • Excellent! A very educational conference
    Filip Van Hallewijn, Information Quality Management, Belgacom
  • Definitely worth attending, I learned a lot
    Ian Sinclair, DQ Manager, MOD
  • Good diversity of topics - good quality of speakers - experts in the field. Information was at the right level - at a level that was useful! Great wide spectrum of speakers - very knowledgeable on their subject area
    Patricia Graham, Systems Director, Prudential Financial
  • Definitely be attending in future years & will be encouraging colleagues to attend