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Sue Geuens Video View Sue Geuens, President of DAMA International, The Enterprise Data Conference Chair, introduce the conference.   Lee Edwards View Lee Edwards, President of DAMA UK, speak about the conference.

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of DAMA International we are pleased to announce the 2015 Enterprise Data Conference Europe 2-5 November 2015.  Once again, we are co-hosting the conference with the Business Intelligence conference and are pleased to co-chair the largest and most authoritative data management gathering in Europe. 

New speakers and new presentations are featured along with many of the established experts in their field.  Tutorials include Data Quality, Data Modelling, Master Data Management, Data Governance, Big Data, plus this year you will have the chance of becoming CDMP Qualified all in 1 day!

Big Data has an entire track reflecting how our industry is changing and adapting to the increasing volume of data available for analytics and real-time insights into consumer behaviour.  There will be sessions on Data Strategy, Open Data, Enterprise Data Management, Data Privacy, Data Quality, Data Governance, Data Consistency, Service Associations, Analytics, How to be effective at your DM job and formulating an Enterprise Data approach to addressing.  The event offers attendees the opportunity to learn from both experts and practitioners.  Some of the featured organisations include Rolls-Royce, Ford, Barclays, Roche, Standard Life, BT, GE Capital, GeoPlace, BetFair &  Visa Europe. 

Our four keynotes are another example of the breadth of subjects covered by this conference.  From Peter Aiken on The Case for the Chief Data Officer: Thinking Differently about Data Assets, Alec Sharp on The Multi-skilled Influencer - Getting Out of the Data Box to Achieve Data Management Goals and James Kerr author of “Legacy speaking “on Exceptional Success Requires Exceptional Circumstances - the Success Secrets of the All Blacks, and Claudia Imhoff on Unleash the Power of Analytics with the Extended Data Warehouse, we give you topics that invite discussion and a different way of thinking about data. 

This conference also offers you the opportunity to discover the latest in vendor tools and to hear how the Data Management is changing to adapt to new techniques.  Networking with other professional colleagues and learning what is effective in other organisations around the world is another important reason to attend.  Our event features speakers from many countries with a wide variety of backgrounds, experience and knowledge.

I hope you and your colleagues will join DAMA and IRM for an exciting and informative experience this November, 2015 in London.

Sue Geuens

Sue Geuens
DAMA International

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Rick van der Lans Video View Rick van der Lans, The BI Conference Chair, introduce the conference. 




Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of IRM UK and myself, thank you for your interest in the Enterprise Data & Business Intelligence Conference Europe 2015.

All the previous editions of this conference were a big success, at each more than 250 delegates attended. Evaluations showed that the attendees were very pleased with the selected speakers, topics and setup of the conference.

The 2015 edition is aimed at all aspects of data warehousing, analytics, business intelligence and big data. The ED&BI conference will focus on aspects such as: trends, design guidelines, product overviews and comparisons, best practices, and new evolving technologies. As like last year, a special track is dedicated specifically to big data and related topics. In addition, this 2015 edition will again be co-located with the DAMA International European Conference. This has proved, over the past years, an extremely effective and rewarding combination for participants. We aim to ensure that the joint conference is a perfect opportunity for those interested in data warehousing, business intelligence, big data, information management, data modelling, and data quality to meet and exchange experiences as well as to hear top-notch speakers concentrate on this essential area of IT. Participants of all our past conferences have particularly praised the concentration upon these topics.

Two parallel tracks are devoted to data warehousing and business intelligence. Like the previous years we have invited world renowned speakers, and representatives of some leading organisations, including Rolls Royce, Visa, GE, Barclays Bank, Intel and Microsoft.

We have also continued the successful approach we adopted over previous years, whereby the first day offers you the opportunity to attend in-depth half-day workshops. This year these workshops cover the following topics: a primer to data warehousing, Big Data and NoSQL, the logical data warehouse, building a data-driven enterprise and data architectures for BI. New this year are the four full-day tutorials scheduled on the last day of the event.

The selected topics form a balanced mix. Some are case studies, others are more generic sessions, some topics are more classic and others deal with modern issues. All of them are presented by independent speakers. Together, the program we have constructed for you provides an unparalleled source of information on data warehousing and business intelligence in real life, with examples of the experiences of practitioners. It features a selection of international speakers from both the USA and Europe with a proven reputation both for their ability to inform and educate, but also entertain. This conference will also provide you with an ideal opportunity to meet other delegates with their own problems, experiences and solutions.

We all hope you will join us for what promises again to be an exciting and immensely valuable experience. We hope you value the emphasis on the new areas where business intelligence will play a crucial role. We look forward to seeing you in London in November.

Rick van der Lans

Rick van der Lans
Business Intelligence Chair

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ArrowGroup Booking Discounts

  • 2-3 delegates 10% each
  • 4-5 delegates 20%
  • 6+ delegates 25%

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ArrowPast Delegate Job Titles

  • BI & Data Warehouse Consultant
  • BI Architect
  • BI Solution Architect
  • Business Analyst
  • Business Data Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Consultant
  • Business Solutions Manager
  • Business Systems Analyst
  • Chief Architect
  • Data Architect
  • Consultant
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Architect
  • Data Governance Analyst
  • Data Governance Manager
  • Data Manager
  • Data Modeller
  • Data Programme Manager
  • Data Quality Analyst
  • Data Quality Manager
  • Data Warehouse Architect
  • Data Warehouse Designer
  • Data Warehouse Developer
  • Enterprise Architect
  • Head of Data Quality
  • Head of Data Warehouse
  • Head of Business Intelligence
  • Head of Information Management
  • Information Analyst
  • Information Architect
  • IT Architect
  • IT Manager
  • IT Strategy & Architecture
  • Lead Application Architect
  • Lead Consultant
  • Lead Data Architect
  • MDM Program Manager
  • MDM Strategy
  • Principal Consultant
  • Process Information Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Quality Assurance Senior Manager
  • Senior Analyst Information Quality
  • Senior Designer
  • Senior Developer
  • Senior Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Solutions Consultant
  • Systems Engineer
  • Systems Manager
  • Technical Architect

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 ArrowIRM UK


IRM UK is an organisation that specialises in strategic IT training for IT & business professionals and managers. Subject areas that we cover include: Enterprise Architecture, IT Strategy, Business & Systems Analysis and Data Management. Our presenters have superior technical knowledge, teaching skills and a wide range of practical business experience. They are some of the most influential technologists, methodologists and original thinkers in IT and business today.

Noted for the participation of top level decision makers from both the corporate, user and vendor communities, and the lucid analysis of critical strategic and management issues, our events are condensed and rigorous combining technical explanations with management advice and discussions of future directions. Our world class speakers include Rick van der Lans, Steve Hoberman, John Zachman, Malcolm Chisholm, Paul Harmon, Roger Burlton, Alec Sharp, Aaron Zornes, Robert Seiner, Mike Ferguson, Chris Potts, Peter Aiken and Jan Henderyckx.  For further detail, contact IRM UK on +44 (0)20 8866 8366 or customerservice@irmuk.co.uk, or visit the company website at www.irmuk.co.uk.

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 ArrowDAMA International


DAMA International is a not-for-profit, vendor-independent association of technical and business professionals dedicated to advancing the concepts and practices for data resource management and enterprise information. The primary purpose of DAMA International is to promote the understanding, development, and practice of managing data and information to support business strategies.   As Data Management becomes more relevant to the business, DAMA is keeping pace with new products and services such as the 2nd edition of the DAMA Data Dictionary, the DAMA BOD (Body of Knowledge) and several new certification exams.  We are participating on the Boards of many academic and standards bodies and sharing our knowledge with other organisations.

DAMA International is pleased to announce that a new chapter is forming in Turkey which will join the 8 other European chapters as part of DAMA International.   DAMA International and its affiliated chapters have grown year after year with chapters operating in Australia, China, India, North America, South America, Japan, and South Africa and DAMA is facilitating the formation of new chapters in many other countries.   

As a DAMA member you receive the benefits of your local or global chapter's activities and all the benefits of DAMA International's products and services. You can network with other professionals to share ideas, trends, problems, and solutions. You receive a discount at DAMA International conferences and seminars, and on associated vendor's products and services. To learn more about DAMA International, local chapters, membership, achievement awards, conferences and training events, subscriptions to DM Review and other publications, discounts, job listings, education and certification, please visit the DAMA International web page at www.dama.org.  Both the DAMA UK chapter and DAMA International will have a meeting during the conference.  We invite interested parties to join this vital and growing organisation.  More information can be found at www.dama.org or you can email me at president@dama.org.

For information on DAMA UK visit http://www.damauk.org/.

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 ArrowData Management Seminars

  • Managing Your Information Asset
    (previously entitled Defining & Executing Your Information Strategy)
    Speaker: Jan Henderyckx
    23-25 September 2015; 2-4 March 2016, London

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